Moonlight Sculptor Guide for New Players

The Moonlight Sculptor is a role-playing and multiplayer strategy game developed by Kakao Games Crop. The game has unique features and gameplay. There are many interesting monsters and the players can customize them as they wish. The player can play tournaments and also single matches in this game. You can also find the best champions with powerful equipment in the game. There is also a unique crafting system in the game. The players have total control over the game. The game is available globally, and the players can also play the game offline. Both Android and iOS users can download and play the game. The players can also visit here to download Moonlight Sculptor on PC by using Android emulators.

Moonlight Sculptor Beginners Guide

Moonlight Sculptor is a new charming role-playing game recently released by the Kakao Games. The has beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. There are several characters in the game and these characters have specific roles and ranks. Multiple interesting missions are available in this game and when the players complete these missions they will be able to get rewards. There are 6 main classes in the game, and each class has special abilities and skills. These skills and abilities of these classes help you to play a unique and best match with real-world’s players. The characters have both active and passive skills. There are also daily and weekly missions in the game along with the main mission. The game also has different types of currencies. The players can play the game as a single and also as a team. The game is new, and therefore the players do not know we’ll about the game. This beginner’s guide will help the players in all ways, and after reading this article they will be able to play the best game, and they surely become the champion of this game.

Class in the game

The first step to start the game is the selection of characters, so the players must know everything about the classes of the game. In this game, there are 6 classes of characters. These are Warrior, Mage, Archer, Alchemist, Paladin, and Sculptor. These classes have different skills and help in multiple tasks. The warriors are the Frontline characters and help in both damage dealing and attack. Mage is magical and has the best AOE skills. Archer is also a fighting class. Paladin is best to protect the team from enemy damage. Alchemist is a chemical handling class with the best explosive skills. The sculptor is the main class and can be unlocked after some levels of the game. All the classes are best, and you can create a good team by combining the characters of different classes. Focus on the skills of each character in your team and fight well against the enemies.

Active and Passive Skills

There are different types of active skills of character in the game, and you must know about the skills. The Access Method skills are earnable skills, and you can earn these skills by completing some missions. Combat skills are also called active skills, and these skills are essential for combat. The skills that always remain effective are known as continuous skills. The players can upgrade their skills, and in this way, their characters will be able to perform well. So for the best game, you must know about the skills of characters.

Equipment in the game

In the game there are different kinds and featured equipment are available for players these equipment are specialized for different purposes. Some of these can be used for defense and some can be used to attacked also some are damage dealers. So the players can choose any weapon in the game. The player can collect weapons from equipment location. The features of the weapons are different from each other. The player also upgrades their equipment and increases their performance. The upgraded equipment also increases the performance of your characters. It is also necessary for players to focus on the weapons of their characters.

Game Modes

The PVP and PVE game Modes exist in the game and there are different types of wars in the game. In this game, there is a unique guild war system with guild wars. The level of Guilds can be increased the completing the Guild missions. The players can also participate in the thrilling guilds war. When the player increases their level to 40 then they will be able to unlock the advanced war system called a raid. To complete these levels the players need to complete multiple missions and need to cooperate with many monsters. Also, the players will get special rewards when the players do so. On every Sunday the players will be able to play a special game mode named Battlefield of Valor. So the player must do not miss this system.

Can I Play Moonlight Sculptor on PC?

Moonlight Sculptor is a new game, and the players after knowing about its game and features want to know that can they play this game on PC. Because many players know about Smartphone gaming disadvantages and want to play Moonlight Sculptor on PC. This is a complete guide of Moonlight Sculptor, and we discuss that how you can download it on PC. The Moonlight Sculptor can easily be downloaded on PC with the help of an Android emulator.

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