Benefits of Fusion of Salt and Water

Alkali or alkaline refers to the level of pH in a liquid. The pH level of a liquid or solution is the level of acidity and base in it. If the pH level exceeds the value of seven on a scale of fourteen values, it is alkaline and if it’s less than seven it refers to acidic behavior. Most of the foods in our diet are acidic in behavior. Our daily routine diets incorporate acid in many forms which are quite unfavorable for our body. The high level of acid in bodies leads to a lot of hazardous diseases. As our blood has its own basic properties, it is important to consume alkali so the level of acid neutralizes. The solution to maintaining a normal pH is drinking alkaline water. Drinking a good amount of water itself has uncountable benefits however alkaline water plays a very significant role in deactivating the harsh side effects of acidity in our body. It consists of alkaline minerals and negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). It brings an obvious change in blood viscosity. Unlike old times it is easy to have access to better food quality products including alkaline water. Many companies offer alkaline bottled water in different pricing and packaging with their specialties. Click here and find more about these products.

A secret ingredient; the fusion of salt with water:


The secret ingredient we’re talking about is Pink Himalayan Salt. It is a type of salt that contains up to 84 types of minerals. Some of them are calcium, potassium, strontium, etc. It is one of the best purest forms of salt that is available on earth. The pinkish slate is extracted from Himalayan foothills. It is further mined and washed which makes it purest form. It offers many benefits like improving our respiratory diseases, balancing our pH level of the body, reduces the signs of old age, Improves the quality of sleep, regulates blood sugar level, and increases libido.



It helps in keeping the body hydrated. It contains essential electrolytes that provide minerals that are required by our body for keeping up the energy level. Casual water is good for health but it often dilutes and eliminates some very essential minerals. In short, it helps in replenishing the minerals which we lose in the process.

  • Flood of minerals

Building blocks of our body should be adequate in our bodies. Vitamins and minerals act as a building block. They repair our tissues in the body, help in healing from wounds, and boost our immunity stem and helps in making bones strong. Its 84 minerals help in the absorption of the minerals easily by our body.

  • Glass skin


Minerals help in resolving out skin issues. Skin is part of the beauty and everyone dreams of clear and fresh skin. For example, zinc is required for preventing acne issues and it also repairs tissues. Sulfur on the other hand help in clearing the skin and makes it smooth. Skin infections can be dealt with the use of chromium and iodine. Hence if you want clear glass skin starts consuming it.

  • Better sleeping habits

The minerals help in relaxing muscles and calming our central nervous system that results in controlling stress hormones and promotes calm sleep.

  • Better digestive system

Pink salt water also helps in activating salivary glands that help in breaking down food particles. It produces HCL acid and few enzymes that metabolize protein intake. It keeps the liver and intestinal health for proper digestive functioning.

Natural alkaline water – Rainwater


For so many years, people have been considering the natural raindrops as the blessing of Mother Nature. It is a great miracle, when it rains it serves the planet with its beauty and benefits. This water is highly beneficial and drinkable. It is alkaline which makes it even more desirable.

Rainwater – a great bonanza

The rain has always been a sign of blessing. For hundreds of years, people had been conserving rainwater assuming it has natural benefits and cures. However, these people were right in some of their beliefs. Freshwater collected from rain has its health benefits. The natural alkaline pH detoxifies the body and improves digestion. It also helps in bowel movements. Today conserved food contains toxins and free radicals. The only solution to detoxify the body is through natural means. Rainwater with alkaline properties detoxifies acidic effects from our blood. Other than pH, freshwater tastes better than most of the local water sources. Rainwater is a great privilege and blessing for all.

The conversion

The best strategy of conserving the water is to make it go through the non-chemical water filtration process. Although rainwater is freshwater and it is filtered naturally but a simple filtration process can make sure to remove any tiny particles of dust, ice, sea salt, and pollution suspended in the atmosphere. However, bottling down rainwater in plastic bottles can make the whole effort go in vain. Plastic bottles are quite harmful and instead of conserving the environment, they result in destroying it. A remarkable way out to this setback is recyclable containers or aluminum bottles. Most of the world’s aluminum is recycled and they can save the environment from plastic and its hazards. Rainwater collected in recyclable containers should never hit the ground. Freshwater collected before hitting the ground is highly recommendable.

The plastic packaging of bottles not only destroying the purity of water but also affecting the planet adversely. 91% of plastics can’t be decomposed, it stays persists in the environment for hundreds of years. The variation of introducing aluminum packaging which retains the flavor of liquid and can be recycled without using tons of energy is a big movement towards preserving the environment without destroying millions of habitats. Aluminum bottles are 100% environment friendly and safe, unlike plastic which contains BPA and is terrible for our health as well as wild and marine life. Daily, millions of plastic bottles are dumped in soil and oceans. So, try BPA free water bottles for the sake of health and preservation of the environment. Be a part of this movement and save the earth.

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