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Linux has been gaining traction in recent years as an alternative operating system that offers many of the same features as MacOS but with more customization options and better hardware support. It can be downloaded free from or purchased through Canonical’s store page.” While there are other operating systems out there like Windows 10, which also have some gaming capabilities, Linux stands out because it allows users to run Steam or any other game without having to download third-party software.” “This means you don’t need two different computers.

Linux is the most popular operating system for gamers. It’s not only because of its affordability but also because it has been optimized with gaming in mind. Linux also has low latency and high frame rates. On the other hand, macOS has higher ping times and lower frames per second due to its closed-source nature.

1 . Linux Has A Better Reputation For Drivers

Macs have built up a reputation for lacking decent support from device manufacturers since they tend to use “reverse engineered” versions of Apple firmware which do not always work third-party hardware. This problem is compounded by the fact that Apple has acquired and integrated some of its key open source components in recent years, which require third-party support (like X11). Because Linux uses official firmware from device manufacturers, it gets better support for everything.

For example, most modern graphics cards work well under Linux and can be used just as easily as MacOS. This means you’ll have a much easier time setting up your Linux gaming rig than you ever will getting an Nvidia card to play nice with your iMac Pro.

Even if the manufacturer doesn’t officially support Linux drivers for their hardware, many user community-created fixes are available online. There’s less chance of spending days trying to get individual components to work with your setup.

2. Exclusive Titles

The most obvious reason is that Linux has exclusive titles available, which MacOS doesn’t. You can find games like World of Warcraft and The Sims 3 on Linux, whereas you’ll never find these on Mac OS X.

This is a big advantage if you consider yourself an avid gamer who likes to try new things from time to time, though not everyone feels this way about gaming. If you don’t play many games or already know what’s in both operating systems, then it won’t make much difference what operating system you choose for gaming purposes.

3. macOS Processors Don’t Offer Many Choices compared to Linux


macOS is much less flexible when it comes to hardware support, making Linux better for playing games. Most gamers know that you want as much power as possible so your PC can handle graphics well (after all, if the visuals aren’t up to standards, then it doesn’t matter how good the storyline is). This problem becomes more evident when you consider Apple is a very specific company who only use their hardware inside their ‘closed’ ecosystem: this means there’s little room for customization or versatility when dealing with game-related problems. You’ll have to fix them the same way Apple would, which is by telling you to upgrade your hardware (which means more money for Apple).

Linux is different: if you want to upgrade your processor or graphics card, you can do so without a problem. You also have many choices available for each of these components instead of sticking with one option from Apple’s limited selection.

4. Linux Has Better Performance For Older Hardware

Mac OS X has done very little innovation in this area over the past decade: their latest operating system might work well on high-spec computers, but it doesn’t offer much support for those who are low on resources. Let’s face it; most people don’t need an expensive computer for the game.

You’ll find that Linux will provide you with a considerable amount of performance for older hardware, which is beneficial to those who don’t have many resources to work in the first place. Hardware supported by Linux.

It’s also worth pointing out that Apple has been criticized many times over the years for not being future-proof: their latest operating system might be fantastic, but it doesn’t support old hardware — and, let’s face it, gamers usually have old computers! You won’t have this problem with Linux, though, because they’ll continue supporting these types of computers until everyone stops using them (which can take decades).

5. More Games Are Available On Linux

Unless you play games online, the number of games available on Linux greatly exceeds MacOS X because there are many more Linux users than MacOS users. Check here for more information. This is a huge benefit because you can play thousands of games on Linux without having to install them yourself: you’ll always have something to do with your spare time, even if you get sick of the ones currently available.

The other big advantage is that these games usually support many different types of hardware, which means you’ll be able to use an old computer AND play high-quality games simultaneously! You won’t find this type of convenience anywhere else — not even with Windows PCs (though their numbers improve every year).

Linux has a substantial amount of advantages for anyone who wants to use their computer to play games. It’s versatile, offers better performance for older hardware, and comes with many great titles already available on the platform without registering anywhere. Keep in mind that it’s a lot more than just games too: they also have movies, books and all sorts of other things you can enjoy with your spare time! If you want to have something fun to do with your free time, then I’d highly recommend using Linux instead of anything else — there are plenty of benefits if you take the time to consider them.

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