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5 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

All of us drivers are aware that changing the oil in your car is something that we need to do from time to time. In case you are not as experienced driver, you should be aware that this is a pretty fast process, especially if it’s done in a licensed automotive service center. Therefore, we highly recommend you perform this action in one of these. We can see that a high number of people change the oil in their vehicles at the same time as some of the repairs needed on some part of the car.

If you are interested in finding someone who can actually help you with these, check out Chico oil change at You can be sure that this is something that will do go to your vehicle, without a doubt. The reason is that changing the oil means that you are going to improve all the essential performances of the vehicle in question.

Therefore, you can consider this being one of the most important things you need to do in order to preserve your car in proper condition. There is one little problem with this concept, a high percentage of people are not so aware of how important this process really is. We cannot stress how important it is. At the same time, we can see that a high number of experienced drivers exactly know when is a perfect time for them to change the oil in their vehicles.

Also, there is also a good number of people who need to actually witness the symptoms before they actually decide to perform one of these on their vehicles. We’ve already talked about all the benefits your car can reap from a frequent change of oil. Now, we are going to talk about symptoms that will actually help you with recognizing the perfect moment to change the oil in your car. We’ve done research on our part, and we are going to present all of these symptoms in a list down below.

Sounds from an Engine

In some cases, your engine could actually provide you with information that changing the oil is essential. You will actually know it when the engine starts producing sounds like knocking and buzzing. The reason is that the oil has the task of providing a layer of protection between all the parts of the engine in order to prevent all the negative things that can happen. At the same time, it provides it with the possibility of preventing all the unnecessary sounds. In case you don’t change the oil for a long time or this is not performed the proper way, you can expect from this sound to start. In some cases, which can be called severe, your engine will produce some really uncomfortable sounds that could ruin your driving experience, and more importantly, your vehicle will suffer damage that could ruin your engine as of the whole. So, you will need to change the engine entirely by purchasing a rebuilt engine for sale from a company like, which is not a cheap option.

Oil Smell in the Vehicle

Maybe you didn’t know but one of the most obvious hints that you need to change the oil in your vehicle is that you will feel its smell within the car. This is a highly unpleasant smell that will surely hurry up your decision to change it. At the same time, you can feel another smell that could remind you to do perform the change. If you already experienced something like this you absolutely have an idea about what we are talking about. So, the process of changing the oil in the engine will surely become a must in your case. Plus, this usually means that your oil leaks from somewhere, so you have another problem on your hands.

Car Stalling

Now we would like to talk about car stalling, which could either mean that you have a really big on your hands, or you just need to change the oil. There are other things that we can consider a small problem like bad spark plugs or clogged fuel filter. If we are talking about a huge problem that you can face in this situation, it could mean that the pump on your vehicle is not working properly anymore, so you need to buy another one. Thankfully, all of these things, no matter how big they are, can be fixed. However, some of them will require a bigger investment on your behalf. But, the first and foremost thing we would like you to test is the oil in your car. Maybe it sounds silly, but this is a thing that can mean you are facing this problem.

Engine Overheating

Sometimes it could happen that your vehicle can overheat. This usually means that you need to change the oil. When this happens, you will see that all parts of the vehicle will perform on a much lower level than you expected. Also, you need to be aware that ignoring this sign can mean that your vehicle will be faced with problems that can provoke further issues that will surely damage the engine and all the major parts of your car. The only need you thing to do in order to prevent this from happening is to change the oil in your car frequently and will be able to drive your car as smoothly as possible and without any obstacles.

The Acceleration is not Proper

One of the main symptoms that will nod that you will need to change oil is the moment your car starts having problems with acceleration. This makes perfect sense if you know that the oil has a crucial role in making the engine working properly. Therefore, the lack of it will surely put you in a situation where you will not have so many options but to be extra, extra careful about how you drive. But we don’t recommend you turn your head in the other direction. This is literally a scream that your engine needs an oil change. The acceleration in this situation can be described as sluggish. Therefore, we urge you to do it once in a time.

The Bottom

We can see that a lot of people are struggling with their car’s performance, but don’t know the actual reason for these occurrences. Surely, it could mean that a lot of things are not at the appropriate level. However, we would like to talk to point out that one of the most common reasons for these problems is that you need to change the oil in your vehicle. Here, we’ve provided you with some symptoms that can provide you with a nod that you actually need to do it. We hope that you will find our article useful.

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