Different Men’s Hats You Can Choose to Step out in Style

Even though men are comfortable selecting a suit, a shirt, a tie, or even a wristwatch when they want to dress for a particular situation or event, surprisingly, they seem to be stumped when it comes to choosing a hat. While the secret to looking good is to keep your personality, style of dressing, and the occasion in mind, the problem men face in selecting an appropriate hat is the sheer choice that can be confusing, especially to those who are not in the habit of wearing hats. A guide to choosing and wearing hats that make you look and feel good:

What Makes Up a Hat?

A hat is very much like your clothes, and you need to choose one keeping in mind its utility, the comfort factor, and how good you look wearing it. It can be hard to judge these aspects unless you are familiar with the construction of hats. A brief pointer to the important components of a hat:

  • Crown: The crown is the largest component of the hat and refers to the body or dome of the hat that extends upwards to cover your head for protection and style.
  • Brim: The brim is the edge of the hat that protrudes from the bottom edge of the crown and goes outwards horizontally. Just like there are many styles of crowns, you will find a wide choice of brims. Wide brims give you more protection from the sun, wind, and rain and add significantly to the style. However, there are quite a few hats with narrow brims that you can also look smart in.
  • Pinch: The pinch or the dent is an essential part of the crown’s design. While it gives the hat a distinct look, it also makes it possible to take it off easily and cleanly. The pinch makes it easier for you to tip the hat as a courteous gesture.
  • Liner: Many high-quality hats have liners on the inside of the crown. They protect the insides of the hats from dirt and sweat. A liner can also add a splash of color to neutral-colored hats.
  • Edge binding: The trim surrounding the brim is known as edge binding. Usually, it is made from high-quality material for both aesthetic and functional reasons.
  • Crease: The crease, along with the pinch, makes the crown of the hat distinctive. Apart from adding to the aesthetics, it also makes the hat easier to handle.
  • Sweatband: The function of the sweatband is to absorb sweat and ensure a more snug fit. Typically, it is made from cotton or a similar absorbent material. Some wide-brimmed hats can have a leather sweatband.

Different Hat Styles for the Fashion-Conscious Gentleman

The wonderful thing about hats is that just like the rest of your attire, you can have one for almost every occasion you can think of. Some hats are perfect for attending formal events like weddings, funerals, or business meetings, and there are others for summer garden parties, lazy days at the beachside, or for keeping your head warm in the chill of the winter. Choosing the right can be tough, but you need to focus on the occasion, the desired functionality, and your personal style. Some of the most popular men’s hats you can consider adding to your wardrobe include:

Panama hat: The Panama hat is a must-have hat for all gentlemen for its classy looks and superior sun protection due to its wide brim. The hat has its origins in Ecuador, where the native craftsmen used the leaves of the Toquilla palm to fabricate a lightweight but robust hat with a wide brim. The high-crown hat became more popular as the standard wear for the people building the Panama Canal. If you need a hat to tackle the summer sunshine, there is nothing better than a Panama hat paired with a crisp white linen shirt and brown chinos.


Bucket hat: Even though the bucket hat had almost disappeared from the fashion scene, it is looking to return with a bang, with several top designers pairing it with their ensembles. The shape of the bucket hat is exactly what its name indicates, but it can take your style quotient up a few notches. The downward slope of the brim works well for those with pale skin tones, while its robust construction means that you don’t have to worry about being crushed in the crowd. Despite its short brim, a bucket hat provides excellent 360-degree protection from the sun as the single round panel of the crown sits low on your head.

Fedora hat: Once upon a time, if you were a businessman, you would definitely have a fedora or two in your wardrobe to go with your classic business suits. With time, however, the appeal of the fedora has become broader. You can spot these popular dress hats from a distance due to their crowns having a dent, a crease running down its length, and a pinch near the front of the two sides. The brim is characteristically wide at two and a half inches or more. It goes well with formal suits, but you can carry it off with smart casuals if you have the confidence. The best fedoras are made of felt, according to Gentleman’s Gazette.


Baseball cap: If you love outdoor activity, you will most likely have a baseball cap. The baseball cap is extremely stylish even though with its stiff front and softly-rounded crown, it does not fit as snugly as a dad hat. You can wear it with any casual outfit of your choice. A standard six-panel hat, it features a front-facing brim of medium length. It is traditionally made of wool though nowadays, polyester is becoming common.


While the hats discussed above are men’s wardrobe staples, you can buy and wear many more hats of different styles like the pork pie hat, the Boonie, baseball hat, the trilby, and the newsboy, to mention a few. A little experimentation will help you decide what you look good in and can carry off with confidence.

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