10 Reasons why your Study Visa Australia is Denied

Lots of international students feel confused when it comes to studying in Australia. They might have no idea why it can be so difficult. Actually, there are some reasons that may lead to the failure of your student visa application. To study in this country, you need to provide financial proof, good English skills, educational background, and sound determination to study, and more. Besides, you and your familiy also need to be as cautious as possible. Here we list ten reasons which likely results in the failure of the visa application.

1. Failure to meet financial requirements

So you want to study in Australia? First, you should consider the financial issue because your cost of studying and living in this country is not low. In addition, you should prove that your family’s financial situation is good enough to support your study throughout the years you’ll study in this country. According to the requirements of each educational institution, children and families need to provide income reports; Bank savings books are sent at least three months before the visa application time to prove the financial situation. Savings books must be in the names of children or a family member (father, mother, or siblings) acting as the sponsor. In addition to the above papers, the family also needs to prepare more papers on housing, land, and red books, business registration certificate, salary statement, vehicle, business contracts and etc. Please remember that proving money is always more important and plays a more decisive role than the amount your family has in all cases when applying for a student visa. On, you can apply for Student Visa Australia via an agent effortlessly.

2. The record is an empty year for a long time

When it comes to studying in this or any other country, if your profile is vacant for a year or longer, it will be considered a bad thing. If you cannot give a good reason why you miss school or can’t find a job for a long time while you’re living in your motherland, it will be very difficult to apply for a student visa because the Australian government believes that even in your home country you do not have a specific goal, a clear and determined path, will you go abroad alone and without any support, if you can adapt and do it well or not.

3. Not understanding the course you applied for

Studying abroad in Australia will include an interview after the application has been submitted. Many of them fail because they do not perform well in this interview. Sadly, many children are denied student visas because of their own lack of understanding – the person applying to study abroad.

If in the interview they cannot talk about the program they want to learn and explain why, how it is, how it costs… it shows that they have a superficial attitude in learning or not really want to pursue an Australian educational environment.

4. Provide dishonest records

If you want to change or falsify tax or personal income information and think that Australian immigration officials have not re-verified, you make a mistake. Every file you offer will be checked carefully and if the number you provide is different from the one they find, your visa won’t be accepted.

5. Choosing the wrong program of study

It’s quite important to decide the orientation of the major when you’d like to register to study in this country. Just do not choose the course that you totally don’t “like it”, because you’ll decide to study abroad, you’ll spend much cost, time, and effort. If your direction is wrong or unreasonable, the Australian government completely rejects your student visa application.

6. Failure to pass the request of embassy staff

To apply for a student visa, you need to be careful and prudent, especially during the interview. During the interview, there may be a lot of questions that seem unrelated to be mentioned. If you answer badly, most of them will fail. Questions might be like: In which city do you study? What do you know about that city? What major do you study at school? What will you do when you fail to study in Australia? What position can you do after graduating from this industry or this company? Or simply who is your 12th grade homeroom teacher?

7. There is no specific plan

Anyone that decides to apply for a student visa ought to have a specific future plan regarding studying in Australia. This will again help the embassy staff see if you are serious and delve into studying abroad.

8. Poor English, low IELTS score

Most institutions here provide international students that do not have good English skills with all kinds of English courses. However, the longer the application period for an Australian student visa, the more difficult it is to pass a student visa. Normally, you should have a minimum of 5.0 IELTS and a certificate issued less than two years to pass a student visa.

9. Failure to meet health requirements

The applicant for a student visa in Australia must meet a number of health requirements so that you will be eligible to enter this country. The medical examinations will be performed by qualified doctors selected by the Australian Immigration Service. The degree of medical check-up depends on many factors such as: what activities you intend to do in Australia, the length of stay, and the country in which you were located before arriving.

10. Not clear background, each crime

Visa application will be denied when you have committed multiple crimes or when you are involved in dangerous criminal groups or have participated in criticizing or defaming Australia. Your behavior and the length of time you committed a crime is a concern for Australian Immigration.

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