Some Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

Online casinos are perhaps the most popular way to gamble nowadays, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Gamblers all over the world flock to online casinos to play their favorite casino games and to get a shot at winning easy money. In fact, some people even make gambling a legitimate source of income.

But there’s plenty of things to know about online casinos apart from how to actually win at them. Here are some interesting things you may not know about online casinos:

The First Online Casino Ever


Online casinos haven’t always been as widespread as they are today. Indeed, the growth of online casinos only came in recent years, but online casinos have been around for far longer than you may think.

The first ever online casino software was developed by Microgaming in 1994. It wasn’t long until other companies followed suit and gave rise to the online casino industry that we know of today. Microgaming remains a powerhouse institution in the online gambling industry and is one of the industry’s foremost innovators, having developed the first mobile casino software as well in 2004.

Legality is Geographical

It’s true that finding an online casino today is incredibly easy. Just a simple internet search will put thousands of options right at your fingertips, but despite how easy it is to find an online casino, finding one where you can actually play in is a whole different conversation.

The legality of online gambling is still subject to the laws of wherever you are, or to the rules that bind casino operators. Thus, it’s possible for you to have limited or no access at all to playing in real money casinos and you may find some casinos that only accept clients from particular locations. To know more, please click here.

Counting Cards is Impossible

While it’s true that all casino games are tilted in favor of the casino, counting cards made it possible for gamblers to gain an edge over the casino when playing blackjack. Although card counting is a skill that takes plenty of time and effort to learn, mastering it definitely allows you to win consistently in blackjack, so long as you stay discreet and avoid getting caught by the casino.

Unfortunately, because cards are dealt virtually, it’s impossible to count cards when playing online blackjack, so you only have the option of learning optimal blackjack strategy in order to maximize your wins.

You Can Read Opponents in Online Poker


One of the disadvantages people may think about online poker is that they can’t have a read on their opponents. Getting a read on your opponent’s reactions and mannerisms is a huge part of playing poker, but it appears impossible to do when playing online where you can’t even see who you’re playing against.

However, some poker rooms allow the use of a heads-up display or HUD. An HUD is a third-party software that you can purchase or download and it tracks the tendencies of your opponents in real time and shows these tendencies to you. You can use the data collected by your HUD for instance to see whether your opponent has a heavy tendency to bluff or if they play conservative and tight.

The Biggest Win in Online Casino History


Some people may think that online casinos are just knockoffs of land-based casinos, but the prizes to be won in online casinos will show them otherwise. It’s definitely possible to win immense jackpots in online slots and plenty people have already done so.

In 2013, a man from Finland bet 25cents in the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot and won a prize of approximately $24 million. Many other gamblers have won millions playing online slots and many more are sure to come.

You Could Be a VIP in Online Casinos


The luxury of land-based casinos, especially if you’re a VIP, is unmatched. Brick and mortar casinos treat their VIPs like royalty and every recreational gambler wants to climb up the VIP ladder.

While online casinos may not give you the luxurious comps that land-based casinos have, it’s still possible to become a VIP in online casinos and receive many benefits. Many online casinos have loyalty programs which you can climb by consistently playing. These loyalty programs offer rewards such as free tournament tickets, cashbacks, and points you can redeem for items such as gadgets and jewelry.

Online Casinos Help You Save Money

Even if you’re not a VIP, playing in an online casino can help you win more money. Money saved is money won, and online casinos have bonuses and promotions to help you play more with less.

One of the most common bonuses in online casinos is the welcome bonus. A welcome bonus gives you an additional amount of money in your bankroll that you can use to play and potentially win in casino games. For example, a welcome bonus could double your initial deposit of $50 and let you play with $100 in your account.

Gambling With Cryptocurrency


Crypto casinos are emerging today as a popular option for online gamblers. In crypto casinos, instead of making transactions with real money from your bank account, credit card, or e-wallet, you make transactions using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Some gamblers are preferring to gamble with crypto because of its numerous advantages over traditional online casinos. These advantages include increased security, anonymity, and quicker transaction times.

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