Analysis of the Big Boom of Live Dealer Casinos Since the Outbreak of Covid 19

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, people all over the world have experienced unexpected economic challenges. Lockdowns and travel restrictions led to income declines, reducing shopping opportunities in small and medium-sized businesses. However, not all niches have experienced a negative impact during the pandemic. Some industries, especially those in online business, have experienced higher traffic and revenue since the outbreak of Covid 19. For example, live dealer casinos, online dating sites, movie streaming sites and e-sports sites experienced a surge in visitors during lockdowns.

If people are forced to stay at home, like during lockdowns, they can only access the world through the internet. Through the internet, people would eliminate boredom by communicating with each other, playing video games, watching movies and sports and wagering on their favourite teams. This article is about how the Covid 19 pandemic changed the live dealer casinos’ traffic.

How Covid 19 changed the traffic in live dealer casinos

Since most people were forced to stay at home to minimise the spread of the virus, online traffic has increased since the Covid 19 outbreak. Online gambling sites also started receiving new customers because most land-based casinos were not operational at the time. People who liked land-based casinos due to interacting with others opted to sign up in the available live dealer casinos for a similar experience.

Studies show that gambling soured online gambling activities grew during this period, with some casinos experiencing the highest traffic in the last three years. However, there is a prediction that there will be a gradual decline in traffic when land-based casinos start resuming. People will also get tired of playing, plus some countries may introduce stringent online gambling rules.

Why live dealer casinos experienced the highest increase in traffic

When land-based casinos closed down due to the lockdowns, online gambling was the online solution for gamblers. However, people who still play at land-based casinos would only shift to live dealer casinos as they value the one-on-one interactions. Unlike other online casino games, live dealer casinos provide a platform where the players can communicate with each other and the dealer using live chat. Ignoring people’s desire to socialise can be a huge mistake for any live dealer casino as it is the only difference between live dealership and other online casino table games.

Another factor that led to increased traffic in live dealer casinos is the lack of sporting fixtures. Since most leagues were cancelled for several months, gamblers who were used to betting on sporting activities like football, basketball, cricket and horse racing shifted to online casino gambling. Most of these people would not have considered online casinos if there were games to wager on. Unlike sports betting, where you bet and go, online casino games like live dealership games are more interesting as you have to participate to win. Therefore, most new players who tried casino games did not just play once.

However, the growth varied between countries, depending on the rules for online gambling. Some countries have more favourable conditions for the growth of the online gambling business, but others had declared war on online gambling, even before the pandemic.

The financial aspect

While traffic online was on an upward trajectory, there were minimal changes in the financial aspect. Since most people resulted in online gambling as a pastime activity, they were unwilling to stake high before they understood the games. Households also had less disposable incomes, hence spending most of their money on basic commodities. Most of the live casino operators featured here experienced a high increase in the number of players and bets, but their gross income was the same.

The future

The big boom of live dealer casinos during the pandemic indicates the future transformations we should expect from the industry. The increase in the number of players may accelerate innovations that will improve the delivery of live dealer games via mobile platforms. The casinos can also invest more in cloud gaming to enable consumers to play without expensive hardware. Gambling companies will also form extra tournaments and come up with new bonuses to attract new players.

Since the boom was brought about by the pandemic, which is not permanent, live dealer casinos must develop ways to improve their popularity and ensure that the new audiences do not go back to land-based casinos. To deliver, live dealer casinos must diversify to satisfy their client’s tastes, which will inevitable become more diverse. For example, players who previously played in land-based casinos valued the socialising aspect. Therefore, this is necessary to reveal itself as a key selling point to attract such customers.

Due to the online gambling industry boom, some countries may see it as a good source of revenue for the government. For example, some countries already made changes to their online gambling laws to accommodate online gambling. For example, Belarus legalised online casinos, and Armenia made some amendments to its gambling laws.

Finally, people who were reluctant to shift from playing in land-based casinos to online casinos may find out that live dealer casinos are not as bad as they thought. These players may not go back to land-based casinos to play traditional games like slots, craps and blackjack, leading to a decline in the number of people consuming their services.

Parting Words

The coronavirus pandemic has led to numerous changes in all areas of society. Many of these changes negatively impacted businesses, leading to losses and stagnation in small and medium-sized businesses. However, some businesses, especially online platforms, have experienced a rise in the number of customers as well as revenues.

For example, online live dealer casinos experienced a surge in the number of new players due to the closure of land-based casinos in most parts of the world. People also wanted a little distraction from the problems brought about by the pandemic, and most online dealership casinos followed the trend and increased their audience through aggressive marketing campaigns through the popular coronavirus queries.

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