Common Questions and Concerns About Cashback Apps

You’ve got big questions about cashback apps, and we have big answers. I want to start by asking you: why should you not get rewarded for your everyday spending? If there’s a way to make some money back when doing your normal spending, then why not take advantage of it? It requires a tiny bit of work as you get used to the app, but this is honestly one of the best ways to get some extra money in your wallet.

I hope by the end of this that you feel more confident in trying a cashback app like Honey, Swagbucks, Ibotta, or Rakuten.

How Do Cashback Apps Work?

It might seem weird that you’re getting money back just for shopping, but it’s straightforward once you know where the money is coming from. Have you heard of affiliate marketing? This is a business model where the marketer gets a commission for bringing the buyer to a business. For example, if there is a 10% commission and you spend $100, then the affiliate will get $10.

Cashback apps use this same model, but they extend the commission to you. These apps will split their commission 50/50, so in this case, you would get $5, and the cashback app would also get $5. See? Super simple. Click here to see another example. It’s a win-win-win because everyone is happy.

Are They Safe?

You’re trusting the app to pay you. Most apps will pay you months later, and you’re trusting them to uphold their end of the bargain. You’re also trusting them with your information. So with that in mind, are these apps safe?

All the apps I’ve used (Honey, Ibotta, Swagbucks, Rakuten) are safe and trustworthy. I’ve gotten the promised money from them (sometimes a purchase won’t go through, but this is easy to fix), and I’ve never had any problems with my information being compromised.

Can I Use Multiple Apps?

Definitely! I suggest using multiple apps because each one has different strengths and opportunities. For example, Ibotta is focused on physical stores while Honey is balanced between cashback and discounts you can use right now. I suggest checking all the major apps to see which one is offering the best deal for your chosen store or product. Plus, many have rotating deals, and this allows you to take advantage of them.

Use them all and see which is best for you whenever you go out shopping.

What Device Works Best with Cashback Apps?

Except for some rare instances, most cashback apps work on the major operating systems. As long as you have either an Android or Apple device, you should have no problem using cashback apps. While I suggest using a smartphone because it’s more portable, you can also use a tablet if you’d like.

There are some desktop versions of these apps. It’s not quite as convenient, so I don’t suggest it, but you can still get cashback through your desktop or laptop.

Can I Get Rich Fast with these Apps?

The only way to get rich fast with cashback apps is to spend a massive amount of money (remember, you’re only getting a small amount of your purchase back). So no, there’s no realistic way to get rich fast with these apps. It’s an excellent way to get a couple hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars a year depending on your spending, but you’re not going to get rich.

I hope this doesn’t burst your bubble, but cashback is useful for making some extra money off your routine purchases.

Is There a Limit on Apps?

I don’t want to come off as a salesman for cash back apps, but there is no limit to how much you can get back. It all depends on how much you spend and what the percentage back is, but there’s no hard limit on how much you can get back from your purchases. Do your best to max out your earnings without spending more than you already do. That’s the formula for success with these apps.

As stated above, most people make several hundred dollars from these apps if they log every purchase. However, bigger spenders will make more money back, but don’t get carried away and spend more than you should.

What Stores and Websites do Cashback Apps Work With?

This is why I suggest using multiple apps because this allows you to canvas all your usual stores and shopping portals. Some apps work best with online portals like Amazon, while others work best with physical stores like Walmart or Target. In general, if you’re going to a typical store or website, then you’ll probably get cashback for your purchase.

You might have issues finding deals or cashback offers with specialty stores, but that likely doesn’t represent the majority of your spending. You can use these apps when buying gas, getting good, watching movies, buying clothes, and nearly everything else.

Can I Combine Apps and Credit Cards?

This is a smart idea because you can get cash from your credit card and the app simultaneously. Doubles return and all you have to do is log purchases in the app and use the right card. That’s simple enough. Just be sure to check the terms of your card to ensure there are no problems with this. At this point, it’s very rare for this to be an issue, so you should be able to take advantage of both cashback opportunities.

It’s simple enough and requires very little work on your part.

The Final Word

Getting cashback for your routine purchases is simple with an app. While each app offers different opportunities, they all use an affiliate marketing strategy and split the earnings with you. Depending on your spending, this can be an excellent way to get some extra money with very little work. Now download an app, start using it, and get some cashback on your everyday purchases.

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