How To Live A More Joyful Life

We all live in a world where technological advancement may seem to have made life easier, but the fact is, we are not spending time with each other. Forget about being with one another. To get time to be with yourself is a challenge. The terms like anxiety, stress, and depression are gaining more importance because we have forgotten the real meaning of joy.

With our regular 9 to 6 jobs, we feel that our coming weekend should only be spent relaxing and lying on the bed while binge-watching. Do you think that you are getting inner peace out of it? Well, if you are on this page, you probably want to restart your life a better way and start being more joyful. Here are some better ways that you can do it. Always remember small changes do make big differences.

Smile every day:

Make it a habit but make sure that you share your smile with people around you. Everyone has stress in their life. Some of them are so demotivated that they don’t even see the happiness around them. But a single smile can change the world. For yourself as well, if you smile, you can feel a better positivity within you. In today’s time, the world is so busy that people are buried in their smartphones. You should be doing that. Rather take a break from it. Use your phone only till a certain time and see what a better mood you get.

Be Present:

Thinking and always stressing about things that may happen does not make any sense. You have a life that God has gifted you, not simply to keep yourself worried about the future. Rather, pay attention to the moment that is around. Throughout the whole day, you should stop doing what you have been at the present moment and look around you. You will realize that bad habits can be avoided, and we can inculcate good habits into a hectic routine.

Don’t run so much:

You probably must have a career that has a packed schedule. Maybe reaching on time for every meeting is extremely important. But once the entire day of your job is over, do you feel more exhausted or at peace? Surely, exhausted because the job that you are doing probably is of your interest, but it is tiring. Don’t let yourself get tired because then you will not be able to take time for yourself. Instead, plan in such a way that you can be productive at the same time and can multi-task without running. Make a timetable and see to it you give sufficient time for yourself. You can surf around or even look for some better party places where you can enjoy yourself with your friends.

Drink water:

You might be wondering how it makes sense of bringing joy to you. Well, the fact is, it not just cleanses your body but also your mind. Water is something that can give you much relaxing time. We are in a world where we have substituted the water with some alcoholic drink or soda. But if you try drinking more water, you will get amazed to know how better you start feeling and think positively.

Take often breaks

It does not matter how packed your schedule is, and you must take some frequent breaks. Even a recent study has shown that the brain can work at quite a high level, say around an hour or so, which later slows down for the next 20 minutes. This means if your body is telling you to stop, then it does not make any sense to keep pushing it. So maybe you can plan to work hard for the next one hour but give at least 5 minutes of break so you can stay productive at the same time, not stressed out.

Make a diary and then sleep

This is one old habit which probably people are not following anymore. But the fact is if you write things that happened during a day but will help you mesmerize them later. You might want to reach the goals that you had wished to reach. Whether it is a pad of paper or just a pen, you can indulge yourself in writing things down well. Make sure you do it before you go to bed. It is also a good brain stimulator. Once you are done with your writing, get to bed and don’t try to overthink any things. Your body needs rest, and your mind has already done its job of overthinking a lot for the day. Give yourself at least a peaceful sleep for the next 8 hours. When you get up, you will see a bigger difference in you.


Don’t just keep listening to your mind but make it a habit to listen to other people as well. Not all conversations are going to be boring. Rather think about what is running in other people’s minds and how you can be helpful to them. You will learn a lot of things from it. Out of which being happy, and the patient is one of them. Make sure you attentively listen to what others are saying so you can analyze how well your life is going on.

Celebrate Small Wins

After you may have worked hard for anything, is it reaching a small goal or finishing some challenging tasks after a day’s hard work, you deserve a treat. Don’t wait for others to come and tell you that you have done well. Rather, you should know the right way to celebrate small wins. This eventually would keep you motivated, and thus for the big ones, you would want to do even better than before.


To be happy is not something you have to practice. It should come from within you. For this, you need to make some changes in yourself, try developing some good hobbies that can relax your mind, and spend time with nature and loved ones. Man is a social animal and even if there are so many new changes happening around the world, to live in the technological world more joyfully is still possible with the above ideas that are shared.

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