Commonly Asked Questions When Moving

Arriving at the decision to move means you have asked yourself and answered a lot of questions. Choosing the new place you want to move to is primary, but it involves many other queries like how close it is to a school or how it will affect your work. The questions do not stop coming until you have actually settled into your new home. There are still many details you have to sort out before and during moving day. From how many hands will be needed and choosing between local or interstate movers. For that, Green Van Lines‘s team suggests listing all your requisites and then start looking for those that will help you the most.

Here are some of the most common questions people ask, and you yourself should be asking when moving.

Do I hire movers or get a Budget Truck Rental and do it myself?

There are multiple number of things to consider if you are on the fence between hiring movers and doing it yourself. First is your budget. Will you be able to afford to hire full-service movers, or do you need to save whatever you can? Getting a new place often entails a lot of expenses, and you might want to save every little bit. Next is how much stuff you need to move. If you have the time and enough help to make you feel confident about doing it yourself, then renting would be a good option.

  • When is the best time to move?

It is generally better to move during the summer, from January to February, when rain is at the minimum. But this can be the busiest time for movers and the most expensive time to hire them or to get a Budget Truck Rental. To offset the higher cost of moving during this season, avoid the weekend if your schedule would allow it. 

  • What size of moving truck should I rent or hire?

It is better to have some extra room in your truck than fall short a bit, then needing an extra trip to haul your belongings. To make sure you rent the right-sized truck, read the company’s size guideline. Or better yet, ask a moving or truck rental company representative for some advice on truck sizing. For more details, visit Wridgways.

  • What packing supplies would I need?

You will need enough sturdy boxes to put loose items in. Bubble wraps and packing tape should be used to secure these boxes and protect fragile objects. Install padding for furniture. You can use blankets or pillows as a cushion. Most of these can be bought from the warehouse or online shop.

  • How do I load a moving truck?

Disassemble what you can to maximise the space inside your Budget Truck Rental. Then start loading the biggest and heaviest appliances first towards the front part of the truck, close to the cab. If you have a mattress, place it upright against one side of the truck, then load items with drawers flush against it to make sure the drawers do not open while the truck is moving. Sofas should go to the opposite side. Roll up carpets and rugs then position vertically along with the couch and headboards. Next, load heavy boxes on the available space in the middle. Make sure they are at the bottom as you load the smaller, lighter boxes on top of them.

If possible, secure each item with a strap as you load it to make sure they do not fall down in transit. And try to distribute weight as evenly as possible to make the truck easier to handle.

Moving involves a lot of hard work, and on top of that, a lot of problem-solving to be done. But if you prepare sufficiently by finding the answers to the right questions, you could make moving a smooth transition, and you can look forward to living a new life in your new home.

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