When Is the Time to Consult a Business Broker?

Buying or selling a business is a major decision. It marks a significant turning point in a person’s life and comes with an array of crucial choices to be made. Business brokers can provide a long list of helpful services throughout the buying and selling process, and their intervention can greatly influence the outcome of such a transaction. When, exactly, is the right time to contact a business broker, though?

When Selling a Business

When Selling a Business

First, take a look at the matter from the perspective of a business owner who’s thinking of selling. In truth, the very moment the prospect of selling arises would be the perfect time to contact a professional like those with Brokers can help in every phase of the selling process. That being said, if a seller doesn’t contact a broker in the beginning, doing so at specific turning points along the way would be wise.

Amping Up the Value of a Business

If a business owner wants to sell but finds the company isn’t worth as much as he or she hoped, business brokers can help bolster its value. They may be able to make recommendations for improving efficiency or curb appeal to make the business more attractive to potential buyers. They may have professional connections with financial experts who can help business owners reduce their operating expenses or ramp up their customer bases. All those factors and many others can raise a company’s market value before selling.

Deciding If Selling Is the Right Move

sell business

Brokers can also help business owners decide if selling is the right move based on personal circumstances. They work with clients to determine their reasons for selling. Maybe a client is approaching retirement age or is simply tired of running his or her business. Perhaps a divorce, chronic medical condition, or financial struggles are the client’s motivation for selling. It could be that the client wants to sell his or her business to fund another investment. Understanding why a client wants to sell a business allows a broker to help determine if it’s truly the best option.

Determining If the Time Is Right for Selling

Additionally, business brokers can help clients determine if it’s the right time to sell their companies based on a variety of external factors. Those largely revolve around the current condition of the market. How high is the demand for businesses similar to the one in question? Which economic trends that could affect the business’s value and its ability to sell are currently unfolding? How is the client’s industry performing as a whole right now? Those aspects and many others can help determine if it would be better to sell right away or wait until the market takes a turn.

Business Owner’s Familiarity With the Selling Process

Another determining factor is the business owner’s familiarity with the selling process. Someone who has sold businesses in the past may be well aware of all the steps and potential complications involved. As such, he or she may only need a broker to help with marketing and connecting with buyers. On the other hand, if it’s a business owner’s first time selling, he or she may need more in-depth professional intervention from the beginning.

Help With Developing an Exit Strategy

If a business owner needs help with developing an exit strategy, that could mark the best time to consult with a broker. Having a well-planned exit strategy is crucial for sellers. It ensures a smooth transition for everyone involved, including the current owner, the buyer, employees, suppliers, and ultimately even customers. Without an effective exit strategy in place, the business and everyone connected to it could face struggles ahead. Brokers can aid clients in bringing their exit strategies together.

When Looking to Buy a Business

Looking to Buy Business

Business brokers offer an array of services that can be immensely helpful for people who want to sell their businesses. That’s only one side of the story, though. They can also be invaluable for people who are interested in buying a business. As is the case for sellers, working with a broker from the beginning of the purchasing process is recommended. Of course, there are specific times when a potential buyer should certainly consider contacting a broker if he or she hasn’t done so already.

Deciding If It’s the Right Time to Buy a Business

Market conditions come into play when deciding if it’s an optimal time to buy a business just as they do when selling. Brokers can help prospective buyers evaluate market conditions, various industries, and other factors. That, in turn, can aid in determining if it would be best to buy now or wait until circumstances are more favorable for buyers. This varies according to consumer demand, industry growth, and many other factors, so having professional guidance is crucial for timing the purchase of a business.

Finding a Business to Purchase

Potential buyers should also consider turning to business brokers for help with finding the right business to purchase. Several variables factor into this equation. Prospects should decide which industries they’re interested in and find businesses for sale in those fields. From there, they need to consider the age and stability of the businesses on the market. Their growth potential, assets, liabilities, and many other considerations also enter the mix.

Brokers can help buyers determine which businesses would be worthwhile investments and which ones should be avoided. Their professional networks come into play here. They have extensive, and often exclusive, databases of businesses for sale. As such, they can help clients find businesses that align with their interests, goals, and budgets.

Conducting Due Diligence

Due diligence is an essential part of the business acquisition process. It revolves around gathering insight into a specific business, its products and services, financial health, and other important factors. It’s an integral component of deciding whether a specific business is worthy of a buyer’s attention. Due diligence also helps prospects understand a company’s potential for future growth and profitability. This can be a complex, time-consuming process, but contacting a business broker beforehand can make it much faster and simpler. Professional assistance with this phase of the buying process helps to reduce risks as well.

Turning to Business Brokers at the Best Times


For both business owners who are thinking of selling and people who are considering buying a business, working with a broker is a smart move. Connecting with a broker from the beginning is advised because these professionals can offer assistance with every phase of the buying and selling processes. That being said, certain junctures, like the ones mentioned above, can be prime times for enlisting the services of a broker.

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