7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing Your Ecommerce Site

Everyone who deals with e-commerce has a very clear goal. It refers to profitable and successful work in every sense. However, if you want to stand out from the competition and achieve very high goals, you need to know one thing. Your site must also meet this goal. What it means? So, you have created your website to provide consumers with a better user experience and to significantly improve your sales. Since you have decided on such a smart business venture, you have to work hard on it.

It is not enough to just have your own website. It is equally important that it leaves a great impression on your audience and that you never allow yourself a moment of negative publicity. Unfortunately, it often happens that people make some major mistakes when designing e-commerce sites. Mistakes like this can sometimes cause you more problems. In order not to encounter them, keep reading and find out what it is that you should avoid.

1. The buying process takes too long

This is something that all people avoid unless they have plenty of time, but even then it is not interesting for them to wait too long. Add to that a very complicated billing approach and you can only lose loyal consumers. Research shows that this problem is one the third place when it comes to the list of things that irritate customers the most. The entire analysis was conducted on a global level and is a great indicator of what customers want or do not want.

That’s why fast and efficient billing should be on your priority list. When you put so much effort into your products and everything else, don’t lose customers because of this. So, the point is that the buyer makes a purchase very quickly after the selected products. This should take place in just a few simple steps. It is also very important that his account contains all costs such as delivery, taxes, etc. Of course, this information should be displayed immediately.

2. Minimum possibility of delivery

If you do not have enough delivery options, you can lose a large number of customers. People just like to have more delivery methods available. They will appreciate you more and return to your site more often if you adapt to their needs. So, our advice is that it should not be just one delivery option.

Your offer should also be varied when it comes to delivery time as well as price. When you offer your customers a few options you will surely improve your overall business.

3. Insufficiently detailed product description

The way you present a particular product is crucial in e-commerce. The buyer then does not have the opportunity to look at it in person. So that’s the only source of information he can get. You need to offer him as much information as you can or details that perfectly describe the product. Of course, make sure that each point of sale has the same description. Our advice is to stay open to some product questions.

These may be some additional questions related to the process of making the product and its functioning. It would also be great to have the type of material used in the production, the specific process of creating the product, the warranty, etc.

4. Poor product categorization

Most customers don’t really know what they’re looking for when they go to a site to look at products. On the other hand, there are those who have come for a specific thing and want to look at it. To keep the two groups of people on your site it is necessary to give them a good option for search, sort, or filter. Whether the customer knows what he is looking for or is not sure, categorization will help him a lot. That way, you will end up with a satisfied customer and a successful sale.

Of course, it would be a good idea to have a search section in addition to these options. This way, customers will be able to enter the product name directly and make a purchase very quickly. In addition, other options such as frequently asked questions, comparison tables, etc. are welcome.

5. No investing in SEO

If you ignore the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), no matter how good your offer and website are, it won’t matter, because no one will find you. If you are not at the top of the search on Google and other search engines, you will be completely irrelevant. People are used to having everything at their fingertips on the Internet and don’t want to research pages and pages on the search until they find you. So you have to do all the tasks that will have a positive impact on SEO, and if you don’t know how to just do it, then delegate to professionals. Read what SEO service means at

6. Poor image quality

Another mistake you can make is to approach product presentation less professionally. This refers to the part with the photos. If you already have quality products that you can offer through your e-shop, it is important that the photos are of the same quality. So, your goal is tempting photos that will present the product in the best way. You can achieve this if you hire a professional photographer who will take care of the lighting, the background of the product and everything else that includes photo editing.

It would also be great if your site provided a zoom option. In this way, every customer can see the product better and thus see some details that will be useful to him. With this advice, your site will look very powerful and professional. This will give you a much better reputation than most competing sites.

7. Lack of customer support

Communication between the merchant and the customer is very important. There are numerous studies that confirm this. This is supposed to know all e-merchants, because that communication contributes to greater customer loyalty. So, design your site so that customer support is available to consumers 24/7. When it comes to communicating with customers there are numerous ways that you cannot provide. Take advantage of their diversity for the best purposes.

One of the better and simpler approaches is live chat with customers. This approach will gain the trust of your audience and thus provide them with security. So everyone will be able to contact you if they face a problem that can be resolved only by consultation with your company.

Above all if you are not attending website security then, you are putting your website at risk. Whether you are an ecommerce or any other platform, SSL certificate is a must for every website even, Google emphasizing on it. Cheapsslshop is the best place to buy all types of SSL certificates at cheap prices. It will save your money and time.


We hope that you realize how important it is proper to design your site in order to successful e-commerce. Never forget how important it is to satisfy potential customers. We all know that positive consumer experiences mean a lot. Such customers usually come back and buy from you. This way you have higher sales and better business.

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