How To Keep Your Dogs Warm In The Winter?

It is almost that time of the year when temperatures will drop simultaneously and reach freezing point. When the fireplace needs to be lit all day long because of the freezing wind or snowfall outside. During these times, home is the cosiest place on earth and stepping out of it is no less than torture.

Not everyone hates winter; some wait eagerly all day long to witness snowfall and build the perfect snowman (and snowwoman because why not?), and so does your dog; your furry friend loves to goof around in the snow as much as you do. However, during freezing weather, pet parents must take care of many things to protect their adorable fur balls from falling sick. Even if they have a thick fur coating, they need extra protection to stay warm.

Cold Weather And Dog Health


There are a lot of things that pet parents need to be made aware of to protect their dogs from the cold weather. Exposing dogs to extreme cold weather without necessary precautions can result in severe health issues that can affect their lives drastically.

Like humans, dogs are very prone to hypothermia and frostbite when exposed to freezing temperatures for a long. You may think their thick fur coat is enough to protect them, but in reality, every dog has a different tolerance level for low temperatures. And the best way to protect them is to cover them with sweaters, mufflers and pajamas. You can visit to buy the coolest doggie pajamas and other stylish winter wear.

Such as, a Siberian Husky is a breed born to survive in the extreme temperatures of Siberia and has a thick fur coat to protect it from frost. But when compared with other breeds like a Labrador, a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd, they do not have thick fur coats, which is enough to protect them from frostbites or hypothermia. They need cute sweaters, woolen socks and pajamas to stay warm and look more adorable.

5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Warm

Protecting your pets from winter becomes easier when you know the right ways and the things you should keep in mind. Here are five ways to keep your furry friends warm even in harsh weather conditions.

Avoiding Outdoor Walks


The best way to keep your dogs warm is to let them stay inside. Even after wearing jackets or sweaters, they can catch a cold and be feverish if exposed to low temperatures for long. When exposed to snow for long, hypothermia is dangerous; their paws can be severely affected with frost bites if not wearing snow boots. The best way to keep your pets out of danger is to avoid letting them be outside and instead let them stay active indoors.

Keeping The Dog Bed In A Warm Spot

The dog bed can be cold and moist, making your dogs shiver all day long and disturbing their sleep pattern. The best way to deal with this issue is to shift their dog bed to a warmer spot near the fireplace or the room heater. If your dog is used to staying in a makeshift dog house, it is best to shift them indoors during freezing weather and let them feel warm, cozy, and safe.

Always keep a safe distance or take protective measures from fireplaces or heaters; they can get burned.

Avoiding Trimming Or Shaving

The biggest mistake you should avoid is grooming your dogs during winter. Even if they look messy and need a trim or shave badly, you should refrain from visiting a groomer these days. Trimming or shaving will make their skin itchier because of the dryness of winter and also fail to trap the body heat, ultimately increasing the risk of hypothermia. Your dog can also be affected by cold blisters or severe conditions like Pneumonia.

Warm Jackets And Sweaters


Warm jackets or sweaters are a must if you live in a place that experiences extremely low temperatures and snowfall. Jackets can help dogs stay warm, prevent them from shivering and make them feel warm. Ensure these jackets or sweaters are not too tight and do not contain metallic zippers that can choke them if chewed.

Keeping Them Active

If your dog loves to snuggle into the corner with their favorite blanket and does not want to step out of its warmth, it is not suitable for its health. Even if it is not safe to go out for outdoor walks, you can keep them active indoors by keeping them busy with regular exercises and playful activities. Let them goof around with your kids as much as they want; this will help them stay warm and active.

Some More Things To Take Care Of

You must take care of some more vital things to ensure your adorable furry friend is free from infections, ticks, or severe health conditions.

Inspecting Paws

On sunny days, you can take your dog out for a walk but make sure they have their paw boots or socks on. If not, the frost build-up must be appropriately cleaned; otherwise, your dog can lick them and may invite germs and infections. You must keep their paws clean and inspect them from time to time to avoid infections.

Keeping Them Hydrated


Dehydration is a common issue in winter, both among humans and pets. If your dog is unwilling to drink water, try giving lukewarm water to make them feel warm. You can also introduce little treats in-between meals to make sure they rush to drink water.

Not Skipping Bath Routines

Skipping bath routines can be dangerous for your pets; it can attract bacteria and ticks and lead to skin infections. You can bathe and pamper them with hot showers and, later, hot blow-dry them to make them feel even better.

Final Thoughts

To your dogs, you are their world and the only protector. It is your responsibility to decide what is good or bad for them. Similarly, how to protect them from falling sick in the coldest weather is entirely in your hands. You can keep them safe and warm by taking the simplest measures and dressing them up in the coolest pajamas, sweaters, jackets and socks.

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