How to Check if SMS are Being Correctly Delivered?

Bulk SMS mailouts will only be successful when a user receives the message sent. To make sure that it has been delivered, you can use a variety of services developed for representatives of businesses of various scales. Text message tester is a high-quality software product. It tests the delivery, verifies the sender identification code, and performs other activities used to improve the marketing campaign performance.

How SMS Testing Tool Works

At present the bulk SMS tools have evolved to include bulk SMS messaging alongside the sending of single messages (for instance, one time passwords and delivery notifications), interactive SMS (for instance, group  SMS services), and incoming number services (for instance, mobile marketing campaigns, voting or data lines).

Defining information of bulk SMS marketing is that businesses can make use of one or more solutions to exchange  SMS messages, namely; a  cell phone application, a software program, a web solution, or integrate an SMS gateway with their website or system. These mass SMS messaging solutions interface with service providers’ SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world.

This system makes it possible to find out the relevant information about the message status. You will see the number of SMS messages sent and the number of delivered ones on the screen – the information is available in the real-time mode. A user’s location is of no importance – messages are sent all over the world to various mobile providers. BSG system is put to good use in plenty of marketing campaigns, making it possible to avoid excessive spending on re-sending SMS messages to invalid numbers.

Why Messages are Not Delivered

Sometimes, messages are not delivered to a client due to the following reasons:

  • the recipient’s number doesn’t exist;
  • the subscriber is in the roaming zone;
  • if the message reception function is disabled;
  • the user’s phone is turned off during delivery;
  • the client’s number is blocked;
  • too many messages have been simultaneously sent to the user;
  • it is forbidden to send SMS messages to a certain client;
  • incorrect number format and so on.

Sometimes, it may also happen that the message status indicates that the SMS has been delivered, but the client hasn’t received it. This means that it failed to pass the spam filter and was automatically sent into the spam folder. It is also possible that the message is sent to several numbers of one and the same subscriber. Or the client has two SIM cards in one phone. The message may have been delivered to one number, but failed to reach the second. SMS testing makes it possible to find out the actual number of the delivered SMS messages according to the existing client database.

Advantages of Using the Service

Test SMS is a perfect method of increasing site conversion by notifying message delivery. You can select only those users’ numbers from the database who receive your SMS mailout and respond to it. Sometimes, it is also possible to carry out multiple marketing campaigns to attract the client’s attention. Potential users may ignore your email newsletters, but immediately read your messages sent to their mobile phone.

SMS testing tool makes it possible to find out, in which city and which client the message has been sent and delivered to. Your SMS could have been sent to a subscriber who had switched to another mobile provider and kept the current number. This will result in certain difficulties when delivering messages, but an opportunity to test international numbers using MNP services will solve the problem. This all goes for sending the messages If, on the other hand, you received an SMS from an unknown number, you can always check using service that allows you to find extensive information about a person by his phone number.

Working With the Program

Each marketer can personally organize message delivery at a certain time point. And using the service in question is all one should do to ensure that process is checked according to timetable. A user can amend the program settings and enable additional options. In this case, notifications about message delivery will be redirected to the specified email address. This makes it possible to monitor the marketing campaign results on a regular basis.

The program interface has been designed to meet every company’s requirements. A user can configure the customized rules or use the existing ones. Simple navigation makes it possible to comprehend the service operating principles within the shortest possible time. Send SMS test is the best and easiest way to obtain information about your mailout delivery. For more information, you can check the SMS.TO.

Delivery Statistics

A user can receive statistics and a detailed report for every of the messages sent. The SMS mailout won’t be sent in vain since after the first notification it will become clear to every user whether the client needs further message delivery or not. If the SMS have been received but triggered no feedback, you can think of changing the tactics or looking for another way to notify the user.

Most clients keep their phones at fingertips during the whole working day. This means that the message may have been received at an inconvenient time or was of little interest. By setting up a message delivery schedule, a user can avoid sending messages during the business hours. For example, some clients work until 18.00 local time. This means that the best time to deliver information messages is after 19.00. It is more likely that this is the time when a potential client will be having a rest and will be able to react to the received SMS.

Wrapping up

By using the test SMS message delivery service, you will be able to improve your marketing campaign results. When a marketer is sure that the message has been built up using all the rules, that it is interesting to a potential client and conveys certain information, you will only need to wait for it to be delivered and for feedback from the client.

Sending a message to a correctly specified phone number will increase its chances to be delivered. Therefore, it is important to check the phone number database for invalid ones on a regular basis. Some clients may change the provider keeping the number at the same time. Such mobile numbers require additional checking as well. It makes it possible to route the traffic correctly and use marketing campaigns efficiently.

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