5 Reasons to Choose Timber Windows

The principal reasons why people choose timber windows


It is difficult to find a glass unit that will last forever. After a certain time, it will require replacement, and in such case there is a question of what windows to choose. The frame can be made of polyvinyl chloride, combination of several materials, or natural wood. Windows made of natural materials are of higher quality and have longer service life. Before deciding on the model of a double-glazed window, you should study the main advantages of natural wood units.

You can’t beat the timeless elegance of wood windows

For house-owners, the look of the building itself is very important. Therefore, close attention is paid to the design of the facade. The best way to give your house an elegant look is to install wooden windows. They are timeless, blend perfectly with the architectural style of past centuries and fit perfectly into the modern design of buildings.

Often, houses built several centuries ago lose their look. It is not a good idea to install modern plastic ones, because then the whole house will lose its charm. It also requires permission from specialized authorities. To preserve the original look of the house, it is not necessary to completely replace glass units. It’s enough to choose a suitable option for the restoration of installed windows. For this, specialists will use solid natural wood, and they will recreate the usual design of a double-glazed window.


Low Maintenance Windows?

With proper care of wooden ones, they will serve for a very long time, up to 100 years. For the frames to keep their original state, it is enough to paint them once every 10 years. If the surface begins to crack or rot due to high humidity level, there is no need to completely replace a glass unit. It will be enough to choose the preferable method of restoration and replace a certain part of the window. Specialists will easily carry out repair works in a short time.

After restoring old sash windows, you will notice a significant improvement in their use:

  • there will be less drafts;
  • sound insulation will improve;
  • heating bills will decrease, since the windows will keep the warmth in the house much better.

Double-glazed are made of wood that is very frost-resistant. Even if the temperature drops to critical levels, the house will be warm and comfortable.

For some types, manufacturers use boards to prevent moisture from filtering between the sashes.

The restoration will allow you to enhance the look of glass units. There will be a significant improvement in the operation of windows. In more difficult cases, the sashes will be dismantled, after which the specialists will replace the elements, which service life has come to an end. If the glass is damaged, it will be carefully removed and replaced with a new piece. In other cases, all works are conducted as needed. The final stage is the painting frames, after which glass units will take on their original look.

Timber has a relatively small carbon footprint

Natural wood as the main material for repair and construction works is the most environmentally friendly material. This is due to the fact that the carbon footprint of natural wood, which stays in the environment, is much lower than that of other materials such as concrete, plastic, etc.

The use of wood allows you to bind about a ton of carbon dioxide in the air. To do this, you spend a cubic meter of material. The use of natural material for construction works is able to reduce air emissions and eliminate greenhouse gases.

Wood is a natural insulator since it stores carbon. This leads to a significant reduction in the negative impact on the environment. Items made of natural wood don’t cause allergies or other side effects.

The better the glazing characteristics are, the better the window will keep the warmth. The frame plays a minor role in energy efficiency. By combining high-quality glass and a natural wood frame, you will get the maximum level of insulation against heat losses. It will also lead to lower utility costs as energy consumption will be lower.

You can keep your home up to date with wooden windows


It is not necessary to choose PVC windows to give your house style and chick. You can repair wooden windows by refurbishing them or adding another layer of glazing. Double-glazed glass units retain heat much better and prevent warm air from escaping the house quickly.

You can choose popular double-sash windows. They are very nice and do their job perfectly. If the house is an object of historical value, it is advisable to discuss the project with the special department before carrying out any works. This will eliminate the need to alter them later.

Wood has a longer lifespan than PVC

Some manufacturers claim that PVC insulating glass units are very durable. Such windows don’t require repair and restoration for a long time. On the one hand, it is true, after all, such a double-glazed unit doesn’t need to be painted or replaced. But compared to wooden windows, plastic units last much less, up to 50 years. The fittings wear out faster, and if there are any decorative elements, you will need to carry out restoration work 5 years after the installation of the glass unit.

Natural wood frames retain their original look for 50 years or more, it all depends on the material chosen for the glass unit. Larch windows don’t require replacement for about 50 years, while pine windows for up to 60 years. Double-glazed windows made of oak serve the longest. To increase the service life of timber windows, specialists use special paints and varnishes to cover the wooden surface. It improves resistance to environmental influences.

Wooden windows perfectly retain their tightness and don’t need additional sealing. After installing double glazing or the second glazing, you will forget about drafts or street noise forever. If you haven’t yet decided which company to contact for window restoration, visit someone as chameleon-decorators.co.uk, where you can get professional advice and assistance from specialists.

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