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Craig Tester Net Worth 2024

You must have heard about the mystery of oak island which is featured in ‘The Curse Of Oak Island‘ series with 8 seasons. Don’t you wonder how skilled and resplendent the graphics were? It was all the engineering Craig Tester worked with who is also a businessman. This resonating personality intrigues a lot of enchanting nature which is described further. Keep reading!

About Craig

The famous documentary ‘Curse of Oak Island’ is mustered by Craig and his companions which featured on the History channel which objected to the roll-up of the mystery of the Oak Island. It’s believed to have a treasure hidden on the island 200 years ago. This could be a great success because of Craig’s contribution. Not only this but he also is a businessman along with being a mechanical engineer. He is an expert in the areas like drilling and digging which has laid a great emphasis on the documentary.

Craig’s Life and Family

Glendale, a city in New York is where Robert and Eleanor Tester lived and they were blessed with a child named Craig in 1961. February 16 was his birthday. He completed his schooling in Central Montcalm. He attended Delta Upsilon College. It all started here as Craig and his roommate Marty started working on the documentary. They both had a great bond between them. Later he pursued his Engineering in BS mechanics.This was through the Michigan Technological University.

Rebecca is Craig’s spouse, blessed with a child, Drake Tester but unfortunately in 2017 he passed away because of epilepsy. He almost felt like everything ended with his son’s expiry and so he even wanted to quit his documentary. But later he continued his assignment on the documentary and also came up with a related series in 2024. He fortunately had two stepchildren after Drake.

Career And Achievements

After he completed his BS he planned to invest in oil business and mechanical engineering. His skills are appreciable when it comes to engineering due to which he could have a base to his career. He released his documentary in 2014 named ‘The Curse Of The Oak’. His other series include ‘Drilling Down’ of 2016 and the most recent one ‘Beyond Oak Island’. He is associated with Oak Island Tours Inc. This is subject to the majority of land on Oak Island, which is a tourism spot.

Facts About Craig
  • It is claimed that Craig owns some part of the land in Oak Island.
  • His younger goal was to be a wrestler.
  • He also holds the seat of Vice-president at Heritage Sustainable Energy, a turbine company in Michigan. Marty Lagina is the owner of the company.

Net Worth

$5 Million is the total estimation of his income which comes from his engineering and businesses. Most of it is through his documentary.

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