Which Paper is Best for Printing Calendars?

The Christmas holidays are coming, and we all know that means lots of presents and fun in the coming period. Many companies will soon start printing promotional material for employees and customers. This often includes planners and calendars for the coming year. However, there are always dilemmas, especially when it comes to design and materials.

When it comes to paper, printers often use robust 100-pound gloss cover stock with aqueous coating, so that the color can print well, while still maintaining the quality of the calendar. A smooth slippery finish is not recommended, as calendars are often used to write down reminders.

Calendar pages are best at 170-300 gsm, while covers can be 200-400 gsm, depending on the type of paper inside.

If you visit this site you can find great design ideas from one of the best calendar printing services. So, you can always make your own design and even choose a unique gift for someone for the holidays.

Of course, there are other parameters according to which you can choose your favorite paper.

For example these:

1. What finish do you prefer?

Paper can have a matte and glossy finish and these are the two basic categories. The first is reminiscent of the paper used to print photos. The smoothness of the surface hardly allows for writing, so perhaps this finish would be good for covers.

Matte paper is great for writing and printing. Of course, try to make it high quality, as many types of paper are thin and the ink will overprint on the other side.

Choose a lightweight and non-reflective paper, but always try to keep it smooth.

2. Paper color

The white paper is the best choice for a calendar. However, we all know that there are different shades of white. Some types of paper are pure white, while others have a yellowish tint. However, this is a matter of personal choice and depends only on the preferences of the person ordering calendars.

3. Make sure the design is good

Printers usually print calendars in digital format, which means you can design yourself or order one of the ready-made designs.

Most printers recommend that you send them the file in PFD format so they can set up the press. Of course, before you convert, see if the design is OK.

When you have a good design, the most important thing is to choose a paper quality that suits your preferences. Of course, it depends on you and your personal taste, but we recommend that you always choose light, but thick enough paper, so that the writing in the calendar is smooth, and the paper absorbs the ink well.

4. Recycled paper

Recycled paper can be a great idea for your new calendar design. By doing this you are sending a message of environmental awareness and that you really care about nature. You can even donate old calendars and agendas from your recycling company and order new ones from the same paper.

That way you don’t break nature’s natural cycle of renewal and still have a great gift for everyone.

5. Learn about different types of paper

Office paper is also known as offset, and we have it almost everywhere. It is characterized by being made with little cellulose and as white as possible.

Glossy-coated paper is used for brochures and flyers because it has a high gloss. As the ink dries, there is no need to coat it with a sealer because the ink does not smear. It can be a good choice for printing calendars, but you could still focus on plain offset paper.

Coated matte paper is the opposite of glossy – it is coated with a matte finish to produce a paper that is non-glossy, meaning that it prevents shine. This type of paper is perfect for reports, flyers, and leaflets.

Coated silk paper is somewhere between gloss and matte, silk coated paper has a silky smooth layer, remaining smooth to the touch but without the sheen of glass paper. This type of paper can be used for many things, such as magazines, books, and catalogs.

All these types of paper can be used in making calendars, and additionally combined with cardboard or more voluminous paper.

Why are calendars the perfect gift for clients and your employees?

Diaries or planners, as they are called, are a booklet intended for recording important events, dates, and organizations during the day, week, or month. They can be of different sizes, but also of different materials. Journals must contain a diary, address book, and calendar.

Precisely because of this, we call the calendars simply calendars, because that is their purpose.

Of course, the best calendars are those that contain dates of the month and each day is divided into hours, where you will write down your obligations. In today’s time when people forget because of their fast lifestyle, planners are the best friend of all those who wants to have their obligations written down. When you write everything down, there is no chance that you will forget to do something that the job requires of you or to complete some of your privacy obligations.

Calendars can be found in any well-equipped bookstore, but you can also order them online.

Whenever you give something as a gift, try to make it useful and practical. Calendars and planners may not be that popular these days, but they are certainly more useful than you can imagine. That’s why you should pay attention to the quality of the paper and the print.


When buying a calendar for yourself or someone else, always consider the custom order option. That way, you can ensure the quality of the production and always get a top product.

Sometimes you can also find ready-made calendars in stores, but you have to admit that everything is much better when it is personalized. Well, it is the same for calendars, as well as for all seasonal gifts that you will give in the pre-New Year period.

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