5 Roulette Betting Basics and Strategies all beginners should know

Where the ball will fall on a round board with numbers written on it? This doesn’t sound so exciting, right? However, the reality is quite different and people around the world have been gathering around the same “board” since ancient times, and at the same time, they are experiencing incredible admiration. Okay, we admit that we have trivialized the game called roulette too much, but the essence is not far from this.

Ruler is definitely one of the most popular games in casinos, whether we are talking about online or live. Exactly the time when roulette was created is not known in detail, but it is considered that France is the cradle of this amazing game. It used to be wooden boards and some of the people around the table were in charge of throwing the ball. Today, everything is much different and automated, so it’s up to you to take a seat, choose a number or color and invest.

For those who have not yet played roulette, the trick is this: try to predict the number or color of one or more “pockets” in which the ball will stop as the board turns. After the operator lowers the ball, it moves freely on the wheel by inertia. As much as it gives a strong swing of the ball, at one point it will stop at a certain field. You have 18 black and 18 red fields on the wheel, while zero is neutral, which means that it has no value color. Everything sounds quite simple, but there are still rules and tricks that you must know if you have decided to try your luck. At we are introduced to 5 roulette betting basics and strategies all beginners should know, so let’s get started.

1. Types of roulette


The two most common types of roulette are American and European roulette. The biggest difference is that the American roulette drum has a double zero. In this way, American roulette is harder to beat, so European roulette is let’s say the more popular one. A special progressive version of roulette is the French version. The only difference between French and European is that French has a different marking table.

2. Minimum and maximum

The stakes that can be placed while playing roulette are within certain limits. So, it is clear that you cannot go with a deposit below the minimum limit, nor can you pay more than the maximum limit. If you invest more or less, even if you win that hand, you will not get the money. So before you start investing, it is very important that you find out the minimum and maximum of that casino and absolutely respect that.

The ranges between the minimum and maximum are different depending on the casino. It is usually a minimum of $ 1 to $ 5 in one room. Larger investments are accepted exclusively in VIP hallways. One of the most famous is the VIP Casino Moscow Casino, where the maximum stop for one bar is $ 300 and for an equal chance $ 6,000.

3. Rules you need to know besides the basic ones

As for the rules for playing roulette, there are not many deviations. You can bet on roulette in 3 ways: inside bets, outside bets, or called bets. In addition to this, it is important that you are familiar with two basic rules. The first rule is the rule of surrender. This rule gives the player the opportunity to pick up half of his bet if the ball lands on a double zero. Also, this rule applies if you play on double odds. The second rule is quite similar and is called “one prison”. This one gives you the chance that if the ball falls to zero you can save the bet to play again in the next draw.

4. Roulette is not just luck

Most people embark on this roulette adventure with the thought that roulette is a bit of pure luck. Of course, it is like that to some extent, but still, if you ask an experienced player, strategy is most important. So it would be nice to sit at the roulette table and search on the internet about experienced players and these strategies. Don’t let those experiences confuse you. Most strategies will not be about making your gains as high as possible, but keeping your losses as low as possible.

5. What kind of betting roulette options do you have at your disposal?


There are a huge number of options in roulette that you can bet on. Among others, you can bet on one, two, three, or four numbers. Of course, the odds in these 4 cases are as different as the winnings. If you bet on one number (straight up) on the other hand you have 36. This is the simplest bet. Mathematically, the probability of winning is 0.0270. If you still win, the result will be 35: 1. The probability that you will win if you bet on two numbers (Split), so 2 against 35 is 0.054, and in this case, the payout will be 17: 1. You can also place a chip at the end of a series of 3 numbers and play 3 against 34 (Street bet). Here the win is 11: 1. The chances of winning increase if you bet on 4 numbers (corner, four), or 4 against 33, and the probability is now 0.108. The payout, in this case, is only 8: 1. It is important that these 4 numbers touch, for example, 13,14,16, and 17.

If you play six lines, you bet on 6 different numbers in two equal rows. The chip is placed at the end of two rows or better said on the line between. The payout, in this case, is 5:1. These were the basic inside bets.

When it comes to outside bets, you have a large number of players such as dozen, column, low, high, black/red, even / odd.

Games that fall into the category of called bets are neighbors of zero, zero games, third of the wheel, orphans.

Roulette is, as we have already said, a world-famous game, but although it is popular, it is not harmless at one moment, it can bring you a profit, and the next time it can completely endanger you. As easily as you can earn so easily you can lose a lot more than you planned. It’s a fun and dangerous game in one. Therefore, if you are not an absolutely stable and confident person, with a strong carácter, we do not recommend this adventure.

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