Important Tips on How You Can Keep Your Pool Area Safe

It is great to have a swimming pool in your backyard to have a cooling dip during hot summers. It also provides a private place for the family to relax, unwind, and have a good time. But while installing a swimming pool, it is crucial to be mindful of safety, especially if you have young kids living with you.

Pool sides are highly slippery and prone to frequent accidents. But by following a few tips, you can make the swimming experience for your family safe and stress-free.

Remember these tips to keep your pool area safe


Pool accidents are extremely easy to happen without proper attention. With a little attention and care, your pool area can be made safe for people of all ages. Some of the important tips on how you can achieve this include:

Watch the little ones

Kids are the most vulnerable ones when it comes to swimming pools. A lot of kids accidentally drown or get seriously injured because the adults’ attention slips for a moment. Kids, especially small children, take only a few seconds to drown. So, it is crucial to have an adult supervise them for the entire time they are at the pool.

Fence your pool area

Fencing your pool area is necessary to prevent people from accidentally falling into it. Try to surround your pool with self-latching fences, which will prevent anyone from getting into the pool area without your knowledge. This will help to reduce accidents happening to kids and even pets. The height of the fence can be anywhere near 4 feet. Also, make sure that the fence is not spacious enough for a child to get through. Keep the pool fence in good condition without damage or holes, since holes can allow kids to go through it.

Invest in an alarm


The pool alarms will alert you whenever someone has entered your pool area without your permission. Usually, it is the kids who try to sneak into the pool unsupervised. If you have an alarm system, you can catch them before any untoward incident happens. The pool alarms can be installed on pool gates or on house walls that serve as the perimeter of the pool. You should also remember to have a distinctive sound for the alarm so that you can identify it easily whenever someone has entered the pool.

Invest in a safety net or pool cover

A high-quality pool cover is a good option for families with young kids and pets. This will prevent them from accidentally falling into the swimming pool. Make sure to get a good pool cover that can handle the entire weight of your family so that it won’t be easily damaged. Pool covers will also reduce the amount of debris falling into the pool.

Lock away chemicals and cleaning products

Pool cleaning products are extremely hazardous when they are not handled properly. The cleaning agents and other chemicals should be kept somewhere where the kids will not be able to access them. Also, remember to store these products separately from other household products to avoid unnecessary accidents. Make sure to get a thorough understanding of the storage and use of the products from the dealer.

Inspect pool drains and drain covers

Pool drains have powerful underwater suction which can trap swimmers, causing terrible accidents. Always inspect the pool drains and make sure that they are clean and undamaged.

Keep your pools clean


Swimming pools should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid health issues like rashes, infections, and allergies. Also, add an adequate amount of chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria and to keep the pool water quality at an optimal level. Keeping your pool clean is a staple in pool care, and if you visit the website, you can see even more tips and tricks. Plus, if you get stuck, you can always call one of our friendly pool builders for assistance.

Implement pool rules

Pool rules are extremely necessary to avoid accidents and have a safe swimming time. Some rules that can be incorporated are:

  1. No running
  2. No pushing
  3. No diving
  4. No playing with the drain or pool covers
  5. No swimming without an adult present
  6. No dunking or holding anyone underwater
  7. No leaving toys in and around the swimming pool

Avoid diving boards

Having a perfect diving board may seem like a great and fun idea at first, but there are several safety hazards associated with it. Even experienced and professional divers sometimes suffer injuries due to slipping. It is best to avoid a diving board to keep your pool area safe.

Take some swimming lessons

Make sure all your family members take swimming lessons so that there is added safety and peace of mind.

Invest in security cameras

Installing security cameras covering all sides of your swimming pool is a good option, especially if you have pets and young kids. Having video surveillance will help you react faster if your kid or pet moves dangerously close to the pool. Connecting the security camera to your smart devices will also allow you to monitor the pool area at all hours.

Install good lighting

Irrespective of whether you use your pool at night or not, it is good to have some good quality lighting in the pool area. These lights will help you see the pool bottom in case there is an accident.

Keep safety equipment handy

Safety equipment like life hooks, life jackets, rescue tubes, and swimming rings should be kept in easily accessible places. Make sure everyone in the family knows where these items are kept so that they can easily find them during an emergency.

Have facilities for first aid

It is absolutely necessary to have a fully equipped first aid kit in your pool area. This will come in handy in case you have an emergency. Having basic CPR knowledge is also beneficial in the case of emergencies. Keep emergency numbers and phones nearby so you can call for emergency medical assistance if needed.

In conclusion


Pool accidents may be unavoidable sometimes. But by exercising caution and keeping the pool area clean, well-lit, and safe, a lot of accidents can be prevented. By following a few simple tips, you can make your swim times safe and the most unforgettable experience of your life.

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