Know the Betting Strategies of Casino Games

The history of casino is quite old as people have been doing gambling for ages. In the last century, many land based casinos developed where some of them later converted them into hotels to attract tourists from other cities. But the entire situation changed with the arrival of the Internet in the market. People find playing casino games from the comfort of their home PC or laptop more comfortable. As Internet started penetrating into more homes, the popularity of online casino games started increasing. To keep up with the trend, many online casino websites have come into the market. In fact, many big land based casinos have also opened their online edition so that their customers or players do not shift away to other casinos.

If you are new to the world of online casinos, you must be sure before joining a particular website. It is true that not all of these websites are genuine and many of them have earned a bad name for duping away with the players money. But it is always advised to join a reputed website. If you gamble through a reputed website, not only your money will be safe, but you can also get some good tips from them. For example, if you go to, you can get some very good tips on the game of roulette. Not only you will come to know about the various techniques of roulette, but shall also get some good tips about how to win the game. Hence it is always advised to go through some reliable website and do some research before finding such a one.

In order to play well, you must be aware of the popular betting strategies in the casino games. Let us discuss them one by one.

Fallacy of the gamblers

This theory is considered to be a fallacy in the game of casino. As per this fallacy, this theory is based on the fact that more an expected event fails to realize, the more is the chance that it is going to occur in the future. For example if a coin is tossed and five times in a row, it shows head, then the chances are very high that next five times, it will show tail. The main thing is that this theory can be termed as totally false.

This theory is mainly applied to casino games like craps and roulette. We all know that each spin in the roulette and every roll on the dice in the game of craps is considered to be an independent action. Here the result of a particular turn has no control on the turn of others. This fallacy became famous in the Monte Carlo casino in the year 1913.

Martingale system


This strategy is not a gambling theory, but a specific betting system. In this theory, every bet you place gets doubled and this goes on until and unless you win the game. The basic idea behind this is that as per statistics, you are bound to win in the game gradually. If this continues to happen, you will win at some point of time, and that will recover the initial losses and also cover up your initial bet amount.

The basic problem with this system is that it is not sure that the win will happen after a certain period of time. The player may not win for an extended period of time and in that case, the bet amount may go on multiplying. If you bet $5 on a bet with odds of winning being 1/10, then financially, the player has to bet around $5,000 in order to win the initial $5 bet. This is not possible until and unless you have got an unlimited bankroll and each bet has got a single table limit. Since this is not allowed, you are expected to land up in huge losses with the Martingale system. Hence you must be careful while choosing the right strategy for you. It is better to avoid this system until and unless you have got a huge bankroll.

Fibonacci system


This system is around 900 years old. This system follows a particular sequential bet. The pecularity of this bet is that here the present bet is equal to the sum of previous two bets. The gambler continues after each loss, but comes back two spaces after every win. As luck is the only determining factor, nobody can predict when the win is going to come in this series. Using this strategy, losses can be claimed twice at a time. The game in this system comes to an end when the player has won the game and gone back to the original bet. The system is having the flaw same as the previous one. The player can limit his losses since the approach is a gradual one.

Paroli system


This particular betting strategy is quite different from the previous mentioned ones. This system wants to take advantage of the hot streaks and in most cases, the outcome is short term losses. In some cases, the player is found to have won in the long run. The bets are increased by a certain amount which is predetermined earlier. While playing in this strategy, players are found to increase the bets at a fixed level and that too, for a fixed number of wining wagers. To give an example the winning sequence of 1-2-3-6 can be used. In this bet, players should go for even money bets and must proceed to the next step after you have registered a win. Whenever a loss occurs, the system restarts. If the player can win four bets in a row, the player puts the money in his pocket and the system gets restarted again. If you want this system to work in your favor, you must win at least four bets in a row before you can think of another loss in the next round.

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