3 Things To Check Before Redeeming Your No Deposit Bonus Code

Redeeming your no deposit bonus code is a process that’s confusing for many gambling enthusiasts. Here’s everything you should know.

Redeeming Your No Deposit Bonus Code: Vital Considerations

Redeeming your no deposit bonus code is often a stressful process for both first-time punters and experienced players. However, stress is usually a factor whenever you’re doing something meaningful for the first time, and such a reaction is natural.

Regardless, the key to having a relaxed and stress-free experience is to research and prepare as much as possible. When it comes to redeeming bonus codes, this guide contains all of the necessary answers and instructions.

If you’re struggling to find no deposit offers, there’s a reason. Online gambling is globally widespread and is one of the most attractive sectors for gamers and investors. However, wherever there’s big money, strict regulations soon follow.

This industry is also among the most regulated on the planet. However, that wasn’t always the case since the 1990s saw countless more lucrative offers necessary to get the sector off the ground. No deposit bonuses used to be more readily available than today, but you can still redeem them across different operators.

Redeeming Your No Deposit Bonus Code: Things To Keep In Mind

One of the best aspects of any type of casino bonus is that you’re essentially getting free perks. Online casinos can be very generous when offering free chips to players.

However, most operators incorporate a protective mechanism to prevent punters from abusing the bonus. This mechanism comes in the form of wagering requirements and other vital terms and conditions. Consequently, it’s always critical to read this information to understand what you’re walking into. Here are three things you need to know:

  • Observing the wagering requirements
  • Avoiding redeeming two deposit bonuses one after the other
  • Ensure you’re only playing allowed games.

Observing The Wagering Requirements

Understanding this aspect is crucial for redeeming your no deposit bonus code. You’ll encounter this term under different names, such as rollover and playthrough requirements. Additionally, the WR is present with almost all casino bonus offers, except for wager-free promotions.

When it comes to no deposit bonuses, the WR represents the number of times a player needs to play through the bonus amount. In other words, qualifying for a cash out of the bonus funds requires placing a certain number of bets. This information is crucial when deciding whether or not to claim a casino promotion.

However, there’s also another piece of information you’ll need to know to cash out the bonus successfully. The maximum withdrawal amount limits how much you can cash out and often rain on your parade even if you meet the wagering requirement. Therefore, it is critical to read every online casino’s terms and conditions section before you claim any of the available bonus offers.

The rollover requirements for casino bonuses, including no deposit offers, are different from one operator to the next. It’s common sense to aim for lower WR rather than higher ones since this means you’ll have to jump through fewer hoops to withdraw the bonus. However, casinos typically attach outrageous playthrough requirements to no deposit offers. In other words, these bonuses are notoriously tricky to redeem.

Generally speaking, you can go for bonuses that have higher wagering requirements for fun. However, if your goal is to cash out as many offers as possible, the recommended recipe is to target offers with lower wagering requirements.

Avoiding Redeeming Two Deposit Bonuses One After The Other

One of the most common mistakes you can make as a new player when redeeming your no deposit code is to try to claim two offers consecutively. Misinformation can often lead you down a stray path in any online activity, and this is particularly true for online gambling.

Most online operators will deny consecutive players’ requests to claim free cash or spins unless they deposit funds into their account between attempts. Such attempts often signal bonus abuse to the casino, which is why the operator can close your account as a result. However, most of the time, it doesn’t end there. Some casinos go so far as to label players who try to redeem no deposit bonus codes consecutively as bonus abusers in the community.

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Ensure You’re Only Playing Allowed Games

Another tricky aspect of wagering requirements is crucial when redeeming your no deposit bonus code. Note that only certain games count towards fulfilling the rollover requirements. Additionally, these games usually differ depending on the bonus. For example, some bonuses only allow table games for fulfilling the wagering requirements, while others only apply to slot games. Therefore, remember to always research which games count towards the WR.

Let’s consider an example. Imagine you’ve claimed a no deposit bonus of $10 for slot games, and it features a 30x wagering requirement. So, $10×30=$300, which is the amount you’ll need to wager in real money bets to clear the WR. Furthermore, if you plan on betting $1 per spin on an eligible slot game, you’ll need to make 300 different wagers before the casino lets you withdraw the bonus money.

Game Contributions

Simultaneously, keep in mind that some casino offers allow multiple games to count toward the playthrough requirements. While this aspect is positive, note that you may encounter different percentages that go toward the playthrough. For instance, if you claim a $100 casino bonus with a 40x wagering requirement, you’ll need to wager $4,000 before withdrawing the funds.

However, you may encounter a different dynamic when it comes to game contributions. Let’s assume blackjack contributes 10%, video poker 80%, and slot games 100%. The game contribution is a percentage of each bet that counts towards meeting the rollover requirement.

The calculation is as follows: wagering $50 on slots means $50 goes towards the WR (100%). Betting $25 on video poker means only $20 will go toward the playthrough (80%). Lastly, wagering $25 on blackjack results in only $2.50 going towards the WR (10%). Therefore, wagering the previously mentioned amounts on these games would only meet $72.50 of the $4,000 wagering requirement.

Therefore, you would need to wager another $3,927.50 before redeeming your no deposit bonus code. If you’re adamant about following through with this example, you’d have the best shot at meeting the WR by playing slots because of their 100% contribution. Good luck!

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