What Are The Birthstones Colors For Each Month

Precious and semi-precious stones are primarily popular today through jewelry. However, their property has long been known to act against bad moods and illness – and promote peace, confidence, and happiness. Every month of the year has a stone that has the most impact in that period – so depending on the month of the birth you can find out which stone is ideal for you. They are all beautiful and in various colors. So, let’s see what color are the birthstones for each month.

The Wonderful World Of Gemstones

Even ancient civilizations spoke about precious stones and their birthday symbols. Throughout history, precious stones have had their meaning, leading us towards health, happiness, and prosperity. Properly selected, the gemstone is there to bring good energy into the life of the person wearing it. Traditionally, every month of the year is associated with a precious stone that performs the function of a talisman. Whether you believe in the power of precious stones or you are just curious – we will explore the world of precious stones filled with colors, secrets, and meanings.

January: Garnet

Garnet is a semi-precious stone, to which many myths are attached. It was carried by the Crusaders, who believed that it would illuminate their way home. In the East, garnet is the most widespread and oldest talisman. This stone comes in different shades – from fiery orange, rich green to intense red. People consider this stone to be a symbol of loyalty, trust, and friendship. It is believed to bring happiness, fill with love and awaken sexual energy. It signifies a strong spirit, faithfulness, and positive thoughts. If you were born in January, garnet jewelry is an ideal ally for success at work.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst is a jewel of deep purple color and intoxicating beauty. His name in ancient Greek means – intoxicating. As a type of quartz, amethyst is a common inhabitant of royal crowns, jewelry, and uniforms. Due to its intense purple color, amethyst exudes wealth and prestige. Those born in February choose jewelry decorated with amethyst when they want to clear the mind, establish peace – and encourage motivation. As a symbol of change, amethyst opens many secrets of life and points to the future. Earrings, a ring, or a necklace with amethyst? Whatever you choose, you will pave the way for positive energy.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone of mysticism and the search for purity of heart, courage, and bravery. Because of its color, it brings us joy, light, and hope. The ancient tales say that birthstones by month have strong powers and on this website, you can find more about it. Aquamarine is the stone of visionaries, healers, the protector of sailors and travelers at sea. The owner of this stone retains youth, partner fidelity, and bliss of love and happiness.

April: Diamond

The ancient Greeks considered diamonds to be the tears of the gods. It is often considered perfection because its appearance and indestructibility symbolize strong will, strength, power, and beauty. Wearing a diamond symbolizes the courage, hope, and generosity of those who wear it. In the Middle Ages, it was believed to have power in the fight against evil forces. Today it is a symbol of love and the promise of eternal devotion. It lifts the spirit of courage, invincibility, and good health.

May: Emerald

Green like nature in spring, emerald is a stone for those born in May. Adored by the Egyptian pharaohs, the so-called Cleopatra’s stone – emerald is adorned with a deep green color, a symbol of spring, youth, and new life chapters. Its green color deepens feelings, calms, and gives hope. It is believed to help people listen better, understand others – and is considered an ideal gift that evokes empathy. If you were born in May – choose a piece with an emerald and feel its power.

June: Pearls

Pearlescent shades, delicate, elegant, and refined – pearls are one precious stone created by living creatures. Pearls have healing power, so they are still used in traditional Asian medicine. In shades of white, and rarely black, pearls are a perfect addition to an engagement ring. They show your most sincere feelings towards the chosen one of your heart. If you need wisdom and calm – choose jewelry with pearls and you will not go wrong.

July: Ruby

Red is the color of summer and the month of July. For all those born this warm month, the precious stone is a magnificent ruby. Fiery red rubies are associated with courage, vitality, and joy in life. They bring energy, courage and protect from negative thoughts. Want to be luckier in love? Choose a piece with ruby and love will knock on your door. Ruby jewelry is the detail that brings confidence and serenity. You will feel as if the whole world is yours – as if you were born under a lucky star. It encourages the strengthening of friendship, strength, a sense of harmony, and enthusiasm.

August: Peridot

This stone may not sound familiar to you, but the period is a stone for those born in August. Another proof of the magnificence of nature – the color of this stone varies from olive green to dark brown. Peridot brings prosperity, happiness, and helps to eliminate negative thoughts.

September: Sapphire

The sapphire is a symbol of the sky. It belongs to the planet Saturn. It is believed to bring strength, honor, and eternal life to those who wear it. Since the Middle Ages, the highest spiritual values have been attributed to Sapphire. This stone is in charge of making you feel dignified, loyal, calm, pure, and wise.

October: Opal

Another beautiful stone that carries a whole wealth of feelings. Due to its perfectly shiny surface, opal is a frequent choice of jewelers, but also buyers. It can be found in nature in all basic colors – which makes it a real little masterpiece of nature. Opal brings positive energy and has a calming effect on the human soul. For all those born in October – this stone is an omen of new hope.

November: Topaz

Topaz brings abundance and good health. Known as the stone of love and happiness, it contributes to the achievement of goals. It encourages the expression of ideas and the transmission of wisdom. It is associated with healing, wisdom, courage, sincerity, and warmth.

December: Turquoise

Turquoise creates a strong field of action around our body and thus protects us from negative energies. It is considered to be an excellent guard against all harmful influences. Turquoise has one unusual property. Namely, in case of bad situations or loss of health – it warns us of changes by changing its color.

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