8 Easy Beginner Welding Projects

Are you thinking about a career in welding? How about a hobby to keep you occupied during the weekends? Regardless if you’re thinking about making money or simply as a DIY project, welding is very fun and very recreational.

Welding is a valuable skill that has its use across many industries. This is why welders are highly sought-after, and it doesn’t hurt saying that you can make a ton of money by being a welder.

However, even welding requires you to master a few skills before you could work on big projects. So, to help you master the skill of welding, here are our picks for the 8 easy beginner welding projects. Before you even start, choosing the proper welder equipment for your welding projects plays a crucial role. According to BestOfMachinery, metal inert gas welders or MIG welders are the most commonly used welding machine because of their efficiency at fusing all types of metals together.

We are positive that performing these next projects will give you a good understanding of the job and equip you with the necessary education to make it as a welder.

1.  Car Creeper

Ask any mechanic and they’ll tell you about the importance of a car creeper. Fixing cars is a job that is just as skilled as being a welder. However, this is one area where you, as a welder, can help out a buddy car mechanic.

Namely, a car creeper is a useful tool to have when needing to go underneath a vehicle. There could be numerous problems needing fixing underneath a car, and a car creeper makes the job that much easier.

2.  Outdoor Fireplace

What better DIY project than an outdoor fireplace to satisfy your needs? An outdoor fireplace is quite possibly one of the best beginner welding projects that you could start.

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent project for any beginner because it’s very easy to make. To top it off, this project requires a lot of welding, which will definitely boost your skills.

If you really want to test yourself, then there are some amazing examples you can emulate that will test your attention to detail. An outdoor fireplace can be made using any number of materials, but the ones we recommend are steel, steel sheets, steel rods, etc.

3.  Barbeque Pit

You might think a barbeque pit and an outdoor fireplace are two similar things, but they’re very different in the way you make them.

A barbeque pit will be an awesome addition to your household as it will allow you to make your very own barbeque in your very own barbeque maker.

Also, a barbeque pit is excellent for welcoming friends and family over.

4.  Storage Rack

Who doesn’t need storage racks? Not only are storage racks vital for your home workshop, but they’re ideal for improving your welding skills as a beginner.

Creating storage racks is quite possibly one of the simplest welding jobs out there, There are no rules for how to make them, but you’ll likely have to use a MIG welder to get the job done.

The job might be simple, but it does take a fair amount of skill. Also, creativity isn’t excluded as you’ll likely want to give it all and make the perfect racks for your everyday needs.

Creating a storage rack should be on your beginner’s list, and no doubt a handy addition to your home workshop.

As we mentioned, you’ll likely need a MIG welder as well as a couple of other equipment. For all of your equipment needs, make sure to visit

5.  Wine Bottle Holder

For any millennial household, a wine bottle holder is quite possibly the hottest DIY welding project for any beginner. You’d be positively surprised to see the number of options presented to you just by doing a quick Google search on the topic.

You’ll really want to use your creativity with this one, as there aren’t really any rules when it comes to creating such an object. Thus, this is one project that will likely require the most when it comes to using your welding skills.

But trust us when we say this, there isn’t a better project to hone your skills than a wine bottle holder.

6.  Coat Rack

Why buy a boring coat rack when you can make one yourself? A coat rack is a fun project to make that will take care of a very real issue. If you happened to have issues where you lack the place to hang your coats, then a homemade coat rack will put an end to your pain and misery.

We all know how important it is to keep your coats and jackets wrinkle-free. Well, a coat rack not only solves the storage issue, but it will also keep your jackets and coats in mint condition.

7.  TV Tray Table

Don’t let the name fool you. A TV tray table can be used for a lot more than for your TV. If you choose to create one, then you can use it to hold anything from your laptop to your lamp, and even use it as a side table.

What’s even better is that a TV tray table is an excellent way to hone your welding skills. You can also get quite creative with it, just make sure to avoid any sharp edges.

8.  Jewelry Holder

Do you want a birthday present for the wife or do you simply want to show off your welding skills? Regardless of your motives, creating a jewelry holder is a great way to impress your wife while also practicing your welding skills.

This item is rather difficult to make, but the difficulty stems solely from how many details you want to include. Maybe you want to make a multi-level box, or a simple jewelry stand so the wife can hang the necklaces and earrings.

Whatever you chose to make, be prepared for a lot of failed runs. But remember, it will all be worth it in the end.

These were some of our beginner project ideas to help hone your welding skills. While some of these are easy to make, others will be an excellent way to test your skills. No one becomes an expert in their first try, so don’t be frustrated when things don’t work out as expected.

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