Should You Warm Up Before Using a Foam Roller?

Being physically active is of vast importance for our overall well-being, as when we exercise, we get rid of all the gathered stress, lose weight, and get in a much better overall shape. Now, some work out for the looks, others to feel much better, and some just want to strengthen the muscles, but regardless of the reasons, working out is great for both our body and mind. Luckily, we can all work out from the comfort of our homes, as we can get all the necessary equipment and exercise at any given time, but storing all those things can be a bit troublesome. That is why foam rollers are so popular, as they are easily stored and, more importantly, perfectly shaped and designed to provide the best overall effect.

How to choose the best one?


Beginners can sometimes struggle when they need to pick the best product they will use for their training, as there are many of them on the market. Because of that, it is necessary to set aside enough time to do the proper research and decide which size and type you need. It can be a good idea to ask a friend or some fitness instructor to help you with that, and if you already know what you are searching for, you can find here the vast offer of quality Foam Rollers.


Many people are already familiar with foam rollers and use them in their everyday workout routine, but there are also some who use them even though they are unaware of all the benefits of foam rolling. That is why we will focus more on that now and further describe some of the most important benefits so that those still considering whether to get one will get all the necessary info.

Increased blood flow

Using them before exercising will bring enough blood to the muscles, make it much easier, and, what is more important, much more efficient. It is much easier to make certain moves necessary for proper training, thanks to increased blood flow, which will ultimately give much better results. Besides the blood flow, foam rolling also increases the flow of other important nutrients, such as water and many others, necessary for proper muscle work. Now, we can use them for a warming-up session or cool down after we finish working out, and there are benefits for both.

They improve our performance

When used as a warm-up, they can make our entire exercise session much more efficient, which leads to better overall results.

Better motion range


When our muscles are warmed up, our motion range is much bigger, meaning that we can do certain exercises much better, which also leads to better results. They can also help us to activate some muscles that haven’t been active for a long time, and it is pretty important, as in most cases, we are not even aware that some of them are not engaged in our everyday lives.

Release fascial tension

Foam rollers can also be used after exercising when their role is to reduce tension and muscle soreness and provide you with relief. That makes them a perfect relaxing tool after exhausting training as it reduces soreness.

Overall benefits

However, they are not good only for our muscles, as they also impact our skin – and make it much more elastic; and nerves and vessels – and improve their functioning.

In the end, probably the biggest benefit of foam rollers is their simplicity of use, as we can use them in the comfort of our homes without leaving them.

How to use them properly?

Although it is not difficult to use foam rollers even at home, there are still certain rules we need to follow so that you get the best possible effect.

The first and most important thing is to warm up, as even though they can be used for a warm-up session, you should never start using them when the muscles are still cold. We have already mentioned that they can be used before hard exercising, but it does not mean you should not warm up before. Regarding that, a little stretching and warming up is necessary for beginners, as avoiding that can lead to bruising and hurting the muscles. However, more experienced ones can use foam rollers as the first step of their warming up, but even they need to be extremely careful, or they can accidentally hurt themselves.

Common mistakes


We have already mentioned that warming up a bit before using it is a must, as it is the best way to prevent any possible injuries or make some injuries even worse. Now, there are many other mistakes people often make when using foam rollers, and the biggest one is not being aware of when it is time to stop. Yes, the main point here is to loosen muscles and, for those in a recovery process, to speed it up, but that will not happen if you spend much more time exercising than recommended. Doing so can cause many problems, which is why you should always consult the experts before you start, as they will provide thorough guidance on how often and for how long to work out.

Rolling should never be performed in one direction, and the pressure you make should not be too high, or you will get a completely opposite effect from the desired one.

Another common mistake is about IT band, as this part of our body simply cannot be loosened, meaning that the time spent doing so is just a waste of time. Yes, this might seem silly or needless to mention, but you would be surprised at how many people make this mistake. Starting in the wrong place is yet another mistake to avoid because it can also reduce the effect and, in some cases, do more harm than good. Overall, focusing on precise areas and knowing where to start and when to stop are crucial factors when using foam rollers, and above all, warming up a bit is a must just to prepare the muscles for what’s coming.

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