6 Things Canadians are blind to T&Cs of Yukon Gold Online Casino

Terms and Conditions is the phrase that actually arouses the thoughts of boring spent minutes. If you’re a responsible gambler, you’ll have to waste an hour or so to read all the online casino terms carefully while also making notes to yourself. Usually people start reading thoroughly the first paragraph, but get completely bored already in the middle part. 

This article tends to point out only the things that you have to pay much attention to. The T&Cs described below are not very different from casino to casino. But still here we will explain the legal rules of Yukon Gold, the best in Canada online casino and please see the reviews, and these sites are the main participant of the Casino Rewards Group. The latter contains about 40 online casinos and each of them has the same terms of use and play that are mentioned in this article.

The right to change the Terms

So, let’s begin, and the first must-know term is “Yukon Gold Casino reserves the right to revise and/or remove any part of the Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.” Basically, what it implies is that whenever you have an argument with the Yukon Gold team, they can easily change the terms. Thus, you will be in a bad position where you actually infringe the rights. Even though you’ve read the terms just before making a complaint, it won’t help. The casino can revise or even remove ANY part of the terms.

Min 48 hours withdrawal

What’s interesting about payouts. There are online casinos that process the winnings within a moment, and there is the site. Hopefully, you are aware that these processes money for at least 48 hours. It is a long period and, of course, here is the hitch: “Withdrawn funds will be available to be reversed in part or in whole up until the time it has been processed. Any withdrawals reversed back into the casino account prior to it being processed are the player’s responsibility.” Over 2 days, I suppose at least a week, you’ll have to wait for withdrawal processing. During this period you might wish to put the money back into your casino account. Just to play again, you know. This is exactly what the casino is trying to reach. So, if you want to get the money, you’d better be patient.

True information is a crucial point

It’s not a joke that every online casino requires you to provide true information about yourself. Though sometimes you can find those sites that do not actually ask for your documents. However, it is not the case for this game. Just for the reason of the following term, it may just not pay you out. “Accounts found to have incorrect or incomplete registration details may be suspended until the verification process has been completed. If we cannot complete the verification process the account may be closed and/or suspended and any balances (including winnings) confiscated/refunded or deposits voided at the casino’s discretion.” That is why you always need to send them the correct information. You don’t want your money never reaching you, right?

No bonus abuse

Let’s speak about cheating. Many players might want to try making several casino accounts at a time or abuse bonuses with multiple claims. But the terms do not allow it. It is strictly illegal. Here is the proof. “Players may only open and operate a single account. Where a Player is identified with more than one account we reserve the right to suspend these accounts and winnings associated with multiple accounts may be confiscated. The Player must also not have used sign up bonuses multiple times.” Again, unless you want your money to fly away forever, don’t even try this way of cheating a casino. Nevertheless, there is a back-way. Though it makes you sign-up in several -sister sites and use the bonuses at each of them thus playing with the rewarded cash only. It will not be considered a bonus abuse.

Technical problems are your problems

Unfortunately, it happens a lot that players face technical problems on gambling sites. It’s clear that sometimes the connection disappears for no reason. But in the case of the gaming process, especially the positive one, it’s not the thing that you wish to have. Here’s what they tell about it. “In the event of systems or communications errors relating to the generation of random numbers, bet settlement or other elements of the Service we will not be liable to the Player as a result of any such errors and we reserve the right to void all bets on the games in question.”

“They deny to give me the bonus”

I certainly know that some players may have this problem: “I claimed for the bonus for the first time in my life but they deny my request saying I’ve already had it. WTH?”. Let me show you just one term that explains this situation: “All promotions can only be claimed once per device, person, household, family, physical address, email address, financial account, IP address or shared network environments such as a library, workplace, university or school. Any winnings associated with a bonus being claimed more than once will be confiscated and the casino account closed.” That’s the answer. In other words, if your neighbor or a groupmate has already tried to claim the promo (especially from your device, for example), you can’t do it. This will be considered illegal. So, try to make sure no one has done it before, or you can go to the woods to surely get the bonus. 


Of course, these are not all terms of the game, but you really need to pay attention to them. Understand that by signing up to the online casino, you automatically agree to these regulations. It’s in your interest to clarify them all. So, I advise you to read the complete version of the T&Cs at the Yukon Gold site. Everything may work fine for you without sticking to these rules, but what if something goes wrong? 

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