Current Food and Drink Trends to Elevate Your Culinary Prowess

There is always something new happening in the culinary world. Whether it is a new restaurant opening that has been highly anticipated, a new gadget that has been deemed a must have, or a diet trend that promises to optimize an overall healthy lifestyle, trying to keep up can be tough. Even those who consider themselves beginner cooks though often take interest in the world of food.

If you are looking to learn something new, or perfect a classic kitchen technique, the internet is filled with opportunities to educate yourself. Even television networks have fully dedicated themselves to all thing’s food and beverage. If actual cooking is not your passion, do not feel excluded. There are many trends to get excited about that are related to food but do not require a professional chef’s level of expertise.

Home Delivery Services


There is almost nothing that you cannot have delivered straight to your door these days, and food is no exception. There are so many companies now that offer food delivery meal kits. A weekly shipment of ingredients and recipes that are prepped and perfectly portioned so that making a delicious meal is quick and easy.

This trend also has snacks covered as well. You can purchase a snack subscription box to have snacks from all over the world delivered monthly. Whether you join the Munch Addict club or purchase as a gift for a friend or family member, these boxes ensure that you are never without a snack for your lunchbox, movie night, or last-minute company.

Not to mention the variety of products encourages you to try new things that you potentially would not even look twice at on the stores shelf. Snack boxes are a fun way to learn about new items without having to commit yourself to a large quantity of any one item. This also eliminates any feelings of ‘I have to eat this because I bought it’ if you dislike something.

Craft Cocktails


The rise of the speakeasy has been a quick one. Many major cities have taken to these style bars as a mainstay in their social scene. Extending well beyond a classic old fashioned, these establishments employ some of the most talented mixologists and have some of the most unique drink menus that you could ever hope to see.

If you love this vibe but do not always want to be out and about, you can prepare craft cocktails from home with the help of a recipe book and some basic barware. This is a great idea for an at-home date night with your partner, or even a themed dinner party with friends. Depending on how involved you want to get, you can teach yourself how to make multiple types of drinks or stick with one and make that your specialty.

The art of a craft cocktail goes beyond just the ingredients though. Once you get into your research you will probably be surprised to learn that certain drinks are meant to be served in certain glass ware and prepared in a certain way. James Bond wasn’t just trying to be picky when he ordered his martini shaken, not stirred. Fancy cocktail glasses are also a great piece of décor for your at-home bar, and they make great housewarming gifts as well.

Boards of All Kinds


Remember when a charcuterie board was revolutionary? Well, who are we kidding, it still is, but charcuterie boards are no longer the only boards in town.

Boards of all kinds have been spamming our social media feeds recently and we are here for it. Breakfast boards with pancakes and tons of toppings, and French fry boards with different cuts and shapes plus every dipping sauce you could hope for are two examples of this recent trend.

When you are making a board at home, or to take to an event, it is always a good idea to have a theme, but also have variety. For example, if you are preparing a dessert board, do not have only cookies, mix in chocolate covered treats, individual cupcakes, and even fruit, so that your offering appeals to even the pickiest palate.

Eco-Conscious Packaging


Food and beverage companies all over the world have taken notice of the responsibility to take care of our planet while still being able to provide a quality product to their customers.

The global pandemic forced many industries to lean towards single use packaging but now that we have a grip on how to operate while slowing the spread, you should expect to see more eco-friendly packing popping up in grocery stores, restaurants, and cafeterias all over.

Homemade Pasta


If you are still babysitting your sourdough starter, you are so last year. Homemade pasta is exploding right now, and it is easier to make than it sounds. Comfort food is pretty much always carbs and pasta are the top carb on everyone’s wish list.

One of the best things about the pasta trend takeover is that it is so versatile. The choices that you have regarding noodles and sauces, and how you combine the two are significant.

Virtual Cooking Classes


Online chef led virtual cooking classes are an awesome way to make cooking an experience without having to leave your house. Taking a virtual cooking class can be a fun way to learn new recipes for yourself or cook with friends for a special occasion.

Some of these offerings also come with an accompanying food delivery box so that you do not even have to shop for the ingredients that you will need to make whatever meal is taught in your chosen class.

Immunity Driven Cooking


It is not new that our food is our fuel but cooking specifically to honor and boost immune system health has made a huge splash. Using food and beverage as medicine, filled with vitamins and pre-biotic rich ingredients, is a great way to add some intention into your kitchen.

Learning about what your body specifically needs, does not process well, and thrives on can be exciting. Once you know how your body responds to different things you can tailor your cooking and diet towards the best ingredients for your health, goals, and tastes.

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