9 Things One Can and Can’t Do with UK Skilled Worker Visa

People are relocating to other countries to earn better salaries and live satisfactorily. Moving to the United Kingdom is the preferred destination for foreigners who are in a hurry to acquire a visa. Coming in contact with a reputed employer is the main goal of every individual shifting to the UK.

But now, regulations have changed. The skilled worker type has already replaced the old visa, and it is essential to get enough details about it. Moving from one country to another to get employment is quite a daunting task. You must carry all the necessary documents. For visa-related information, you can visit

This write-up will help you determine what one can and one can’t do even when he owns a UK skilled worker visa. There are certain benefits and cons to acquiring this document. Once you relocate, you must know how you can operate it efficiently. You must know the entire process of acquiring this visa and how it is helpful for you in getting employment and other benefits.

Things One Can and One Can’t Do
  1. You can clear the eligibility test and work in a desired job role if you have sufficient qualifications.
  2. Anyone who wants to study further along with this job can do that.
  3. If you are married, you can also take your eligible and dependent spouse along with your kids to a new city.
  4. You can do the voluntary task in the United Kingdom.
  5. In any circumstance, one can easily apply for extra work and earn money.
  6. If one does not aim to relocate and travel to the United Kingdom as a foreign tourist, one can travel around and return.
  7. If you desire to settle in any UK state permanently, you can proceed with the process. Staying for almost five years is crucial to gain eligibility for permanent residency.
  8. Even if one owns this visa, one cannot acquire any pension or get benefits through PF.
  9. If one does not change the visa, one cannot move to another job as well as the employer.

How Can One Be Eligible for Such a Visa?


Now, you determine what one can and one can’t do once he owns a visa in the United Kingdom. But before you enjoy all the mentioned rights, you are required to own one and relocate to the new state. Therefore, you must be eligible to move to the United Kingdom. If you desire to qualify for this eligibility test, you must consider the mentioned things:

  1. You must find a UK-based employer. The country’s home office must have approved him. Successfully, if you find anyone, you can go ahead to get hired.
  2. When you get a job in any state of the UK, you should get a sponsorship-type certificate to show the role that the organization offers you.
  3. You must apply for any job that comes within the complete list of all the mentioned eligible occupations.
  4. Whatever the work one selects, one must get paid the minimum salary as per your job.
  5. Ensure to have a good job before submitting the required visa application.
  6. It is quite mandatory to be good at English. You must know this language very well. You must submit proof of knowledge of English with the application.
  7. You should be eligible for such a visa if you approve all the mentioned points. But if you lack anything, you must go for another option.

When Will You Acquire Your Visa?

When one finds himself eligible for the mentioned visa type, one can submit the relevant application as per the process. You should note the exact date of joining a company you get the desired job. Before the joining date, you can apply for it within three months.

You must check the date mentioned on the sponsorship-type certificate, i.e., given by the employer. It is quite mandatory to give proof of your identity along with extra documents. You can also get extra time if you need it by fixing an appointment.

Once you provide all the papers, you must wait for a few weeks, i.e., three to eight. You will be called within this period, and you can book a ticket to the UK. If you require it urgently, you can pay more and finish your work quickly.

Years You can Live with Visa in the United Kingdom


While getting hired in any state of the United Kingdom, you can live there for five years per the regulations of this visa. But you can also extend it after it expires. You should update your visa when you are trying to search for another job. The extended process can be repeated many times only when a person is eligible for it. You can stay in any state of the UK until you desire.

If you desire to settle here permanently, you can also do so by a different application. If you desire to be a permanent resident, you can gain all the rights and benefits every citizen acquires. But you must check all the requirements of eligibility and determine whether you can live permanently.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to relocate to any state of the UK if you get employed by a resident employer. It is essential to apply for this amazing work visa, and after that, you are completely ready to move. But ensure a safe job in your hand before you go ahead with the process. Even if one has this visa, one can acquire some benefits, but at the same time, one will not get any rights.

With this visa type, one can check all the things that one can and one can’t do here. If you prefer to become a permanent resident, then you can acquire all the rights of that citizen and live the life you always desire. Therefore, you must go through the entire process and get yours to enter a new city to fulfill your dreams.

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