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How to Build a Video Chat App for the Seamless Worldwide Communication

The great COVID-19 has made people realize the importance of digitizing communication methods. One of those communication methods is video chat. Teams, Zoom, Meet, WhatsApp, and many more dominate the market. So, let’s discuss how to build a video chat app.

Learning how to build a video chat app is the first step toward actually building it. So, we understand this and came up with a short guide. If you are searching for a detailed version, a helpful link is given below:

Why Should You Build a Video Chat App

The world is moving towards modernized methods where businesses can conduct online meetings, and people are providing consultations via video chat. Nevertheless, that is not it. Video chats can offer more than that.

Before we go towards video calling app development, let’s talk numbers.

The video chat industry grew by 20% in 2022 and reached a whopping value of $7.2 Billion. During this year, almost 90% of the firms invested in the video conferencing app. Nearly 58% of companies are leveraging conferencing apps for day-to-day use. More than 90% of companies use more than two video chat apps.

Remote work is the most popular niche that is using video conferencing apps, with more categories coming the way. For example, creators use Evercast, BRIDGR for musicians, and Beluga for remote learning.

These examples show that making video chat apps for various industries is quite possible. These apps hold advantages like

  • Cost cutting
  • Solid connections
  • Fast service delivery

So, people are looking for a resolution that can digitize their life. Hence, you should create a video chat app.

Top Features of Perfect Video Chat App

Before understanding how to make a video chat app, it is important to see what features the competitors are offering. Yes, a video chat app has video calls, but what can you offer more? Let’s talk about that.

AI integration

What if your app can automatically copy the text from images and provide you with search results? Or, if a video chat app can leverage AI to transcribe the voice of speakers involved in the video? Well, with the right AI integration, all these are possible.

Virtual Reality Video Calls

No, we are not talking about video calls in VR goggles. In the future, it will be possible where a doctor can show cardiovascular surgery in a virtual reality environment while the students can perform surgery in the same VR mode. It is a good feature that can be integrated.

Visual Effects and Sounds

Snap that has that filter where a Pokemon is sitting on the shoulder. Moreover, the effects also contain sounds. There are stickers; people can put music, filters, and whatnot.

Having all of this in a video chat app will help people attend meetings in a more fun way. Plus, it is also an attention catcher.

What Else

Similarly, you can integrate a call-me option which will automatically can even if you are not keeping track of calls. Moreover, IoT integrations will help to transfer calls to nearby smart devices. If you are ready to develop a video chat app, extra options like admin features, screen share, noise cancellation, and voice changing will be a good fit.

How to Build a Video Chat App

Video chat development is easy, provided you know what you are doing. For example, choosing the right tool is crucial for a good app. Apart from that, setting up a cloud environment is another thing to look out for. But there are some more steps. The list is divided as follows.

Discovery Phase

We won’t go guns blazing in the warzone in video app development. First, we will develop a strategy. Your strategy will consist of answers following questions

  • Who are the competitors?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What will be the use of the app?
  • Does it need integration with existing apps?
  • How will you monetize the solution?
  • Is it Android or iOS, or both?

This is not it. You must also define the following before starting the video chat app development.

  • Tech stack
  • Type of developers
  • Hiring methods
  • Budget
  • Timeline

Steps like these will give you a sniper’s view of what you will be developing, giving you the right direction. Make sure you are factoring everything in while making the blueprint.

Prototype Making

A prototype is a perfect way of seeing how well an app will perform without wasting extensive resources. Moreover, users will also get familiar in an efficient way with your actual app. Once you have gathered resources, develop a canvas of the app, integrate it with limited features, add effects, and release it to a set of users.


This is where your developers and designers will take the app and iterate it to the final level. Coders will write the code, designers create UX/UI, Cloud engineers set up the environment, and QA testing the features are part of this phase. All of this will happen simultaneously, so keeping track is crucial.


This is the part where all combined efforts will take turns. They will either go into the ground or take the right turn. Once you develop a video chat app, launch the app on Play Store and Apple Store. Then, it is time to wait.


Lastly, you need to collect information on the usability and bugs and provide after-sales app maintenance.

Learning how to build a video chat app is the first step toward actually building it.


The prospects for video chat app development are optimistic. Developers who can deliver reliable, user-friendly, and feature-rich solutions while addressing security and privacy concerns have opportunities to succeed in this rapidly growing market.

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