Can Cryptocurrency be used for a Mortgage?

The advent of virtual money and the growing interest of people to learn how they work, how to access them, and how to implement them in everyday life has led to a huge representation of them in many spheres of society. So their popularity and huge presence have brought us to be able to exchange these cryptocurrencies for goods that can meet some of our needs.

If someone had told me 20 years ago that in the future, that is, today we would be able to buy some things with virtual money, I would not have believed him. But things have changed completely, and this is exactly what has become our reality, and maybe in the future in some 20 years paper money and coins will be completely replaced, they will become history, and the virtual ones will be the ones we can use.

The fact that many companies have decided to support the existence of cryptocurrencies has even led to their implementation when it comes to selling their goods and services in exchange for virtual money. For example, today you can buy many things with cryptocurrencies, such as food, beverages, home furnishings, electronics, tickets to events such as movies or sporting events, cars, hotel overnight stays airline tickets, and much more.

People were amazed at how this exchange of goods and services for virtual money began to work. And they began to wonder if it is possible to buy for example food in exchange for bitcoins, will it be possible to pay for dental services, to buy an apartment or a house, to take a mortgage, and the like?

Let’s now specifically focus on the mortgage, would this be possible?

There is currently no institution, bank, financial company, lender where you can apply for a mortgage in exchange for cryptocurrencies. But that does not mean that this could not be changed in the future. However, these companies are considering starting this way of working, and they support it. However, there are some legal aspects that still do not allow them to work in this way. For example, when you go to a bank to apply for a loan, they give you documents to fill out, documents that will later help them determine if you are creditworthy. On the application, you have a field where you need to indicate if you are employed and what is your monthly income. If you only earn your monthly income by mining and trading cryptocurrencies, then your application will certainly be rejected. Because this is a huge risk for money lenders. If you were employed in a company where you would earn some money daily, weekly, or monthly, they would be able to verify this information very easily, and this money could easily be tracked, there is evidence in written or electronic form. There is no easy way to track transactions with the income you earn from mining or trading, so bankers would not want to take this risk.

So if you are considering applying for a mortgage and the method of paying the deposit would be unique to you with virtual money, then we would recommend you not to do so because the chances of being rejected are huge.

However, this does not mean that you should give up on this idea. If you are earning any money from cryptocurrencies, all you need to do is find an extra job that will help you get your mortgage application accepted. That way you will not have to worry about whether your application will be rejected or not, much less you will have to worry about being able to repay your mortgage.

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Although there is no chance to get a mortgage that can be repaid with virtual money, this does not mean that it will stay that way forever. Because the interest is huge from the lenders, banks, financial companies to realize this action. The only thing that prevents them from becoming a reality is the risk that they can not take, that is, that those crypto transactions can not be monitored. But I hope that soon a way will be found to regulate this, and to enable this option to the citizens. However, cryptocurrencies are the future and sooner or later this will be proven in practice.

Until the option to be able to repay the mortgages comes into force, we have only one thing left. And that is to keep doing what we love, and that is to keep exploring and following the world of virtual money. Because with each new day, new opportunities open for their expansion. Every day new cryptocurrencies are emerging whose creators are trying to enter the virtual money market and make a boom. They aim to become number one and replace the hitherto irreplaceable bitcoin.

The very expansion of crypto around the world will lead to more companies approving it as a method of payment. And with that, in the future, we will be able to buy more types of goods and services with virtual coins instead of paper money or coins. So let’s make sure as many people as possible find out what virtual coins are in fact and cause those same people to become interested in their implementation in later life. Who knows, maybe one day we will be responsible for being able to repay the mortgage using nothing but crypto.

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