Does a Home Warranty Covers Pool

The warranty for your home, in principle, does not cover the pool, but we are talking about the most basic versions and subscriptions. On the other hand, you can always add items to such contracts and cover every part of the house and yard, and even the garages, so that you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that even if damage occurs, it can all happen. be partially or completely covered.

If you have a large yard and pool, you certainly want to enjoy it during the hot days. If you use it actively, then at some point more or less damage to the equipment may occur, so it is important to know that it would be good to add this aspect to your policy.

Sometimes, some home warranty services offer different types of coverage, and you can click to check more, to see how they are covering the most essential parts of your home.

In general, people buy warranties that cover the systems, or the appliances, but you can go for complete coverage, which includes cooling and heating systems, plumbing systems, electricity, all the home appliances, but also a garage, and other parts of your home. But, as we said, you can add more features to the policy.

The home warranty can include your indoor or outdoor pool, septic systems, additional appliances, pumps, vacuums, freezer… It’s your call. You will be charged accordingly, as required.

Why is this necessary for swimming pools?


We all know the famous phrase about water that no matter where it is, it can break through on its own, and even eat away at the strongest wall. Therefore, it needs constant maintenance, whether it is at home or in the yard. Of course, the construction of a pool uses quality materials that can sufficiently prevent any damage, but as we said, water can be really unpredictable, just like the additives used to build it.

Of course, unplanned damage can occur, such as damage to the filtration system, the pump, or even the structure itself as a result of a natural disaster. Many people forget that such a thing can happen, so despite the damage, they do not even think about the possibility of a possible flood, if the pool is in the spa area of the house.

The basic pool warranty package covers certain aspects, but primarily, construction and structural activities are not included, as they should be part of your insurance plan. The warranty plan includes components used for heating and filtration, pumps, purifiers, and hygiene devices. But not everything is covered by the home warranty plan. Generally, you need to look at what the companies have to offer and add items as needed. Keep in mind that it will cost more money.

You can also supplement with the equipment you need for the materials used in construction, but as we have already said, it will affect the basic price.

However, our general view is that you should have a warranty for everything in your home, because things are unpredictable, damage happens, and you are not always able and able to fix it yourself.

How to find a good company to help you with this?


It is best to always rely on reputable services and a history of successful partnerships with your customers. That way you will know that your money is invested in the right place. The most important thing is the transparency that they offer you, without incurring additional costs, which are not listed in the offer.

There is no big philosophy – you just need to read carefully what is written, ask questions about exceptions and additional conditions, but also know exactly what you want, instead of convincing you.

Pools are a delicate matter, from the very beginning of construction to the realization and daily use. In addition to insurance, which is crucial, warranties are also something that is necessary for every home.

That way, you can be sure that whenever you notice that something is not working, it is covered by the warranty and you get either a free service or spare parts, also free or much cheaper than you would normally pay.

Is the pool warranty effective?

As much as the pool is for relaxation, it can also cause additional stress and anxiety. If something happens, such as a leak or a malfunction, that requires intervention in the whole structure, it can be a real horror for you and the whole household, but also for your wallet. Home warranties protect you to some extent. But you also know that once you have a pool at home, you are already committed to more expensive maintenance.

But the warranty you get, for which you pay a certain amount, is worthwhile in the long run. Therefore, do not hesitate to fix it with the warranty company, even if you are sure that everything is done with quality and there will never be damage to the pool.

Always know what you are signing for

If you want, you can include virtually all parts of the pool, regardless of the material from which they are made and the function they perform. Like any responsible homeowner, you need to know exactly what you are signing up for when purchasing a warranty. You should talk openly to make sure what can be covered and what is not included in the operation of the warranty company.



Even the strongest and highest quality construction is no guarantee that it will be durable. Some things we can not influence, but we can be sure that in the future there will be no major damage that will lighten our pockets. The owner’s responsibility for what happens in the home is something you should not bargain for. It is always better to sleep with a calm head, instead of fearing that you may wake up in the morning in a huge mess around you.

That is why the guarantees and insurance of your home should always be your priority, no matter what you do.

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