Different Ways of Spending Your Weekends to Mix Up Your Repertoire

After a long week of work, all you want to do is be safe and comfortable in the knowledge that you’re going to have some time to yourself where you can spend it in whichever way you like. Sometimes you know exactly what this is going to be, and you might even spend the whole week up to that point looking forward to it. Other times you might find yourself in a bit of a rut since you know that you might be resorting to the same tired old weekend activity as always. Variety is usually a good way to get rid of these feelings of fatigue, so it might be worth investigating some alternatives.

It might also be that you’ve wanted to find some alternate pastimes for a while now but keep finding that you still fall back on the same old routine because you have yet to find something that sticks. If this is the case, then it might be worth sampling a wide of activities in one day, not only to give you a greater chance of finding something that might stick but also because that one day will be filled with interesting happenings and may constitute a memorable experience in itself.

Get in Touch with Your Artistic Side


You might find that your weekends are consumed by the same old activities that require a screen, a characteristic perhaps even shared by your time at work. All this time spent starting at a screen can have a negative impact on you, and when you find yourself with a chance to do so, it might be in your best interest to mix this up and do something that doesn’t require this so much. While going outside and spending more time in natural spots is a good option, it might be more appealing to you to get in touch with your artistic side.

What form this takes is up to your preference and could see you writing creatively, perhaps in the form of a screenplay or a novel. Alternatively, if you consider drawing more of a strength than your writing abilities, then this could set you down a path of drawing and painting – activities that also carry their own mental benefits. If you still like the idea of going outside more, you can combine these activities and spend some time going to locations that you can draw.

Try Cutting Loose in Ways You Haven’t Yet Tried

Cutting loose and having fun might be something that you’re very familiar with, but there are likely ways of doing so that you don’t regularly practice, meaning that you still have areas of relaxation that you are yet to explore. For example, you could be familiar with getting home from work, putting your feet up, and sipping on a beer while watching some TV, but you might not yet have tried browsing online casinos with topmobilecasino.co.uk, which can now be conveniently accessed and played on your mobile phone thanks to a handful of quality-of-life features now available.

Relaxing is all about doing what you enjoy, so there can be a temptation to fall back on ways of doing so that you know to be effective. This isn’t a bad approach, and when you’re pressed for time with limited opportunities to relax, it can feel like a priority to ensure the way you spend your time is one that you’ll enjoy. However, after a while, this mentality is one that could come back to bite you as more and more of your time is lost to the same old habits instead of being used to further expand your interests and potentially lead you to discover new things about yourself.

Take Yourself Outside and See What the World Has to Offer


As mentioned previously, spending more time outside is a good way of filling your time with an activity that doesn’t revolve around staring at a screen, which is merely one of many benefits that this could potentially have for you. Increased intake of vitamin D, increased levels of exercise, improved focus and sleep, reduced anxiety; there are so many benefits of increasing the amount of time you spend outside that there isn’t really any reason not to. While it can be a difficult adjustment to make initially, you might find that it was also a very rewarding one over time.

When you think about what kind of pastimes could take you outside more, you might at first think that you are limited to things such as walking, running, cycling and exercises that also allow you to take the scenic route. While these are all perfectly valid activities and things you might be interested in doing, they are by no means the only options that you have available. For example, you might know for a fact that you have some scenic and relaxing natural areas near to you, which means you may be tempted to pick up a book that you’re currently reading and take yourself out there with a bag of supplies to simply spend the day relaxing and enjoying what’s around you.


On the other hand, if you’re feeling slightly more sociable, there are several ways that you could include your friends in your newfound agenda to spend more time outside. First of all, you could simply take the same scenic spot from the previous example and go out there with your friends and a picnic. Those things combined with some nice weather could make for a relaxing and memorable time. If you enjoy this experience and want to dial it up a little bit, you could consider researching some locations where you can go camping with your friends. While this is something that could take a decent amount of planning and legwork, it might be an experience that is far enough removed from what you would usually do that it pushes you neatly out of your comfort zone while still being something you find enjoyment in due to your company.

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