11 Clever Ideas to Hide Eyesores in Indoor Spaces

You put a lot into decorating your space, whether it’s your home or office or you run a café. So, when something like your switchboards, AC unit, or worse – an ugly wall due to recurring water spots or holes – causes eyesores, it feels painful and frustrating.

How do you hide eyesores in your indoor space without completely redoing it? We got you!

Here, we bring you 11 clever hacks to hide eyesores in any indoor space. Let’s take a look:

Hiding Your AC Unit

Air conditioners (AC) keep you cool in hot weather. But they can have an equally chilling effect on your interior design, especially when you’re an apartment-dweller and don’t want to spend winter staring at your AC.

So, how do you hide your AC like a pro? Simple! Invest in an attractive AC cover. You can easily tuck your AC behind the cover, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can even DIY your AC cover if you have time, tools, and skills. There are many free online video tutorials about DIYing an AC cover.

Use a Wall Painting


You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to covering an ugly wall. It can be due to water spots, hideous pushpin holes, or anything.

The easiest and instant way to cover an ugly wall is to hang beautiful wall art. The best part is that you can find attractive wall art to match the theme of your indoor space.

For example, if it’s a café or a restaurant, you can shop for a coffee painting, simply hang it, and you’re done. Check this collection of coffee paintings to buy any of your choices. The same goes true for other themes.

Hideous Electrical Panel

Sadly, fuse boxes or other electric panels are downright eyesores in indoor spaces. They don’t look stylish and beautiful (but they can). What if it’s located in your living room or other high-traffic areas?

All you need is to invest in a trendy macramé hanging, which is easy and cheap. You can easily move it when you need access to your electric panel.

Ugly Cords and Cables


Whether you’re setting up a game room or personalizing your office space, you’re sure to struggle with a tangled mess of cords. So how do you hide those seemingly infinite number of cords that are visible almost everywhere in your indoor space?

  • Woven baskets: Let your router peep out without being visible.
  • Stylish bookcase: Hide all cables in your entertainment system in a nearby tidy bookcase.
  • Toilet tissue roll cord holder: Use empty tissue rolls to track all your cords – a decorative washi tape will make these rolls look cute.
  • Shoebox charging station: Create a cute phone charging station for your mobile devices.
  • Get a cord wrap: Bundle together all cords running in the same place. You can squish this flexible material to make it more compact or stretch it out to make gaps when needed.
  • Wall art: You can also hide them behind attractive wall art. It’s an instant and easy way when you want to hide a mess of unsightly cords.

Slide-Out Trash Can

Trash cans are perhaps the stinkiest thing we want to keep out of sight. In this case, a slide-out trash can is your instant refuge.

It’s configured to fit in your cabinets with or without plumbing. You can install slide-out trash cans in any lower cabinet on your own. (Make sure you clean them regularly to avoid a stinky smell)

Camouflage Unsightly Poles

Do you want to recreate the entire space solely to cover up a support pole? The easiest and most affordable way is to get contact paper and turn the pole into a beautiful design element. We encourage you to pair the paper pattern with a similar wallpaper to camouflage it within the space.

Alternatively, you can cover up unsightly poles with inexpensive faux-wood beams.

Covering a Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn texture not just looks unpleasant, but it also welcomes spiders to form cobwebs on the ceiling. Popcorn removal might seem like a solution. But it can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy.

So, the best route is to cover your popcorn ceiling. Here’re some cheaper and easier ways:

  • Use faux wood planks.
  • Drywall boards
  • Decorative ceiling tiles

Conceal Your Flat-Screen TV with Art


Your TV brings you a lot of entertainment and knowledge. But it can be a major eyesore when it’s turned off.

You can use an unframed, fabric wall art to cover your flat-screen TV. Choose an art as per your choice. You can find a surprisingly large collection of wall art depending on your taste, whether you’re a globetrotter or a sports enthusiast.

Chenille Shams

Got some old throw pillows that you want anymore? Instead of tossing them out, you can cover them with attractive shams. Shams cost significantly less compared to buying new cushions.

Important tip: You may not find shams that fit your throw pillows perfectly. So, choose covers an inch or two smaller if you want to give your old cushions a brand-new, overstuffed look.

Self-Adhesive Window Films

Does your window open to an eyesore of a view? Don’t worry! Buy beautiful self-adhesive window films to get rid of the unpleasant view. It won’t block the natural light coming indoors while adding a little extra privacy to your space.

You’ll find a lot of interesting and jaw-droppingly beautiful self-adhesive window films. Choose something that blends well with the theme of your space.

Stylish Rugs

Dress up any ugly-looking floor with a beautiful rug. Just buy it, spread it on the floor, and boast a whole new space. It makes your space look beautiful and protects floors in high-traffic areas.

Moreover, rugs are easy to clean and care for. Simply wash them in your washing machine, and you’re done. But, of course, you’ve to check the washing and caring label to know the right way to clean your rugs.

Hopefully, these ideas help you keep all eyesores out of sight. So, try these out and see the difference.

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