Do Personal Loans Have Lower Interest Rates?

The answer depends upon the other category that we compare this to. However, generally speaking, personal loans do have a lower interest rate than many other loans. Therefore, if you do not want to get engulfed by the fines and installments of your interests, and getting a loan is essential, you should try taking a personal loan.

In addition to this, the interest rate depends on several factors. One of these factors is your credit score. Although you can get it even with a bad record but the interest rate will increase. Therefore, you must learn about the information and documentation requirements on time. You should know if you are eligible to get it and what will be the interest rate on your payment.

You can read more about the information on how to get your loan approved and the necessary documentation at lendstart. In addition to this, they will also tell you all the necessary information and compare the estimated rates for you. Thus, you will be able to figure out your payment plan. If it seems good enough for you, you can go with it. Otherwise, you can consider all the other available options and see if they seem acceptable to you.

So what are the interest rates for personal loans?

Although the interest rates for personal loans are less compared to others but what are they? As of March 2024, the lowest was less than 12 percent. In some cases, it was only3 %. Of course, it was only for people who fit the criteria and qualify for it.

So if you qualify for the loan and you have the best records so far with a positive score till now, you will get the minimum interest rate.

The minimum to maximum interest rates for personal loans is generally 10 to 28 percent. However, depending on inflation and other economic factors, this value can change. Therefore, you should ask the lenders before applying for it. You should know at what rate you will be paying them back. As the minimum value goes to 3 percent, the maximum goes to 36 %. Thus, it makes 17 %, the average rate.

Annual percentage rate (APR)

Apart from the interest rates, there is another thing called an annual percentage rate. This value includes the interest rate and also the fines, other charges, and fees of the lenders.

You must know that lenders are working as a company and they will have their fees. In addition to this, there will be other charges for processing your application. So if someone does not tell you about these hidden charges, he is going to rip you off.

Some lenders hide the hidden fees and only tells you about the interest rate. And when it’s time to pay them back, you will get a heavy sum to pay. Thus, things will get difficult for you.

Therefore, you should know that there are always some financing charges. So you should discuss this with your lender. Learn about the other charges so you can make up your mind.

Furthermore, APR is the annual cost that you will need to pay over the life span of a loan. So if there is a lender who is not charging you with other fees and there is no fine on you, the annual percentage rate will be the same as your interest rate. Yes, some lenders do not charge any additional fees. However, they have their conditions too. So if you fit their criteria and you are lucky enough, you might not have to pay this additional sum.

Factors that will impact the interest rate

While calculating the interest rate for debaters, the creditors consider several factors. These include;

Credit score

Of course, this is the essential thing to consider. Even if someone ignores other factors, credit scores will always be there. The better your credit score, the more chances of your application approval. Similarly, you will have less interest rate. A credit score reaching 740 is considered higher. So if you are around that figure, you should consider yourself lucky.

Employment status

Another important factor is whether you are doing a job or you are jobless. And if you have any other source of income. A lower interest rate is for those who have a stable and guaranteed source of income. For example, you have been doing a job for a long time. So you have a stable source of income. You are sure that you will get your payments on time. This will be relieving for the creditors. They know that you will get the pay and they will get their installment on time.

Therefore, salaried employees get a lower interest rate as compared to freelancers. So whether you have a small business or you are self-employed, you will have a higher interest rate as compared to a salaried person.


Of course, only a stable job is not enough. If you are earning very little from your job and you apply for a far higher amount for a loan, things will be different.

For example, if you have a job where you get $2000 monthly and you apply for a $25000 loan, how will you pay them back? Therefore, the interest rate will change in this situation. The minimum pay to qualify for a personal loan is $20000 annually. However, the interest rate will be low for higher pay.

Debt to income ratio

So the creditors and lenders are looking at your monthly income. Even if you are earning more than $2000 a month, if you have a lot of debt to repay, your interest rate will increase. So your debt to income ratio will also play an important role here.

The loan amount and term

The larger the amount you ask for, the higher the interest rate gets. Furthermore, if you plan to repay the amount in less time, the rate will decrease. But if you ask for more time like a few years, the rate will increase.

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