Best Chain Anklets of 2024

Women’s fashion has evolved tremendously throughout the year, things were trendy, then they were not, then they became trendy again. It is an ever-changing cycle and we have to keep up with it in order to look fashionable at all times. That is also the case for anklets. They were really popular during the 90s, then they fell off a little bit and this year they’re back at it again.

What’s beautiful about this new era of anklets and their place in fashion is that they’re no longer limited to your average surf girl with a puka shell anklet and matching necklace. On the contrary, many worldwide famous brands have incorporated this fashion accessory to their catalogues. Possibilities are endless, honestly. From chunky gold plated, to thin, elegant, barely noticeable chains or wooden beads with numerous ornaments, whatever your personal style may be, there is an anklet to match and elevate it.

Today, we’re going to take a look at variety of different shapes, colors, sizes and price points of many different anklets, therefore, there will be something for everybody to choose from.

1. Barzel 18K Gold Plated Anklets

This Brazil made anklet comes in six different styles. All of them are 10 inches long and finely gold plated. First up we have ANK1187 model with beautiful butterflies whose wings vary in color depending on which crystal is within butterfly. Then we have BR198 and 199, the mesmerizing chain anklets, with multi-coloured round and radiant cut crystals. Next up we have slightly more robust Diamond Multicolor, which you can tell by the name also contains colourful crystals and gives out this Eastern princess vibe. And finally, we have Multicolor and Multicolor Dark Oval models featuring oval cut crystals, in a very calm and inconspicuous style that can work with absolutely everything. The price is about #10, slightly varying depending on the model.

2. Billie Bijoux Infinity Anklet

A brilliant sterling silver piece of jewellery, crafted with precision and care. This adjustable anklet is made of 925 sterling silver and cost a little over $35. The centrepiece, the main ornament of this beautiful piece of art, is an infinity symbol decorated with glittering, white, round cut cubic zirconia to really make it stand out. Beside prominent infinity symbol, there are also four heart charms garnishing this anklet. If you are not a fan of silver per se, this piece also comes in gold and rose-gold colors, so you can decide which one is the best fit for you or for your loved one.

3. Roxanne Assoulin Daisy Green Anklet

This gorgeous unassuming yet eye-catching piece will certainly add some flavour to your style. It’s made out of glass beads and gold plated brass and it brings this spring and summer vibe. Green and white beads and pretty yellow daisies look stunningly with one another. For $60 this anklet can make your pair of cropped jeans and shoes look like straight out of a fashion magazine.

4. Jungle Bronze Anklet from Love That Boho

Love That Boho has this lovely, yet rugged, bohemian piece is for one of those free spirits. Copper colored, alloy anklet, will make your feet look like they are ready for an adventure of a life time. It will make you feel like hopping in a convertible and driving off into the sunset. Giving away strong Woodstock vibes, this is definitely the right choice for those who long after the 70s. Pair them up with some leather sandals and get ready to turn some heads for just under $8.

5. Argento Vivo Palm Tree Anklet

This elegant sterling silver beauty is a great way to make yourself feel like you’ve away on a tropical island enjoying a cocktail from a coconut shell. It is very subtle piece, thin chain and a small gold plated palm tree ornament. Suitable for every occasion, pairable with every outfit and costing just under $30 this playful anklet might just be the pick of the summer.

6. Bubble Tale Anklet


This fun looking, colourful anklet can be a pretty addition to your collection. Made out of freshwater pearls and multi-colored mini beads and some gold colored accents, this exudes kind of a playful vibe. Being colourful as it is, you may pair this up with essentially any casual outfit or a pair of footwear. Works good with both a plain white sneaker and an earthy toned roman style sandal.

7. Sweet Valley High Anklet

This stainless steel gold plated chain is handmade in Greece just for you. Like every handmade thing, it is not the cheapest, but having an intricate piece of jewellery for about $50 is not a bad deal. Decorated by beautiful, colourful, glass Millefiori beads and white, freshwater pearls, it will definitely cause some neck turning when wrapped around your ankle.

8. Beck Jewels Millefiori Beaded Anklet

Inspired by colors of Riviera, this magical, beaded anklet is guaranteed to look fantastic paired with some neutral footwear. Containing basically every color of the rainbow, it is not necessarily a good fit for every occasion, but if you’re feeling whimsical, ready to party and have $130 laying around waiting for a perfect anklet to spend it on, this is just the thing for you.

9. Women’s White Dramman Anklet by Jennifer Behr


Now this is statement piece. Made with finest Swarowski crystals and inspired by royal headpieces, this is one of the most luxurious items on the market today. It is carefully handmade, with some intricate metalwork and high quality materials which sets the price for this accessory at just under $160. It is safe to say that this piece will probably work best with some very elegant shoes, rather than just a regular sandal or a sneaker.

10. Deborah Emerald & Yellow Gold Anklet

Since we’ve stepped into slightly more expensive waters, why not finish this list with something extravagant. This delicate, 14K recycled yellow gold chain anklet is decorated with 5 tiny bezel-set emeralds costs about $375 and it certainly delivers. It perfectly captures what jewellery is all about – catching your eye and complimenting your outfit in a way that is not overwhelming.

Now that you’ve seen these models, hopefully it will be easier for you to pick out some of these pieces to incorporate into your style and step you fashion game up.

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