How the UKGC Keeps you Safe

There is a lot of attention around the UK today when it comes to problem gambling. There are constant stories of gambling addicts who have fallen victim to the alleged predatory tactics that certain gambling operators bring to the table. You also hear accounts of people stealing from employers and family members in order to fund their gambling habits.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the party that is involved in regulating the gambling sector in the region. One of its main aims is trying to cultivate a gambling environment that is as safe as possible. This means that it carefully watches what license holders are doing, as well as taking the latest research and evidence on board in order to introduce further restrictions on the gambling sector. This article will take you through the various ways in which the likes of the UKGC keep gamblers properly protected.

What is the UKGC

The UKGC will be the chief regulator for gambling activity across the UK. It has been around for a number of years and it is always working closely with other bodies in an effort to stay up to date with the latest developments in the gambling space.

It is the issuer of gambling licenses to operators in the region, as well as making sure that these operators are acting in a way that is congruent with the relevant rules and regulations.

It will often react to changing trends in the gambling space and introduce new restrictions where it deems necessary. For example, it has been reigning in the likes of VIP programs in recent years as they often target high-spending people who often some massive sums of money with gambling sites.

It also has looked at ways in which it can reduce betting sizes and slow down the time of slots spins. Another major action was stopping people from being able to utilize a credit card in order to add funds to a gambling account.

How does GamStop Work?

The UKGC has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders and needs to cover a wide range of different remits. This is why it needs to get help from other groups. GamStop is one of those groups. It helps the UKGC with protecting problem gamblers.

To do so, it runs a self-exclusion offering that allows a person to exclude themselves from every single one of the gambling sites that has a UKGC license. This can all be done in a matter of seconds and it cannot be reversed by the gambler. The term lengths for the self-exclusion can last for months or numerous years. It is a powerful tool in protecting people from accessing online gambling accounts.

Other Resources to Aid in Problem Gambling

There are a lot of other ways that people can better protect themselves from excessive gambling. There are many support organizations, charities, and treatment options that will make sure that gamblers get the help that they need. These include the likes of BeGambleWare, TalkBanStop, and GamCare. They have dealt with many people in the same boat, so they know what you might be going through and will be able to guide you through the process to recovery if you have been having issues.

There are also companies out there that provide software which blocks you from accessing any gambling-related websites. These are often subscription-based services that can be downloaded on both your mobile devices and computers. These are effective tools as they cover a wide range of gambling platforms. Some of the popular offerings in this regard include Gamban.

Many people like to use ad blockers, as these will stop you from seeing pro-gambling ads when you are online. This means that you will not see the ads on social media and other platforms when browsing online. Finally, there are a lot of leading banking institutions that will allow you to put a block in place on your account which prevents you from being able to make transactions to gambling sites.

GamStop Sites vs Casinos Not on GamStop

The UKGC is one of the best regulators in the globe today when it comes to protecting gamblers. However, certain groups of people do not like all these curtailments and have been looking at other ways in which they can gamble. According to, a lot of people in the UK are now using so-called non-GamStop casinos.

These are sites that are not going to be regulated by the UKGC, often having a license with another gambling regulator. They will not have as many restrictions on game features, bet sizes, payment methods, and game libraries. However, they also will allow people who have been self-excluded through GamStop to avoid this block, allowing them to keep gambling.

Therefore, there are a lot less responsible gambling measures in place at the likes of non-GamStop casinos. This is why the UK authorities have been assessing different strategies in an effort to stop people from using these types of platforms.

Still an entertaining pursuit


The UKGC does a lot in its mission to protect gamblers all across the region. With problem gambling being such a serious issue and gambling never being so accessible, the authorities have their work cut out for them. However, the UKGC appears to be doing a decent job so far and will continue striving to protect as many gamblers as possible.

At the end of the day, it wants people to continue enjoying playing their favourite casino games, once they do so in a safe manner and have access to adequate help if they run into any problems.

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