Why the Casino Players get Attracted Towards the Bonuses?

There was a time when land based casinos were very popular and people used to go there not only for playing casino games, but also for tourism purpose. Casinos in Las Vegas have come up with big hotels so that tourists from other cities can come there and stay. All types of games are available in land based casinos and players can also do gambling there. But the entire situation started changing with the advent of the Internet as people were enjoying playing casino games from the comfort of their home computer or laptop. There was no need to go to the casinos as people were getting all the games they desire from the different online casino websites available.

To keep up with the trend, many online casino websites have come into the market. In fact, many land based casinos have also opened their website so that their existing customers stay with them and do not move away to other casinos. Nobody wants to lose business at the end of the day.

If you are new to the world of online casinos, you must be very careful about joining a good website. You must remember that not all websites are good and many have run away with the winning money of the player. Hence you must read a few reviews about the website from a good casino review website like It is very much necessary to play through a good website as not only your winning money is safe, but you may also get some tips about how to win casino games.

In order to attract the players, the casino management offers different types of bonuses. Various bonus has its own characteristics and before availing the one, you must know the type of each one. In this article, let us have a look at the bonuses one by one and discuss the characteristics of each one.

Bonus on signing up

The sign up bonus is one of the most important parts of any online casino website promotion. Also termed as welcome bonus, this is offered when a player joins any online casino website. This is also known as new player bonus as it is offered when a new player joins and deposits some money to the account of the website. The amount of the deposit varies across websites. Some casino websites offer 100% bonus and this is done to attract the player to the site. But every website puts some conditions, which when fulfilled, the player can avail the bonus only then. The new player becomes very happy as he can bet double the amount he has invested. This bonus comes very often in the form of match or percentage bonuses.

Percentage bonus

This particular bonus is offered in terms of percentage. If the site offers a percentage bonus of say, 50% and the player deposits $200, then the site will offer additional $100 to the account of the player. Some websites offer this bonus in combination with a match bonus.

Match bonus

A bonus of 100% is considered to be a match bonus. If you deposit $50 to the website account, they will credit another $50 to the account and the new player will be able to bet with $100. It has been seen that most of the sites offer a combination of match and percentage bonus. It shows something like this – 50% up to a cash deposit of $250. It means that the casino will offer 50 cents for every dollar spent and that too, up to a maximum of $250 as bonus money. In this case, you will get $250 bonus money if you make a deposit of $500 into the account of the casino.

No deposit bonus

This is really a good bonus as it is offered to the player without depositing any money. It is best for newcomers as they can learn playing the game without investing any money. It is totally a risk free process as the player need not have to deposit any money. Many newcomers take a lot of interest in this process as they need not have to borrow any money to participate in the process. You can keep the real winning money for yourself, but it is not possible to cash out the bonus money as it is given free by the website.

Reload bonus

During the course of the play, the player need to deposit more money in order to continue with the playing of the game. This bonus is used to keep the players continue the process of gambling. This bonus is given in subsequent intervals when the player reloads some money into his gaming account. It is very useful as the player feels the thrust and can invest more in the game and his possibility of earning will increase by many times. The amount of the bonus varies across casinos as it is decided what percentage of the deposit amount shall be credited to the players account. This bonus is generally given either as percentage basis or on match basis. Before joining, you must see which site offers the best reload bonus.

Loyalty bonus

The loyalty bonus is specially extended to those players who are consistent and playing with that website for an extended period of time. This bonus is given to the regular players as a recognition of their loyalty to a particular website. This bonus is generally given to the players in the form of VIP programs or loyalty packages. When a player plays regularly for a site, after a certain period of time, he automatically gets enrolled in such programs. As he goes on depositing money, bonus money gets added to his account in the site on a regular basis. The more points you earn, the more you will climb up the status of VIP ladder getting more lucrative deals in the process. Hence while gambling you must make the deposit carefully so that you can get maximum return on your investment after getting the bonuses.

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