Save On Logistics: 5 Shipping Options to Consider for Your Business in California

What is such a big deal with logistics and trying to save on it? Believe it or not a huge chunk of your business expenses go toward logistics and transportation of your goods to the end user.

The common sense here works toward trying to save as much as possible on any business segment possible in order to forward those savings into your products and making them even better. If there is no more need to better your products, you can than invest that saved money into marketing or whatever other part of your business needs it the most. It is up to you to fill any gap you have or need. Businesses like Coastal Cartage can greatly help you in your efforts to save on logistics and if you want to know how, check them out and inform yourself properly.

Now the article we have in store for you today will address the 5 ways you can reduce cost to your logistics and other options you can employ when it comes to shipping your goods to end users. No matter if you are big or small business these types of information are always welcome!


United States Postal Service is basically your number one choice for shipping. These offer the best rates and the quickest shipment of your products, especially if you are a small business and that is one of your requirements. They understand small businesses and they understand your need to get your product to your customer fast which is why they should be a number one pick if you are just starting out. USPS has a long history of operations and they have a lot of loyalty discounts as well as bulk shipment discounts so they are really a neat way to transport your goods anywhere. The domestic delivery time is from 2 to 9 days which is really awesome. What is great about USPS is that they will offer to deliver your goods on Sundays and on holidays in some US markets but you will have to pay additional fee. Not a very popular period to deliver, but if it happens that you have a special order for a holiday or any other day off its good to know that someone has you covered.

2. Sendle

Another best friend for small businesses and companies. Sendle promises the lowest rates for small packages that is hart oi outmatch. If your package is below or up to 20 pounds you will get the deal of any other major carrier if not even better. They look for no subscriptions fees or contracts, they have a 100% price guarantee which is incredible and one thing stands them from the crowd and it’s their 100% carbon neutral shipping. They are relatively young company that is making a huge ground when it comes to domestic shipping and so far they do not offer international shipping so you have to pay attention to that.

3. DHL Express

If you have a lot of international shipping and you need it to be affordable and quick than DHL Express is your solution. They have a great experience in international shipping plus an added bonus is that DHL offers you great amount of resources that are meticulously designed to help you successfully be a part of a global trade. They are very famous and praised for their detailed service and their rate guide which is very helpful, and difficult to make a wrong shipping price prediction or appraisal. The only thing that might concern you are many surcharges and optional fees that might pop up, but if you want stable and good logistics option for your business sometimes you have to pay a bit more.

4. ShipBob

ShipBob is shipping company that is good for small businesses again. It suits e-commerce best because they offer a great deal of e-commerce logistical services that you can utilize to make your business stand above the crowd. There is another benefit to this logistics option and it is the smaller rates for small businesses that are just starting. The way ShipBob has managed to offer this is by obtaining a bulk discount with other major carriers and apply those discounts toward businesses like yours and any other small one. Ship Bob is a very young company that has been here from 2014 and they do shipping, warehousing and inventory management as well. So if you have more needs than simple transport from point A to point B they have you covered.

5. UPS

Since we discussed a lot about small packages and small businesses, we have to mention UPS as a company that can take care of bigger packages for the lowest prices out there. The immaculate reputation for UPS as a logistics option for your business is something you shouldn’t even consider. This is a company that has so much experience and years behind them that it is the sure guarantee that your business will have a stable and reliable partner to tie the gap between you, your product and your buyers. They also have integrated a lot of tools that are there to specifically help small businesses and they have an awesome large flat rate box that starts somewhere from $17-$18 and it is unmatchable by any other carrier out there. They have 1-5 business day delivery system that works magically but they also offer same day delivery in some cases.

So as you can see there are many alternatives when it comes to shipping your products. The main thing to consider is you package weight, dimensions and probably the delivery date. Knowing those few things will help you figure out which logistics option is best for you. Another important thing to know is that its a good thing to find one stable and reliable logistics option that you can work with. Those types of long lasting relationships can yield in even more terms improvement which will eventually make your business look and feel even better.

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