Finding a Painter in Melbourne: Tips and Strategies

Finding a painter is not as easy as you might think. The truth is, many homeowners are simply not sure what to look for when shopping around. They may have a certain image in their mind of what they want, but the reality is that many painters will not deliver on that vision.

From inexperienced painters not containing the right insurances and certifications to premium priced painting companies delivering poor results, hiring the wrong painter can be a costly mistake.

Below we’ll go through useful tips and strategies to find a painter right for your needs:

Determine What You Need


Before you can find the right painter in Melbourne, you need to determine what is important to you. What are your priorities? There are many things that go into finding a good painting company including price range, experience, insurances and certifications among others.

Once you have determined these criteria it will be much easier for you to spot reputable painters in Melbourne.

Start Locally

The best way to find a painter in Melbourne is to start locally and get referrals from friends, family, neighbours. If you know someone that recently used a painter, ask them who they went with and if the results lived up to their expectations. Alternatively, you can go online and search for credible painting and home service companies like Sidepost.

When interviewing painters, ask about their previous jobs and if they are able to provide contact information.

A local painter will also provide a more personal service compared to a nation-wide company. This is because they are not simply doing the work for money, but also to build their brand and reputation in your local area.

Shop Around for Price

Price is another important factor when hiring a painter in Melbourne. When you interview painters be sure to get quotes from each of them so that you can see who comes out on top with the best price tag.

Websites like serviceseeking.com is an excellent place to start. Here, you can compare quotes from painters in your area. When you are interviewing the different companies, ask about their price match guarantees to ensure they will be competitive with other quotes.

Check Review Sites Online


If you are still unsure about who to hire after getting quotes from local painters, it is a good idea to do some research online. Search for reviews and testimonials posted by other homeowners that have used their services in the past. This will give you an accurate picture of what previous customers thought and if they would recommend them to others.

Also be sure to check their presence online, which can be their company website or social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The more information they have about themselves, the better picture you will get of what to expect when working with them.

Don’t Make Assumptions

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when hiring a painter is making assumptions about what they need without properly interviewing each candidate first. Painters are not all created equal, so it’s important to take the time to learn about their experience, prices and insurance before making any decisions.

While some painting companies may provide a wide variety of painting services, they may only excel at certain types of jobs.

For example, some may be great with interior painting but lack the experience required to paint an exterior house. Others may specialize in commercial painting or offer services like pressure washing.

Trust Your Gut

When interviewing potential candidates, your gut feeling is usually right. If you feel like the painter is not being 100% honest with you, then they probably are not. Regardless of a painter’s reputation and credibility, if their personality does not mesh with yours, this is a clear sign that they are not the right candidate for you.

It’s important that painters communicate with you throughout the entire painting process to ensure that they are meeting your expectations. The last thing you need is a painter who is hard to reach or does not offer the service that you are looking for.

Ensure Your Painter Has Insurance


When hiring a painter in Melbourne, make sure they are covered by the right insurances. This includes public liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage to protect you against accidents that may occur on your property.

If your painter lacks these insurances, and suffers an injury or causes damage on your property, you will be the only one paying for any damages.

In addition, if your painter does not have insurance and they are sued by a third party as a result of an injury that occurred on your property during the painting process, then you may also end up being held liable as well.

Don’t Always Go for the Cheapest Service on The Market

Everyone loves a great deal, especially if they get a high standard service that delivers on their vision. However, you shouldn’t always go for the cheapest quote.

A cheap service does not necessarily mean that they will provide the best workmanship. But it is possible that they are either inexperienced or lack quality equipment and materials needed to do an excellent job with your painting project. Infact, going cheap is also bad for business, as many consumers gain the perception that it’s a low quality service being offered.

In addition, there are other hidden costs that can come into play such as travel fees or chargeable overtime. So it’s important to be aware of all the details in order to get a clear picture of what you will ultimately pay when hiring painters in Melbourne.

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