Get the 12-Step Program to Take You on a Journey of Healing From Addiction

The 12-step program is a different kind of a program as compared to the inpatient treatment program and the outpatient treatment program. Both of these programs at a rehab center are specifically made in order to make sure that the drug or alcohol addicts of varying types are always catered to and that their addiction related issues are always solved through these two main methods. There are other methods as well but those methods are only used in cases where these two methods do not work and do not show any result or satisfying result to the drug addict patient.

There is a more intense version of inpatient treatment program called the intensive inpatient program and there is an intense version of outpatient treatment program called the intensive outpatient program. Both of these programs are basically the rehab programs that are used in case the normal inpatient treatment programs don’t work. In case these two programs are still not giving the result that people want then there is another solution that can be used and that is to utilize the 12-step program, the spiritual method. This method is used to take the patient on a spiritual journey of healing.

Why does the spiritual method help in rehab?

Some people are just geared towards a spiritual awakening. They are religious and this thing makes them feel at ease and they can trust in a higher being for all kinds of issues that they face during their rehab problem. Some people just have a hard time trying to open up to their counselors sometimes and during rehab there can be a problem where they can’t express their issues and inner workings of the mind. But by doing the 12-step program, they can slowly but surely make themselves feel as if they have someone that will listen to their every heed and will pay attention to their problems no matter what happens. This is just one of the beauties of the 12-step program and this is what it is made for in order to help people who aren’t getting any results out of the simple programs at the rehab center.

The reason that the 12-step program also helps is because for people that are not religious, in times like these they need to get in touch with their inner soul which gives them the peace of mind that they always needed for rehab. Rehab is all about discipline, staying accountable for your actions and the 12-step program does exactly that for the patients, it makes them more grounded, it keeps their actions and needs in check. They are told and taught that just because it is in their head, does not mean it has to be followed and put into action. Real discipline is shown and people clearly try to learn better about their addiction problem due to it and they are more ready to face the other hardships or relapse challenges that might come along because they have the power of a higher being.

Around 70 percent people told that the 12-step program worked wonders for them mainly because they felt like someone was watching over them all the time and that they were held accountable for their actions because doing drugs and the drugs making the person so intoxicated to the point of committing heinous acts is illegal and sinful in religion which helps people stay away from things that can be addicting and can make their life turn into a place of constant rehab and relapse. It should be kept in mind that the 12-step program does not only mean that it has to be related to one religion such as the Christianity religion, it can be related to all kinds of religions and it is made for all kinds of religions as well. It is true that the 12-step program was made by keeping Christianity in mind but, it was only used as a reference and wasn’t set in stone for people who are Christians only.

The 12-step program is for everyone

This is the great aspect of the 12-step program, it is for everyone. There is no discrimination because people from all walks of life are in rehab and going through drug or alcohol addiction. These people will have religions and beliefs very different from one another and they will act differently, respond differently and give different results once the 12-step program is applied.

What are the 12-steps?

The 12-steps are for the patient to practice and reform themselves with, they are the following:

  1. The very first step entails the patient to admit that they have lost all power against the addiction that they are facing.
  2. The second step entails that the being that they consider a higher power can and will help always, and all the time whenever they are in need of it.
  3. The third step entails the patient to give all the control of their situation that they are in to the higher power.
  4. The fourth step entails the person to look deep within themselves and take themselves on a personal journey of understanding themselves.
  5. The fifth step entails that the person should admit to their higher power, to themselves, and to their fellow men that they have done wrong and they accept it.
  6. The sixth step entails that the person corrects their shortcomings with the help of a higher power.
  7. The seventh step is to ask the higher power to remove any kinds of shortcomings.
  8. The eight step is to write all the wrong things that you have done to people and ask them for forgiveness.
  9. The ninth step is to make amends with people that you have hurt or injured in some way or form.
  10. Continue to keep looking inwards for faults and problems that you may have.
  11. Make sure that through the ways of prayer as well as meditation you can keep a higher being in your mind at all times.
  12. The last step is to carry on this information and experience that you have had and pass it on to others.

This is the 12-step program that can change you for the better and make you a completely new person. Therefore, if you want to change yourself around, then get in touch with a reputable rehab center by clicking on this website.

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