How to Choose Longboards 2024 – A Guide for New Longboarders?

If you are a newbie in longboarding, this article will be the best way to help you buy suitable boards. Or if you are already an expert, below tips, compiled from website will also have things for you to keep on mind.

For those who first join this exploratory and challenging game, determining how to choose it is essential. So, we will provide you with the necessary information needed to pick appropriate products. First of all, you need to pay attention to some following characteristics to get the best choices.

Tips for choosing the best longboards for beginners

Picking the right longboards for beginners as well as the professional requires you to pay attention to details. There are two main points that we need to focus at most as followings:

  • Deck
  • Trucks


As the most significant of a board, the deck should not be ignorable when you consider buying new longboards.

Each brand produces the deck with the length, width, and curvature, which are different from others. For example, the Flip, Blind, or Girl brands often get their longboard decks, which are quite shallow.

Differences in length, width, and curvature of the deck surface depend on the style in which skaters play on the board. Besides, the brands also adjust these dimensions to match the structure design of models. As the Baker brand, they make the “OG shape” with the length and width of the first models but adding a deep curvature.


The more curved the deck ends are, the stronger the Pop force will be. The force helps you jump higher and perform ground-based techniques smoothly. If the two terms have a higher degree of power, the Pop will decrease, but it becomes more suitable for the Slide, Grind.


A longboard with its large surface is often easier to stand and balance. However, you may find a little bit challenging to flip or spin. This type will be suitable to play the Vert, Grind, Pools, and Ramps.

On the other hand, a longboard with its small board will be the best match for the Flip or Spin. But keeping balance seems not to be an easy task. Players tend to choose this type on the road or performing with complicated techniques.

To better understand, you can go to the size table to choose the correct one.

  • 7.5″ – 8″ in width

This is a standard size for those who want to do many longboarding techniques.

  • 8″ – 8.25″ in width

The right suitable for boarding in the Pools, Ramps, and Park’s techniques.

  • 8’’ in width

This is a size for the Vert, Pools, cruising, and sliding in the old-school style


We consider the truck as the second most crucial part of a longboard. It is a T-shaped piece of metal placed below two ends of the deck.

When choosing the truck, you should pick the one whose width is nearly the same as the width of the board.

The following table is a reference to size matching.

  • Truck 5.0 – Deck 7.4″ – 7.75″
  • Truck 5.25 – Deck 7.8″ – 8.0″
  • Truck 5.5 – Deck 8.1″ – 8.3″
  • Truck 5.75 – Deck 8.4″ – 8.6″ or even greater

The difference in size between the truck will significantly affect your longboarding. You also need to pay attention that the bigger the board is, the bigger the truck should be.

Top 3 of the best longboard for beginners

We talked about how to choose the longboard for beginners with the right deck and truck. Now, it is time to enjoy the top 3 of the ideal picks.

Our top 3 includes:

  1. Retrospec Zed Bamboo
  2. Yocaher Punked
  3. Atom

What can we find unique in these skateboards? Let’s explore.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

We will start with a bamboo longboard of the Retrospec Zed. The brand offers a wide range of options for styles and colors, too. I remember that there are 12 in total.

Its deck has a length of a 44-inch longboard with the perfect materials of bamboo and Canadian maple mix. The design shows eight-ply. It means that the construction is strong, with just the right amount of flex.

Yocaher Punked Longboard

The next longboard of the list is a Yoacher Punked of the Stained Pintail model. Experienced players consider this board as the ideal one for those who have first steps into the longboarding game.

Its well-made structure includes a 9-ply maple deck and a high-quality grip tape. Standing on this deck, you can feel a perfect control and flex, which will help to balance over the bumps.

How do you think about a 27-inch wheelbase? I find it with a stability reduction. However, it is not noticeable at all since the features still make the board an excellent cruiser for newbies instead.

Atom Longboard

On the market, Atom is one of the best favorite longboard brands of many players. And this Atom Drop Through 41 Inch is also in the list of their top recommendation for beginners.

The metal trucks dropped through the deck will give the boarders a lower center of gravity. Then you will get more stability.


You have enjoyed things about how to choose the best skateboard for beginners. Now, have you had your decision yet? We think that you have not yet. The consideration takes your time to get more information and reviews.

We hope that the article helps you pick up the right products. Good luck and have a happy shopping. See you in the next articles of amazing skateboards!

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