10 documents you need to get an H-1B Visa

A working opportunity in the United States of America is an opportunity that most people will take the chance to get. However, the process that you need to undergo needs to be carefully done to get your opportunity to work in the U.S. One of the options you can apply to get this opportunity is to get an H1B visa.

For you to acquire this visa, you must be working for a US employer. They should be the ones who will sponsor you in the U.S. Your employment must continue; otherwise, you must leave the United States on the occasion that your work will be terminated.

According to Ashoori law, the H1B Visa initially can remain valid for up to three years, but it can be extended for an additional three years. The maximum length of stay can be attained if you comply with particular circumstances.


Documents you need for Application

Here is a list of essential documents that you need for an H1B visa application. Take note that these lists may vary according to the embassy’s requirements or consulate in your country. Make sure to comply with the requirements and qualifications to lower your visa application’s chance of denial.

Records of Travel

According to you must present your latest passport and confirm its validity. The validity of the passport must not be beyond your expected arrival on U.S. soil. Make sure you will acquire a passport before application so you will have no problems. If you have old passports or expired passports with previous visa records, you must also bring them. This may also serve as a supporting document that you may present to the interview.

Photo Requirements

Your submitted photographs must be the latest and reflect your current appearance. You may acquire these photos through studios and ask for a US visa requirement photo. The picture may seem to be a simple requirement, but they are strict in this requirement. If you do not comply with the specified photo requirement, your visa application may be delayed. Visa Application photos must be the latest or taken within six months. Ask them to print it 2×2 or just confirm if they know the size requirement. If you would like to pass the digital photo, check your embassy’s digital requirements or consulate. The image should have a plain white background and not digitally altered using any application. Gear up your poker face during the photoshoot; you should only have a neutral facial expression. If your religion requires you to wear any headdress or coverings, you can wear it as long as it doesn’t obscure any important facial features.

Proof of Confirmation

You must accomplish the DS-160 form online before the interview appointment at the embassy or consulate. They have a barcode system on the confirmation page to easily determine if your application or appointment is valid. This must be submitted online, print the actual form, and bring it with you during your appearance at the embassy.

Receipt of Payment

You must pay the application fee before the actual appearance at the embassy or consulate. Once you pay the fee through any payment method, make sure to ask for a receipt. Proof of payment or the receipt should be kept. You must bring it with you during your appearance at your interview.

Invitation for Consulate Appearance

Wait for a certain period of time, and processing may vary according to the embassy or consulate in your country. The Visa interview letter will be sent to you by the consulate or embassy when your appointment is booked or scheduled. This may also depend on the country or the visa types your applying for, in this case, the H1B visa. The letter can be in the form of an email or physical mail.  Carefully read the letter, it contains all the instructions that you must follow during your interview or appearance at the embassy. You must follow precisely because the details are essential for your visa application.

Proof of Approval

Once your petition for the visa is approved, wait for Form I-797. The Form I-797 is a form sent by the Federal State when it approves an application or petition. This is also referred to as an approval notice. The paper is an official letter of approval that serves as proof for immigration services; this is also used in some cases. You must have this with you once sent as a supporting document that your application is legitimate. Once you have this form, you are good to go.

Your employer must be the one to file the petition form I-129 to United States Immigration. This is the form needed to be filed for a nonimmigrant worker that the company wants to bring to the U.S. This petition must be properly signed and filled by the employers following specific instructions set by the FederalImmigration.

Get an Advanced Degree

The H1B visa requires you to have a bachelor’s degree or other proof that you are qualified for your specialty occupation. The special occupation category is defined as having the technical skills or knowledge in different fields.

Record of Work Experience

Your employment history is also a requirement that must be met. This will show your work experience and the skills that you acquired in the duration of your career. This will serve as a supporting document that you are qualified or eligible for an H1B visa.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is a list that reflects some of the essential documents required to apply for an H1B visa. The list may vary according to the country you are in. The consulate or embassy in the area may require additional documents or proof to determine your eligibility for an H1B visa.

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