7 Ways to Incorporate a Pub Table into your Room Décor

People who love beer, whiskey, ciders, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, may want to incorporate the pub inspired furniture into their homes. For example, pub tables can be a great fit for your home, especially if you want to decorate it in an inspirational way, by putting wooden tables in your living or dining room. This is a great way to bring the pub atmosphere to your home.

But, why would someone want to do that? The first thing that comes to our mind is closing the bars and social distancing due to the pandemic. People can’t visit their favorite places every day, and some of them really need that glass of beer or a shot of whiskey to enjoy the rest of the night. Also, these bars have a specific smell that comes from the wooden furniture, and that reminds them of barrels and drinks.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that these pieces of furniture are pretty pricey, because they are made of massive wood, and may have glass, metal, or leather accessories, that are also expensive. Consider buying your favorite furniture as an investment, not an expense, and you will enjoy it more than you think. You can get excellent ideas by checking Deutsch Furniture Gallery, to get inspired and also, get ideas on how to incorporate them into your home decor, without making it look silly or funny.

Here are a few ideas and ways to do that:

1. Get the exact dimensions

It’s not just buying the table. You need to know if it would fit in the free space you have in the room. Buying a too big piece of furniture may take a lot of space in the room, and too little may make it look too empty. So, ordering a custom-made table with a few chairs may be the best option for you. You only need to give the manufacturer the exact measures and dimensions, and they will make the perfect piece for you.

2. Put it in the living room


You can incorporate the bar-looking decor in the living room, especially if you and your family enjoy drinking beer during the day. If you have wooden furniture in general, it can fit great, especially if you match the colors, tones, shapes, and patterns with the rest of the room.

3. Great fit in the kitchen or the dining room


You don’t need a dining table if you think it looks outdated. Pub tables can save a lot of space in the small kitchens or dining rooms because they come in square or round shape. It also gives more dimensions and a unique and rustic look to your home.

4. A nice fit in your game room


If you have a separate room dedicated to games like pool, PlayStation, darts, and much other fun and entertaining activities, a nice pub table can be a great addition to it, especially if you often invite your friends to come over and have a few drinks while you all play together.

5. Excellent for your wine room


If you have a nice collection of wines, beers, and other alcoholic beverages, you can nicely incorporate this type of furniture there, making it look more authentic and attractive. Also, it will give you an impression as you are in your favorite bar, and enjoy your daily drinks there.

6. Create your own outdoor bar

You can place one or two (or more) pub tables in your backyard, and organize parties with all your friends. But, right now, you can’t do that, because of the restrictions, but hopefully will be able to relax with a few drinks. Also, be careful and place the tables properly, so you can protect them from the climate conditions.

7. Redecorate your drinking corner

If you enjoy drinks in your spare time, you probably already have a nice and comfy corner in your room to do that. These tables can be a great fit there, and you can combine the styles until you get the look you prefer.

8. Why choose a pub table for your home?


It is stylish and functional, and it may give an identity to your room or the whole home. Also, it’s a great option for your relaxation corner. Knowing that it comes in many shapes and sizes, and it’s made of quality wood, gives a luxurious dash to your home, no matter where you put it. It’s compact and it doesn’t take a lot of space, but at the same time, two or three people can have lunch on it, which is enough for serving a few meals and drinks.

At the same time, it creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and also, you can work on it, especially if you are a remote worker, or you moved your office at home due to the coronavirus restrictions. Since it’s made of massive and quality wood, it increases the aesthetic impression, no matter in which corner of the room is placed. If you choose the barrel type, you can even store some things in it, just like an ordinary cupboard.

These tables are not just nice looking and expensive. If you know how to do that properly, they can give you style and elegance to your home. You can choose to combine them with the furniture you already have, or even dedicate a whole room to your pub passion.

We understand that you may miss the careless days when you went to the pubs and bars to have a few drinks with friends, and if you are very passionate about it, you are lucky to have the option to bring the same atmosphere to your home. As we said, the wood has a specific aroma that is released in the air, which may give you chills or increase the excitement. Just be aware that these pieces of furniture are not cheap, and they are not a traditional redecoration – it’s a whole investment, and we are sure you will choose the best one for you.

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