Overcoming Distance: The Trials and Triumphs of Obtaining a UK Visa for Your Spouse

The United Kingdom is a land for itself. Yes, it is a secluded island that once was part of the EU. It no longer is, and these days it’s harder to obtain a UK visa than ever. It was not an easy task even back in the day. As we said, it is a special place. The land of the rules, and we must obey them. Not even a spouse can get a visa with ease. There are rules and regulations and they need to be obtained.

At the end of the day, partners should be together and no visa should pose an unbeatable obstacle. In this article, we are going to try and provide help for all of those who require obtaining a UK Spouse Visa. Let’s join hands in making the distance disappear. But, don’t think it’s going to be an easy task. It will be a hard one. There are many trials to endure before you achieve triumph. But, as they say, love conquers all, so this visa should be only a minor obstacle in the great scheme of things. Let’s start by seeing what type of UK visa you and your loved one need.

Which Visa to Choose?

The UK offers a few options in this department. When it comes to relationships and your joint life, the options are numerous. The first option there is the Fiancé Visa. It’s the one you select when you only have plans to get married and are not as of now. In addition to that one, you also have a UK Marriage Visitor visa. Each comes with requirements of their own with joint being consent, age, and no other relationships. If you’re already married and want to have your partner over you should apply for a UK Spouse visa. Let’s talk about them all in detail.

Documentation and Requirements

While the UK tends to accept married couples and recognize their marriages it’s not a straightforward path. To have a matrimony community sealed in the UK you need to have an appointment at your local civil register office. If your loved one is having a visa that’s not a UK Spouse visa, you can register your marriage within one month. Depending on the one you have or your failure to notify the authorities about the marriage, the entire process can last a bit longer than two months. The principal docs you’ll be needing include valid papers in the form of a passport, birth certificate, and annulments of any previous matrimony.

How Long Are These Visas Valid?

First of all, they’re not the same. UK Spouse visa exists for those married. The remaining two cover all of the folks who plan to get married in the United Kingdom.  Marriage Visitor and Fiancé visas are given for a period no longer than half a year. It is the frame necessary to get married. The latter can be extended under valid circumstances while the former is set in stone.  The spouse visa is given for nine months if you’re applying as a non-resident, and for two and a half years if you’re applying from Great Britain. It also can be prolonged. If you want to delve into details you can do that directly at

Who Can Apply?

In essence, everyone who is married. With marriage, a partner can apply for this visa. It doesn’t matter if the marriage was concluded in the UK or abroad. What matters is that one of the two owns British citizenship or is an owner of an Indefinite Leave to Remain. Beyond that, finances matter too. You’re not surprised? You shouldn’t be. The partner located in the UK must have an income higher than £18,600 (annually). It also needs to provide accommodation for the incoming spouse. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide proof of a true relationship. We’re talking joint photos, bills paid together, shared accounts, messages, etc. Last but not least the level of English language needs to be at least A1.

The Cost

As you could have guessed, this ordeal doesn’t come without a fee. For the three visas we recommended for partners, prices differ. The most attainable one is the UK Marriage Visitor option which is priced at £95. This is the regular cost for all low-level visitor visas. The price goes up when you switch to the Fiancé Visa which is around £1,033. This is a fee for those applying from the UK. The £1,523 fee stands if you’re applying from abroad. The UK Spouse visa is priced in the same region as the latter.

Are There More Options?

Yes, there are. Many people want to live one with another and form a community without signing any papers. That’s natural too. The UK won’t stand in the way of those who desire to have a relationship like that. But, it’s necessary to apply for a different type of visa. This one is called the UK Unmarried Partner Visa. The one issue this one poses is that you must prove to the Home Office the realness form of your bond. For this one to be approved it’s necessary to provide the right evidence of the bond you two have and that you’ve been at the same address, jointly,  for a two year period.

Marriage Without UK Spouse/Fiancé/Marriage Visitor Visa?

It can be achieved. It shouldn’t be done at all. If you’re trying to get matrimony done without any of these visas it must mean that your loved one is on a simple visitor visa. Trying to get it done without the named visas will bring the attention of the Home Office to what you’re doing. The general assumption is going to be that you’ve tried to cross the visa system. Your intentions will be judged. In the future, you will have trouble. It will make it difficult to obtain any form of visa. The best route to take would be to head home and apply for a proper visa.

Bottom Line

Having a marriage done in the UK, or having a loved one over can be done. The UK has strict rules about the ordeal as we explained in the article above. So, you need to approach this issue with care and get things done the proper way. To receive UK citizenship the road is difficult, but in essence, it’s all about respecting the rules. Obey and be rewarded with happily ever after.

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