Evidence Based Treatment For Substance Abuse Disorder

Substance abuse treatment is effective. It may depend on the type that you choose. This guide will discuss why such treatment will work based on the evidence we have gathered.

With substance abuse numbers rising higher than before, it’s important to emphasize the importance of treatment. The Gallus Detox official website has information on how you can get started for substance abuse (if you or someone you know is dealing with it).

Substance abuse can work to your advantage so long as you follow through with your treatment plan. Nothing can work if no action is taken. Now, let’s talk about why you’ll want to choose the best detox and recovery center so you can beat your addiction.

You get access to the best professional care

When you are in a treatment facility, you’ll get access to professional care. For example, if you choose inpatient treatment, you’ll be able to have medical staff that will help you in case you need it. This includes dealing with withdrawals that can get intense over time.

You can also have therapists and other specialists at your side whenever you need them. Every person’s treatment plan is different. Because they have their own needs and a plan that is customized for them.

Some treatment approaches are more effective

There are treatment approaches that will be more effective than others. Inpatient treatment is great because you will be under the watchful eye of the staff for the duration. You will also follow a schedule where you undergo your regular therapy sessions, medication (if needed), or anything else that is required in your treatment plan.

If you are serious about getting over your addiction, you’ll want the most effective approach possible. Outpatient rehab and detox can be a good option, however it carries risks and downsides. Those that are farther in their addiction may find themselves in need of a more serious approach over something more laid back.

It should be a good fit for your needs and preferences

Need a treatment plan that will last some time? Do you need privacy while dealing with your addiction recovery? These are just a couple sample questions you should ask yourself.

An inpatient treatment facility will allow you to spend time there while having the best privacy option. People who will see you during your time there will include family and the professionals you are working with to achieve your recovery goals. This means you will have less distractions as you focus on recovering for a lengthy period of time.

Medication-assisted treatment is available


Medication-assisted treatment is another effective treatment option. It’s not a standalone treatment, but more part of it. You will need to attend regular therapy sessions as part of the process.

Medication-assisted treatment (or MATs) will use certain medications as a way to reduce the occurrence and intensity of withdrawal symptoms. This is common for those battling with opioid addiction. Those who undergo this kind of treatment have a much better chance of sticking with their recovery program.

They also have a better chance at recovery and survival. Last but not least, they have a lesser chance of relapsing. MATs will last anywhere from weeks to more than a year.

This will depend on several factors including the severity of their addiction, the type of medication they are using, and other factors based on their treatment plan. If you are dealing with addiction, see if MATs is an option available to you.

You may be addicted to a certain drug and want an effective treatment that can last some time. Speak to a medical professional if MATs are right for you and whether it can be included in your treatment plan.

In-home detox is the riskiest approach

If you are considering in-home detox, this is the riskiest way to treat your addiction. That’s because you will not have medical staff close by. Plus, the withdrawal symptoms can occur at any time.

You may not even know how intense they will be. Some withdrawal symptoms can get to the point where you may need serious medical attention. Yes, even some can lead to death.

That’s why you want to be able to choose a treatment center that will help you achieve your goals while dealing with the downsides of your recovery. In-home detox may not be the best idea if you are battling an addiction that has lasted more than a year.

A treatment and recovery facility believes in compassionate care

Many people may not want to seek help because of judgment from other people. This includes medical professionals that don’t set aside their personal feelings about drugs and addiction. In a treatment and recovery facility, you can guarantee that you get the compassionate care that you deserve.

When you get the help that you need, there is no need to feel ashamed. There is also no need to say that ‘you’re weak’. Seeking help is a sign of strength and a willingness to grow beyond where you’re at right now.

Compassionate care is part of what we believe in. We want you to succeed. We want you to recover.

We will encourage you to go forward. And lastly, we won’t be judgmental in the slightest. There are staff members that have worked in treatment centers for years and understand the pain and challenges patients are going through each day.

Final Thoughts

As you consider treatment options for addiction, it’s important to know that you are not alone. You’ll want to have a strong support system at your side as you take the necessary steps. The good news is that many people have been successful in treating their substance abuse.

The evidence is real. It can be proven through stories, facts, and statistics. You’ll want to consider those when you are making a decision on which treatment approach to go with.

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