Group Therapies: All you should know

Drugs are the tools that can lead us to an unfortunate and painful death. People start doing drugs and later on realize their wrong steps and actions. Some people realize their drug consumption habit at the initial stage that helps them recover soon if they opt for treatment. When a person realizes that he needs treatment, he visits a recovery center. Upon assessment, the medical staff may feel that a person can be treated reasonably without the stay at the residence. The teams of doctors and drug specialists share their perspectives and give their notion that partial hospitalized and outpatient treatment programs will be feasible for the addict. This only happens when the person realizes before he gets severely addicted. Outpatient Treatment Program is also termed as OTP. In this treatment program, the drug addict goes through all the stages of the treatment except staying at the residence of the recovery center. This treatment mainly focuses on therapies.

Variation in Group Therapies

In an outpatient treatment program, the group therapies are somehow different from the group therapies that are designed for an inpatient program. In outpatient treatment, the number of people in a group is small so that the counselor can interact with every individual. In inpatient treatment, the addict gets enough time to interact with the counselor so the group therapies mostly constitute large groups. The addicts socially interact with each other and develop skills that can help in prevention from relapse. None of the addict or patient is ignored while the therapy. The report of every addict regarding his recovery is made side by side so that at the end of the day, we can check the progressive status. Also, every addict is assigned a particular counselor and only that counselor deals with the patient during the entire treatment. The group therapies of outpatient treatment are less in number as compared to residential treatment.

Advantages of Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Flexibility

Outpatient treatment offers flexibility to the patient and he can visit the recovery center according to his schedule. An advanced plan is designed that tells when the addict will have a session with the counselor and therapist. There is no restriction of time and the addict is free to choose his convenient time.

  • Continuation of other activities

The outpatient treatment allows the addict to continue carrying out his routine work due to flexible timing. The patient can keep the treatment functional while attending school or doing a job at an office. In short, routine work won’t get disturbed.

  • Budget-friendly

Lastly, the outpatient treatment is light on the pocket as there is no expense of residence, meals, and other physical and recreational activities. This treatment solely focuses on the therapies needed for long-term treatment.

After-care Treatment Program

Addiction is a disease that is ready to attack the patient again. Addiction is always in the search of triggers that once affected the addicted individuals. That is why an aftercare plan is very crucial and needed to sustain on the drugs-free path. When the person remains in contact with the recovery center, he discovers himself. With their help, the addict can control those triggers and continue a smooth drug free life after rehab life. When a patient will understand the techniques of coping with drug abuse, he will eventually save himself from drugs.

Women Rehab Treatment

Many recovery centers are working in every state but few of them offer separate treatment for males and females. Few centers understand the logic and reason behind this need. Males and females usually use different kinds of drugs in different ways. Their treatment couldn’t be the same. For further assistance, browse Ocean Recovery.

While on treatment, women often find difficulty in discussing their issues in front of men in the room. They feel uncomfortable while sharing the issues and experiences from which they are going through. They fear that men will judge them. They won’t be able to take advantage of the treatment fully if they can’t communicate properly. There is a need to work on these issues and offer a separate treatment program for males and females so that they can talk about anything they want to. Both the genders have some issues that cannot be addressed in front of each other. There are some topics related to women that need to be discussed in front of females only. Similarly, males also have some issues that are not comfortable to share in front of females. A properly focused discussion group is made during treatment that focuses on the issues of males and females separately.

A comfortable healing environment is a foremost priority when going through treatment. In the counseling sessions, many women find out that they can relate their problems with the other women of the group. In this way, they find a partner with whom they can discuss and help each other. They feel more comfortable while socializing and giving feedback on the treatment. Women often build lifetime bonds and these friendships go on even after the treatment ends. Such friends can truly understand the experiences and perspectives of each other. They end up sharing a similar and comfortable bond. The addicts enjoy many treatment facilities due to entire journey and some of them include:

  • Group counseling
  • All-Inclusive Healing
  • Nutrition Guide

In group counseling, the women are given a deep insight into their issues. They become able to understand their emotions and mood swings. Sometimes, while taking treatment, the addicts get stuck with a situation and are not able to see the entire picture. When the group sessions take place, they listen and speak to others that help them in moving forward while in treatment. In the same way, poor nutrition can lead to health issues in women. They feel less energetic and have headaches. They are unable to sleep properly. The exclusive treatment at rehab offers a complete guide to a treatment that will be an all-inclusive treatment offering holistic healing.

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