5 Environmental Reasons to Buy Recycled Kids’ Clothes

Buying new kids’ clothing all the time could turn out to be very pricey. Wasting all your money on new clothing, especially for the children, could affect the family income. As kids grow, their bodies rapidly change, and they need bigger-sized clothes all the time. You buy a new piece of garment for your child, and after being barely worn, it becomes outgrown. That’s why it is so expensive to buy new clothes for the kids all the time, especially for parents who have more than one child.

Almost all families are now aware that recycling and buying recycled kids’ clothes is key to keeping money in your pocket and yet having your kids grow happy and comfortable. You can check out good quality gently used kids’ apparel from Kidzmax, where 80% of the clothes still have their tags.

If you are still not convinced that you should recycle your kids’ clothes, here are five environmental reasons to buy recycled kids’ clothes, bring home happiness with excellent quality clothes, and help save the planet.

Less Filling for the Landfills

Without a doubt, the best reason to buy or sell recycled kids’ clothes is to save the planet and not fill up those landfills with fabric. Imagine it like decluttering your “home” on a larger scale. By buying recycled kids’ clothes, you’re decluttering the planet we’re all a part of. When you buy and sell kids’ clothes, you toss less fabric into the landfills, which are already a problem worldwide.

Excess waste can cause loss of natural habitats for many living species, causing their extinction. Clothing doesn’t dissolve. It becomes a part of the pollution that impacts climate change negatively and increases global warming. Are you convinced yet?

Decrease Pollution and Save Resources

Fighting pollution is another reason to buy used kids’ clothes. Textiles, such as cotton or natural fibers, use more than half of the chemicals that are used in the entire textile industry. Therefore, recycling old children’s clothing can contribute to reducing some dangerous pollutants in the environment. Recycled clothes and used clothing use fewer or recycled resources that can help protect the environment.

Reuse of Resources

When you buy recycled kids’ clothes, you reuse those fabrics instead of creating new ones. A lot of energy is used to create new fabric from the ground up. So, by buying previously owned garments, you can save a lot of energy. It takes a lot of water to grow cotton and other resources are used, as well, so buying recycled clothing is a great way to help out the environment.

Save Money

Clothes are expensive, especially when you have to buy them all the time. Buying recycled clothes can save you money in the long run because you

Sustain Natural Resources

You may not believe it, but buying recycled kids’ items reduces humanity’s collective carbon footprint and conserves our natural resources, which also helps reduce carbon emissions and help save the planet, and fights climate change.

Buying recycled kids’ items from garage sales or thrift shops, would keep the demand for more new kids’ clothing manufacturing.

So, you’re not only buying recycled kids’ items, but you’re also saving the planet in a big way. We are all playing our part.

Create More Jobs

You may feel that recycling is every man for himself activity. Well, this can’t be further from the truth. We are all part of Earth’s habitat, and your recycling could affect change.

Buying recycled kids’ garments creates more employment opportunities. You may be asking how is that possible? Well, you create employment for companies who resell recycled clothes like Kidzmax or an organization across the world that makes recycling possible.

For instance, throwing your trash in the bin helps create around six or seven jobs. Recycling today could generate close to thirty job openings. Yes, you could say that it is different for the clothing industry, yet, it’s a well-known fact that there is huge exploitation in that sector, so you help shift the focus of the clothing industry and help it change its ways faster.

Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When you buy recycled products, you save energy. Saving energy today means less greenhouse gas emissions in the air. Everyone has heard of the Greenhouse gasses today. It is the gas responsible for global warming and climate change.

Recycling also helps stop water pollution. Have you seen the pictures on the internet with sea creatures entangled in plastic or pieces of clothing? It’s part of the water pollution problems. The clothing industry is a huge water pollutant. Your active participation in the kids’ clothing recycling process can be equivalent to removing millions of cars from the road.

Help Minimize the Use of Hazardous Substances

Cotton is one of the primary raw materials used in clothing, including kids’ apparel. However, cotton needs a lot of water, fertilizers, and pesticides to grow. The production of around 2 pounds of cotton needs more than 6 pounds of chemicals. The cotton industry consumes about 4% of phosphorus fertilizers and nitrogen worldwide. These chemicals contaminate the water, the land and have a huge impact on the environment globally. By buying second-hand kids’ clothes, we tackle this problem by helping the world utilize less cotton and produce less cotton clothing.

In Conclusion

One person cannot change the world or the environment, but every person can. If each of us changes his/her way and we refuse to buy into the fast fashion industry, especially for kids’ clothing as children outgrow their clothes so fast. Each of us can participate in saving the environment and making a difference.

There are plenty of ways to buy and sell kids’ clothes. You can buy your kids’ apparel gently used, and your child wouldn’t know the difference.

Our goal is to save our environment and resources. Choose quality over quantity and positively impact our world.

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