How To Get The New CCNP Enterprise Certification – 2024 Guide

Most of us know that CISCO is one of the leading companies when it comes to network technologies. Their equipment is very common today and is mostly used in medium and large networks. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are interested in training to work on these networks. It is primarily because the demand for CISCO certified experts is high. Of course, there are several levels of proficiency and different certificates you can take here. We will reveal how to get your CCNP Enterprise certificate in 2024.

What Is Cisco Training?

Different levels of Cisco training, serve to improve your knowledge in the field of network technologies. Cisco courses are designed and created so that students get an excellent theoretical basis from computer networks. However, they will also spend significant time practicing on real equipment. Almost half classes are provided for practical work on the equipment. After the course, candidates are trained to know the principles of computer networks and protocols. Also, they are excellent at implementing and maintaining networks. Cisco course participants do not need additional training after completing the course. They can immediately work successfully in the position of a network administrator or similar positions – depending on the certificate they’ve got.

What Is The CCNP Program And Certificate?

Professionals can surely advance within the IT industry by following trends and educating themselves. Following the needs of modern companies and with the adoption of new knowledge – employers usually opt for professional and trained staff. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more young people are turning to acquire knowledge and professional certificates within the CISCO program. One such program is CCNP. It is considered to be one of the motivating programs for development and advancement in the field of network technologies. As a more advanced step in CISCO certification, CCNP opens the door to more positions for individuals in troubleshooting, installation, and network security.

What Does The CCNP Program Cover Before Taking The Certification Test?

The CCNP program includes modern techniques for solving problems related to computer networks. In addition to advanced skills and knowledge connected to creating and maintaining complex computer network configurations – the CCNP program helps you master other skills. This program teaches you how to integrate network devices and services with other systems such as voice, image, data, or other services. Such a program allows candidates to perfect the advanced skills needed to manage network infrastructure – but also to monitor and maintain complex computer networks. To successfully finish and master such a program, it is necessary to know the technique and work on the computer, as well as complete previous CISCO programs. When it comes to Cisco certified programs, the condition for enrolling in the next program is the successful completion of the previous course.

How Can You Get A Certification And Is It Valued In The Same Way Everywhere?

If you were thinking about getting a CCNP Enterprise Certification, you need to take and pass three different exams. These are 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH, and 300-135 TSHOOT tests. The 300-101 refers to the implementation of routers, the 300-115 involves the implementation of switched networks – and the 300-135 is an exam that involves knowledge in problem-solving and network maintenance. When it comes to the recognition of certificates, we must point out that this company has covered the majority of the market with engineers who are trained under these programs. According to Spotoclub, this is exactly why you should get your CCNP Enterprise Certification. On the other hand, there is a great interest of candidates for this type of training and obtaining certificates. This is primarily because candidates with these certificates cope better and find it easier to get a job in the IT industry. When we take into account that this industry is one of the best paid today – then this situation has its justification.

What Prerequisites Do Candidates Have To Meet?

To attend a CCNP course and obtain a CCNP certificate, you must have a CCNA certificate or know the network technologies and how to configure a Cisco router. Prerequisites include understanding IP, configuring IP standards, etc. All the necessary prior knowledge can be obtained after completing the CCNA Engineer course.

Is It Worth Having A CCNP Certificate?

CISCO’s certification system has been in place for many years. A lot has changed since the beginning. While once basic diplomas like CCENT and CCNA guaranteed a good job – in 2024, the situation is a little bit different. Namely, today, due to the increased number of certified staff, candidates with CCENT and CCNA certificates often have to start working in lower positions – especially when it comes to large international companies. However, since CISCO’s network equipment is very dominant in the market, these certificates are an excellent basis for further development of your career in the field of network technologies. If you decide to further expand your knowledge with CCNP or CCIE, CCAr certificates – you can be almost sure that you will get a well-paid job pretty easily.

A Springboard For A Further Career

It should be noted that the network technology and telecommunications sectors will continue to grow at a very fast pace. As CISCO is a world leader in the production of this type of technology, their certification can be a great springboard for your career. The certification system that forces you to confirm your knowledge every two or three years and to constantly improve is great for your professional development.


Acquiring a CCNP Enterprise Certification is an exceptional opportunity for all those who want to be professionals. Qualification for a CCNP certification can lead enthusiasts to their dream profession. The unemployed will get a well-paid job – and those with excess time will have the opportunity to earn extra money. Besides the fact that these jobs provide security – they are also very lucrative. The range of salaries of employees in this sector ranges from a minimum of $ 47,000 for the most basic jobs – to almost $ 130,000 for professionals. Jobs in the field of network technologies are paid better if you have a CISCO certificate. These positions allow you to earn more than most occupations in the IT industry. It is therefore quite clear that this is in a sense the business of the future.

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