How to Save Time & Money by Using Portable Storage Units in Melbourne

Using self-storage is stressful. Renting a truck, driving around Melbourne, and hauling furniture? Not exactly an ideal weekend activity.

Why settle with traditional self-storage when you can use portable storage from this website? Portable storage is faster and cheaper due to its mobility.

Keep reading and you’ll learn how portable storage helps you save time and money.

Save Time with Portable Storage

As the name suggests, portable storage units are portable. They can be attached to a truck and delivered to the destination with ease.

Unlike the traditional self-storage facility, you don’t have to go and pick up the storage unit. The company will deliver it. Because of this delivery system, portable storage is already helping you save time.

There’s no need for you to waste time searching for truck rentals and driving around Melbourne. Plus, booking a storage container doesn’t take longer than half an hour. Really convenient and efficient.

Moreover, there are specialised services you can choose from, which are;

Portable Serviced Storage

If you have no time for storage at all, then this is the most efficient option. The company will do all of the steps for you, from delivery to storage.

First, they will send professional removalists and a storage unit to your house. Then, they will pack all of your stuff inside. After that, the removalists will transport the storage unit into the storage facility.

The removalists will only take 1-2 days to finish this process.

Portable Self Storage

You might have some time to organise the storage unit yourself. If that is what you want, then you are more than welcome to do so.

The company will still drop off and collect the storage unit for you. So, you still save a huge amount of time.

Onsite Storage

Usually, after your things are inside the storage unit, you can’t access them without notifying the company. However, with this service, the storage unit will be stored on your premises.

The company will drop off the storage unit on your premises at the time you requested. Then, they will come again to collect the unit once you are done using it.

Therefore, you can access the unit anytime you want. This certainly saves you the time to go to the storage facility and access your things.

All of the services can help you save time in different ways. You can choose which one suits your schedule the best.

Additionally, portable storage also saves time by not double handling your things.

In self-storage facilities, you will have to unload all your things from the truck before loading them inside the storage space. This is not the case with portable storage.

The storage unit is the storage space. The company will just detach the unit from the truck with a forklift. Then, the unit will be stored with other units in the storage facility. Hence, nothing is unloaded until you need them back.

Plus, once you need your things back, there is no need to go pick them up. The company will redeliver them to you. Again, saving you precious time.

How Portable Storage Units Help You Save Money

Renting a truck to haul all your belongings to a self-storage facility is expensive. With portable storage, you don’t need to rent a truck. The unit will come to you. This saves a significant amount of money.

Moreover, portable storage units are 50% cheaper compared to self-storage. The price will drop even further if you choose small portable units for storage.

The smaller the unit, the lesser you pay. The four sizes you can choose from are;

  • 6ft units = 10 cubic metres = from $3.27 per day
  • 8ft units = 11.5 cubic metres = from $4.70 per day
  • 10ft units = 16-19 cubic metres = from $6.13 per day
  • 20ft units = 32-38 cubic metres = from $8.56 per day

6ft units might be the cheapest, but it only fits around two bedrooms worth of things. So, if you have a whole house worth of things, it’s better to rent a 20ft unit. It is more cost-efficient than renting many small ones.

Plus, with the right size, you can utilise every inch of the container. This way, you won’t pay for extra empty space.

Another way portable storage helps control your budget is the cheap protective materials. Protective materials are usually cheap in small amounts. A stack of them can create a dent in your wallet.

However, if you buy them in bulk with the storage company, you can get a good bargain. Moreover, industry leaders provide furniture blankets and tie-downs for free.

Portable storage units also don’t have fixed-term contracts. Therefore, you are not obligated to pay for a minimum period. You can easily stop renting and just pay for how long you need the unit. This way, you never have to pay extra.

Because the storage unit is made from quality steel, weather damage or mould is unlikely to happen. It can ward off water, dust, and vermin. So, you won’t have to replace anything.

However, as a precaution, your things are insured. In the unlikely event damage happens – during transit or storage – you will get your money back. Don’t worry, you won’t be left to foot the bill.


Portable storage units are the faster and cheaper option for storage. These units are portable, so they can be delivered to you.

Due to this delivery system, you don’t have to waste time searching for a truck. Moreover, there are specialised services that can save you more time. Plus, there is no double-handling for your things.

Portable storage is also cost-effective because it is 50% cheaper than self-storage facilities. Moreover, you will get a good bargain for protective materials, so you can save even more money.

An industry leader should have insurance also, so if your things are damaged you won’t be out of pocket.

Now you know how reliable portable storage is. Ready to rent your first storage unit?

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