7 Reasons Why it is Better to use Reusable Nappies

When every parent has their first child, they have a whole new set of responsibilities to face. Most of the responsibilities relate to habits and tasks that the parents have before them, and part of those tasks is the purchase of equipment, clothes, and everything that is needed for the baby. This is where the shopping for clothes, diapers, baby food, milk, and many other accessories begins. Of all these things, there are only real dilemmas for one, and that is – Are disposable cloth diapers superior to reusable ones? The answer seems obvious, but there are several reasons why they are not always necessary. And even though they are environmentally friendly, they don’t provide the same benefits as reusable diapers. However, it is necessary to consider in detail all the benefits and advantages of both diapers.

Disposable diapers contain synthetic materials such as plastic or polyester and have a high percentage of water absorption. On the other hand, reusable diapers feature natural fibers such as cotton or hemp and absorb less moisture, but the positive thing is that they are made of more natural materials that suit the baby’s skin, and of course, they are intended for many more uses, say from that is considered one of the biggest and best brands and sellers of quality Reusable Cloth Nappies in NZ. These models also allow parents to reuse them over and over again, thus saving money and resources, which we said above, and which is a great advantage for parents who want to save and still have everything needed for their newborn. Plus, they offer protection against certain health risks.

“Why should I choose reusable diapers instead of using disposables?” is the question we get asked most often. If you are expecting a baby, choosing between reusable or disposable diapers is easy. With both types of diapers, you can get what you need, but only one of them is best for your newborn, your budget, needs, etc. And what are all those reasons that would benefit you, but would also give your child advantages from wearing a reusable diaper, we are talking about today, and you read to the end and find out what it is that offers you advantages, i.e. what are the advantages that you will have from using this product.

1. Eco-Friendly

Using disposable diapers is bad for the environment. Most people would agree that using non-biodegradable materials is not good for our planet. When you make your baby’s diaper from cloth, you’re making sure they have a clean and fresh diaper while still having something biodegradable to put them in once they’ve outgrown their current size. Cloth diapers are much easier to wash than disposables, and do not require any chemicals or detergents to get cleaned!

2. Healthier

Cloth diapers are healthier for babies since they are less likely to suffer from diaper rash and other skin issues due to contact with wet/soiled clothes. Disposable diapers may cause allergies or rashes from their harsh chemical content. The fibers of cloth diapers are breathable and allow air to flow around the body, keeping moisture off the baby’s skin. Also, the cotton fibers in some disposable diapers are treated with pesticides and chemicals, which could affect the baby’s developing immune system.

3. More comfortable

Disposable diapers do not feel comfortable for the baby when worn all day long (unless they are specially designed). Baby’s bum gets hot in those tiny pants and cloth diapers keep the baby cool by preventing sweat build-up and providing ventilation. There are different types of cloth diapers available today – hemp, bamboo, microfiber, terrycloth, etc., each with its advantages. Hemp and bamboo are considered natural options and provide the best comfort for newborns. Microfiber is great if you want to easily remove stains and odors. Terrycloths are perfect for heavy-wet babies who need lots of coverage.

4. Safer

Your child’s bottom isn’t going to hurt if they wear real underwear underneath their diapers. A lot of disposable diapers have plastic liners which makes them even riskier for children’s sensitive bottoms. You’ll never hear about a toddler being taken to the hospital after peeing on themselves while wearing a disposable diaper. That doesn’t mean cloth diapers aren’t safe either; they just require extra care. You should always check the label before you buy a diaper to ensure the lining is 100% natural latex rubber, free of BPA and phthalates, and PVC-free.

5. Economical

If you think cloth diapers are expensive, consider how many disposable ones end up in landfills. These diapers take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, harming the environment for generations. If you buy your cloth diapers wholesale, you can save money. And if you decide to wash them often, buying fewer diapers means less frequent washing. Your baby will thank you!

In addition to saving money and helping the earth, cloth diapers help save water. Unlike disposable diapers, these products can be washed repeatedly without risking leakage. Soaking a couple of diapers at least twice per week is enough to keep them clean and ready for reuse. If done properly, you won’t even have to change your baby’s dirty diapers anymore. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, only 20 gallons of water are needed to produce a standard disposable diaper. Compare that to over 60 gallons of water needed to create a single cotton ball!

6. Less Messy Diapers

There is no doubt that cloth diapers are messier than disposable ones. But what parents forget is that cleanliness comes first. If you practice proper laundering techniques, you will avoid the staining that occurs when using certain chemicals. This will cut down on cleaning time. In addition, cloth diapers tend to dry faster, meaning there will be less chance of getting poop stuck between the folds. Sticky poo is gross, no matter where it ends up.

7. Easier Clean Up

It is very easy to wash and clean a reusable diaper. All you need to do is wash it at a suitable temperature (minimum 60 degrees Celsius, maximum 90 degrees Celsius) to wash away all the dirt and have a diaper ready for reuse. Buyers of disposable diapers do not need to bother cleaning and washing them because it is impossible.

Do you see how many advantages these diapers have? There are even more of them, and to feel them you will only need to start using these diapers for your little one and see all the advantages and benefits that you will have from using them. Now you are ready to give comfort to your little one and allow yourself to save money from the household budget.

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